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Silver Qualification

“The practical exam is over.

The winner is–”

An arm sprouted from the rubble soon after the staff announcement was made.

Wait, arms

At the sight of that A mark appeared on my face, and then, with a bang! Both arms sprouted, and the arms blew the rubble away.

At the same time, a cloud of dust rose, obscuring my vision.

“Geho! Goho! Haah, I thought I was going to die…”

When the cloud of dust cleared, a man came out, coughing but with no wounds.

Thank goodness – he’s okay.

I’m so glad it didn’t look like something R-18 that I couldn’t show at a tea party.

“Oh no – I didn’t think you were still after my weapons! I was going to attack at once when I saw an opening, but I got it backward! I’m defeated!”

“No, …… I was pretty close too.

If you had been serious from the beginning, I’ll lose.”

“Haha, that’s because this is a test, after all! Besides, I’m usually the tank in the party, so I think it’s pretty impressive that you can get past my defense, don’t you”

I so he was praising me in any way, even though it was a test, he was holding back, and I only won because his weapon was a two-handed axe for training.

“Okay, so let’s go with the evaluation.

First is your pure offensive ability.

That was passable.

I mean, even a training two-handed axe should be strong enough, so I have no more complaints when you destroyed it.

Next is your combat skills.

In this respect, although close combat was a bit questionable, it was still good enough.

I think you had good evasion skills, your last attack was good.

Besides, you have a good way of handling your skills.”

With that said, the man goes on to evaluate me.

I am inwardly surprised that it is a pretty high evaluation.

I did win, but it was almost like a power push.

“Finally, overall, attack, defense, and technique are all good.

So the result is you passed the practical exam! Congratulations!”

The man said with a smile.

Yay, did I manage to pass the practical test

Then I received a piece of paper with my exam number from the official to prove that I had passed the practical exam.

I heard the reason is that if they had assigned examination numbers from the beginning, it would be hard to make a mistake and pull out the examination numbers of those who failed the practical test.

Why don’t they ask people with the [Create Magical Tools] skill to create magical tools with a function that automatically populates the examination numbers of those who failed Why are they still doing it manually

“Whatever, you’re the first person to pass the practical exam with a win over the examiner’s silver-qualified explorer.

You should be proud!”


Just as the man said, “You should be proud”, he slapped me on the back.

He hit me pretty hard, and I involuntarily choked and coughed.

Yikes, that hurt……!

“Oh, sorry.

I think I put too much force into it.”

“Geho, goho.

Oh, I’m fine.”

But it still hurts a little.

I mean, considering the man hit me so lightly but still managed to break through my defense status, he must be pretty high level too.

Well, whatever, now I can take the interview test.

I guess it’s a relief since I rarely fail the interview test as long as I do it like normal.

Let’s do my best to confirm I won’t fail!

“There was a time when I thought that”

I mutter as I look at the silver shining explorer certification in my hand.

Let me tell you about the results.

I passed the silver exam.

After I passed the practical test, the practical test continued, and after everyone finished the practical test, they held the interview test after a lunch break.

The interview test was a group interview with five candidates and three interviewers, and I had a group interview with two parties two.

“I didn’t expect to be asked that many questions.”

It was fine until we first introduced ourselves and made some brief small talk, and then it was a barrage of questions.

It was still good in the beginning, okay

But about halfway through, the unimportant questions just kept coming, and it went on for about an hour.

Well, other people had a similar time, and yeah.

I guess it can’t be helped.

That’s why I need to look carefully at people who get silver qualifications.

They didn’t say it explicitly, but some of the three interviewees may have taken the skill of being able to tell when someone is lying.

“Well, whatever, this will get me into a C-rank dungeon.”

When it comes to C-rank dungeons, there are fewer of them compared to F- to D-rank dungeons.

Well, there are still a lot of them.

There is also the option of B-rank dungeons, but of course, there is no way I would choose that option.

The safety margin level of a B-rank dungeon is 5000, and I could beat the boss with the [Lock-On] skill in some dungeons.

But I will be killed by a normal monster before that.

Besides, from C-rank dungeons, some monsters use magic, which monsters from F- and D-rank dungeons have never used before, and monsters that use swords and spears instead of primitive weapons such as clubs.

No matter how well I can solo and set up and kill a boss by myself, it’s no good if I get killed by the normal monsters in the preliminary stages.

“Well, the top priority right now is to raise my level.”

The weapons are still good enough for C-rank dungeons, and there’s still plenty of gold.

I’ll have to level up slowly.

“Alright! If that’s the case, I’ll start going to the dungeon tomorrow as soon as possible!”

Well, now I have to decide which dungeon to go to tomorrow.

I’m going to go to some dungeons.

Now that I’ve proven my ability by getting the Silver certification, I need to sell the high kobold items sitting in my [Item Box].

(Mission statement)


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