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Fiery Light Dungeon

And the next day.

“Here I am.

Fiery Light Dungeon.”

It’s because it’s close to home, and it’s one of the C-rank dungeons compatible for me with the monsters that come out of it.

But for other explorers, it’s a dungeon incompatible with them.

“Well, let’s get right in.”

I enter the Fiery Light Dungeon as the observer in front of the dungeon entrance stares at me silently.

The Fiery Light Dungeon is a dungeon where willow-like trees grow like a forest.

Some may think it is the same as the New Green Dungeon, but there is a slight difference.

The light source, like the sun, is a little darker.

That makes it seem dimmer, but it is not so dark that it is not difficult to see.

Also, it is a bit gloomy.

Well, some of you are probably guessing.

“This environment plus the monster that comes out is a demon fire (oni bi).

Is what they’re aiming for, isn’t it”


The monster that appears in this Fiery Light Dungeon is a demon fire.

It is a fireball used to create the effect of the ghosts appearing in the dungeon.

Well, I’m sure you get the idea.

As you can see, this dungeon is a horror dungeon.

This monster called a demon fire is immune to physical attacks, and we can only damage it with magic, magic-enhanced weapons, and attack infused with magical elements.

Moreover, the demon fire can also attack and forcefully absorb 200 of our HP.

On top of that, it is troublesome because it can suddenly come out from behind a willow tree like a ghost.

Moreover, they can also dodge the [Enemy Search] skill, which makes them even worse.

“But it’s still manageable for me.”

As for attacks, I have [Magic Arrow], and as for defense, even if I take 200 HP, I still have enough HP.

Besides, I’ve raised my level to the C rank dungeon’s safety margin for its attacks, so I can still use my [Evasion]skill after seeing it.

I’m not the kind of person who is afraid of ghosts and haunted things.

This dungeon is a horror dungeon, so parties of people who don’t like scary things don’t come to this dungeon, so there are not many people here, which is good for me.

“Well, I’ll do my best.”

I proceed through the Fiery Light Dungeon with my Dragon Tree Bow at the ready.

I’m a good match for it, and I can afford it, but it’s still my first C-rank dungeon, so I’m not going to let my guard down.


You got out early.”

About 10 minutes after entering the dungeon, a demon fire appeared immediately.

The demon fire looks like a fireball, just like it looks.

However, the color of the fire was blue, not orange.

Its body filled with a lot of heat, and it approached me, shaking its body.

And at the same time, the blue flames are gaining momentum, as if it is hostile to me.

“Magic arrow, Lock-On.

…… shh!”

At first, to launch a preemptive attack, I create a transparent arrow with a [Magic Arrow] and shoot it out from my bow.

The arrow is sure-hit the demon fire, so it flies straight to the demon fire.

The arrow hit the demon fire with flying accuracy.


The demon fire let out an inaudible scream as the fire went out and fell to the floor in ashes.

-Level increased by 3-

Ok, right on target.

I knew [Magic Arrow] was made with magical elements, so it worked on the demon fire.

And my level also went up.

Even in a C-rank dungeon, my level would leveled-up quite a bit.

And when I looked at the ashes that had fallen to the floor.

Its magic stones were firmly falling into the ashes.

“Good, good.

That looks good.”

I approach where the demon fire was just now and collect the magic stone and the ashes.

People may be thinking, Not to mention the magic stone, but the ashes too You may think the ashes are unimportant, but they are surprisingly important.

The ashes that come out after the demon fire is defeated can be used as a substitute for the grass and tree ashes that were sown in the fields.

People said these ashes contain more minerals than the ordinary grass and wood ashes sown in the fields.

And also a special mixture of natto bacteria similar to that found in the ashes of fallen leaves.

And because it is more nutritious than ordinary grass and wood ash, it is a versatile fertilizer for the fields.

Therefore, it is more expensive than ordinary fertilizers.

But it’s still a very popular product because it is useful in various ways, such as making crops healthier and stimulating the movement of microorganisms.

These ashes appear in very few monsters in The Horror dungeons like this one.

Therefore, since it is a C-rank dungeon and the supply is not that large, the purchase price is also a little high.

Demon fire is as one would expect from a monster that the dungeon association recommends to be defeated.

I guess I can make a little money there on this alone.

“Well, well, I’ll keep on hunting!”

Then I picked up my pace and proceeded through the Fiery Light Dungeon.

About an hour.

“Phew~ I still have a long way to go.”

I am now on the Fiery Light Dungeon’s fifth floor.

Incidentally, this dungeon of lights has 20 levels, so I’m finally about a quarter of the way through.

“Fifteen more levels to go……… It’s tough………”

In a dungeon, you have to move on your own feet.

If there are many floors in a dungeon, you will use up your energy just moving inside the dungeon.

Even if you take the shortest route to the boss room, you can’t do anything about this.

I haven’t run out of energy yet, but I still get mentally exhausted.

The reason is.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

It’s this guy.

I avoided the demon fire that suddenly came out from behind me in the nick of time.

“Oh my god! You scared the hell out of me! Lock-On!”

The sudden appearance of the demon fire is bad for the heart.

It also drains a little bit of your energy because you’re surprised now and then like this.

Luckily, I quickly dealt with the demon fire’s surprise attack because it becomes very bright even if it gets close to you thanks to its appearance as a fireball.

So, after using the [Lock-On] skill, I made arrows with [Magic Arrow] and threw them at the demon fire to defeat it.

The arrow flew in a straight line and hit the demon fire beautifully.

“Fu…… that’s it.”

Then, I collect the ashes and magic stone into the [Item Box] again.

Noh~ it was a good thing I sold the high kobolds at the association before coming to the dungeon of lights.

Thanks to selling the high kobolds, I have a lot of room in my [Item Box].

“Even so, it’s a hassle to defeat them with magic arrows every time.”

It takes a lot of time and effort to defeat the demon fire.

It would be easy for me to defeat it if I noticed them before it did, but it would be extremely troublesome if I’m surprised by the demon fire.

At first, when I was surprised like earlier, I quickly slashed at it with the Dagger of Sprint, but it regenerated itself like a reverse playback.

“……Well, all this will happen when I get to a higher level and can defeat the monsters in the other dungeons with a single blow.”

That way, I can raise my level in other dungeons more efficiently.

“Well, let’s work hard for fifteen more floors, shall we”

Muttering this, I continued onward through the Fiery Light Dungeon.


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