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Isn’t The Midboss Strong

“Finally, the tenth floor.”

It took me about two and a half hours to finally reach the tenth floor.

I’m getting used to this dungeon, but I feel tired.

“The number of demon fires that appear also increased.”

Until a while ago, even if I was the first to find them or they would come close to almost zero distance by surprise, they would still be one.

But it was different after I descended from the fifth to the sixth floor.

After entering the sixth floor, more than one demon fire appeared.

Moreover, not only two but three would appear as a set.

It was not particularly difficult, but it was still mentally tiring.

I mean, I’m after this dungeon.

“Well, whatever, this is finally the halfway point.”

The tenth floor of the 20-floor dungeon is the so-called “Midboss Room” where the boss room is located.

It is also the midway point of this dungeon.

This middle point is the best place to take a break, because no monsters appear at this point, just like in the previous levels where there were boss rooms.

“Okay, let’s take a break here.”

I’ll have to defeat the middle boss to proceed from here anyway.

Let’s take a good rest here.

But if I beat the mid-boss, the next time I come to the Fiery Light Dungeon, I can start from the eleventh level.

It would be a waste if I leave here, so I should at least defeat the middle boss so I can start from the 11th floor the next time we come back.

Incidentally, this is called a relay point or save point, and there is a crystal on the 11th floor, so people can register a relay point by touching it.

“To be honest, I’d like to keep the demon fire opponents to a minimum from now on, and I’d like to make sure I beat this place and move on.”

Thinking of this, I take out a plastic bottle of water from the [Item Box].

Then, I opened the lid and then drank it vigorously.

“Phew~…… it’s good.”

In addition to the slight dampness of the Fiery Light Dungeon, I was also sweating from the heat I felt when the demon fire unexpectedly approached me, and it’s important to stay hydrated.

Maybe a sports drink or something like that would be better in times like this, but unfortunately, I didn’t bring it with me today.


I’ll buy some later.

I sweat a lot in a place like this, so water isn’t enough.

“Phew…………let’s go then.”

After stretching lightly, I start walking again.

The door to the boss’s room is a little smaller than usual.

The door is, as before, a double-opening type.

“Well, let’s go!”

I entered the boss’s room through the door that opened as I approached.

As soon as I entered, I ready my bow with a transparent arrow that I created with [Magic Arrow].

The boss’s room is darker than the boss’s room, and I can’t see any light source.

However, thanks to the presence in the center of the room, it is not dark but very bright.

Well, you may have guessed that it is the center of the room.

“That’s the boss this time, isn’t it”

The boss was a fireball, just like the demon fire.

But not just any fireball.

Its body is fire, but it consisted of the same blue fire on the right half as normal demon fire and orange flames on the left half.

“Wow, I’ve been checking out …… but it’s pretty big in person.”

The boss’s fireball is about twice the size of the demon fire I have seen so far.

The size of the fireball is about 4 meters.

The heat is also hot enough to reach here.

The name of that guy is Soukien or Twin Demon Flame.

Its attack method is to send blue fireballs, each of which has high power and range.

The orange fireballs are weaker in both power and range than the blue fireballs, but they have a higher rate of fire instead.

The twin demon flames will fight by using these two attacks.

“Well, it doesn’t matter to me.


Muttering this, I use [Lock-On] and then shoot an arrow from Dragon Tree Bow.

The released arrowhead goes straight toward the twin demon flame and hits it directly.


But, as if that didn’t work, the twin demon flames sent a fireball from the blue fire on the right half.

I evade it with time to spare.

“Damn it, ……!”

And I avoided the exploded fireball when it hit the ground as it was.

Fortunately, the impact wasn’t that big, so there was no damage.

But this could be bad.

“As I thought, it’s strong.”

Unlike the demon fire, I had just fought, this one seems quite responsive.

Or rather, it’s just plain strong.

If I get hit by one like that, I’ll lose a lot of HP.

Well, it’s okay if it doesn’t hit me, and I should be fine.

And even as I thought that the twin demon flame sent multiple orange fireballs flying from the left half this time.

“Wait! Seriously!”

I jumped to the side in a panic to avoid them.

But I know I couldn’t avoid the flying fireballs.

So I quickly shoot the fireballs that were about to hit me with arrows created with [Magic Arrow] at the fireballs and canceled them out.

Yeah, this is not good.

What shall I do The attack is more intense than I thought.

Well, if that’s the case.

“I’ll run away!”

I run as fast as I can toward the door of the boss’s room.

Fighting in a place like this is reckless.

Then, to win, I have no choice but to run away here.

If I could win head-on, that would have been fine, but this time it’s impossible.

The twin demon flame shoots fireballs at me, but I avoid them, sometimes canceling them with [Magic Arrow], and keep running.

And then I can get out of the doorーー


When I thought I could get out of the door, the twin demon flame shoot a blue fireball toward the door.

Oh no.

Will it hit me No, will I make it in time Intercept it No, don’t hesitate!


Without looking at the oncoming blue fireball, I run toward the open door and eventually roll out of the boss’s room.

The door, which had served to buy time for the boss to recover his strength as I left, closed.

Shortly after, I hear a thud behind me.

“Oh ** ……, I almost died.”

I managed to make it just in time, but if I had been a little later, I could die.

It was close.

“What’s with the safety margin of 1,000, …… it’s not even close!”

I could have taken the silver test solo at level 1000, but it still wouldn’t have been enough to take out the mid-boss solo in a straight fight.

Well then.

“If the straight way doesn’t work, I’ll use tricks.”

I used [Lock-On] at the twin demon flame.

And when I came out of the boss room like this.

“It’s my turn the whole time.”

After confirming there were no people on this floor, I aimed a transparent arrow made with [Magic Arrow] at the door, placed it to my bow, and then shoot it out.

The transparent arrow slips through the door and flies toward the twin demon flames on the other side of the door.

I don’t know how many times I can shoot it because I didn’t have time to check with [Appraisal] to see how much the twin flame’s HP decreased with one [Magic Arrow], but I have plenty of MP.

If that happens, I’ll keep shooting until I can beat it.

Once, twice, three times, four times, five times ………………25 times.

Anyway, keep shooting.

And then.

-Level increased by 30-


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