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[You and Your Party have slain [Black Shadow Wyvern (B- Rank)] x189]

[You and Your Party have slain [Mutated Abyssal Shadow Wyvern (A- Rank)] x72]

[You and Your Party have slain [Abyssal Darkness Evil Dragon (S- Rank)] x1]

[Calculating Total EXP earned…]

[You earned 17760000 EXP!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

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[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 0 to Level 50!]

[All Your Stats have increased!]

[You gained Bonus Stat Points and Skill Points]

[Several Skills have Leveled Up!]


[Name]: [Kireina Chaos Lucifer] [Rank]: [B-]

[Race]: [Primordial Chaos Phantasmal Nightmare Butterfly (Divine Species)]

[Job Class]: [Nightmare Master]

[Subclass]: [Phantasmal Sorcerer]

[Level]: [0/80] -> [50/80]

[EXP]: [10000/500000]

[HP]: [55000/55000] -> [77500/77500]

[MP]: [295000/295000] -> [470000/470000]

[Strength]: [37700] -> [60200]

[Agility]: [40600] -> [63100]

[Vitality]: [36800] -> [64300]

[Intelligence]: [62200] -> [97200]

[Dexterity]: [39700] -> [69700]

[Divinity]: [13550] -> [16050]

[Passive Skills]

[Unique Skills]: [Primordial Power: Supreme Goddess of Chaos and Demise: Lv2] [Primordial Elemental Affinity: Lv–] [Divine Caterpillars Endless Growth: Lv–] [Origin Fragments: 3/10: Lv–] [Item Box: Lv–] [Spear of Khaos Summon (Repaired: 3/3): Lv–] [Spear of Ginnungagap Summon (Repaired: 3/3): Lv–] [Necklace Of Aquamarine Summon (Repaired: 3/3): Lv–] [Dao Summon: Lv7] [Dao Barrier: Lv5] [Dao Aura: Lv5] [Divine Authority Summon: Lv7] [Abyssal Demon Fragment: Evil Eyes of Malice: Lv6] [Abyssal Demon Fragment: Primordial Chaos Wings: Lv5] [Abyssal Demon Fragment: Chaotic Claws of Demise: Lv5] [Abyssal Demon Fragment: Exoskeleton Armor of Chaos: Lv5] [Body Shapeshifting: Lv5] [Maxima Summon Connection: Lv3] [Divine Element Embodiment: Lv3] [Intimidating Chaotic Aura: Lv3] [Cosmic Energy Comprehension: Lv3] [Abyssal Dream Domain: Lv3]

[Body Skills]: [Divine Species: Lv7] [Legendary Beast Body: Lv7] [Mana Drain: Lv9] [Health Drain: Lv8] [Deadly Venom Production: Lv7] [Insectoid Legs Creation: Lv8] [Miasmic Ooze: Lv7] [Overeating: Lv9] [Toxic Scale Powder: Lv6] [Supernatural Sense Perception: Lv7]

[Resistance Skills]: [Strike Damage Resistance: Lv10] [Darkness Resistance: Lv10] [Fire Resistance: Lv9] [Pain Resistance: Lv10] [Light Resistance: Lv7] [Fear Resistance: Lv5] [Poison Resistance: Lv10] [Ice Resistance: Lv6] [Wind Resistance: Lv6] [Chaos Absorption: Lv–] [Blood Resistance: Lv5] [Sunlight Resistance: Lv5 [Death Resistance: Lv4] [Earth Resistance: Lv5] [Acid Resistance: Lv5] [Cosmic Resistance: Lv2] [Dream Absorption: Lv–]

[Active Skills]

[Physical Skills]: [Mighty Caterpillar Bite: Lv10] [Acrobatic Maneuvers: Lv10] [Roll: Lv10] [Harden: Lv10] [Spike Attack: Lv10] [Explosive Projectile Body: Lv8] [Cooking: Lv5] [Haste: Lv9] [Soul Eater: Lv6] [Commanding: Lv7] [Shadow Spearmanship: Lv6] [Magic Knife Arts: Lv6] [Armored Body: Lv3]

[Magical Skills]: [Confusion Ray: Lv9] [Chaotic Beast Summon: Lv9] [Divine Aura: Lv10] [Divine Domain: Lv8] [Phantasmal Aura: Lv8] [Chaos Beam: Lv10] [Appraisal: Lv8] [Telekinesis: Lv9] [Fireball: Lv10] [Cutting Wind: Lv10] [Ice Spike: Lv10] [Purification: Lv10] [Holy Flames: Lv10] [Abyssal Ice: Lv9] [Chaotic Bullets: Lv8] [Blazing Meteor: Lv8] [Blood Feast: Lv8] [Blood Calamity: Lv6] [Soul Manipulation: Lv6] [Fartalk: Lv5] [Dirt Block: Lv6] [Yggdrasil Spirit: Lv5] [Purifying Blazing Holy Fallen Star: Lv4] [Spatial Blink: Lv4] [Phantasmal Puppeteer: Lv4] [Heavens Gate Judgement: Lv4] [Nightmare Cage: Lv2] [Dream Drain: Lv2] [Phantasmal Flames: Lv2]

[Title Skills]

[Unique Title Skills]: [The One Cursed by The Root: Lv–] [Another World Summon: Lv–] [Cocoon of Chaos: Lv–] [Demon Lord Slayer: Lv6] [Saint of Purification: Lv7] [Terrifying Menace: Lv6] [Senseless Cannibal: Lv5] [Taboo: Uroboros: Lv4] [Beast Slayer: Lv6] [Mister Chef: Lv4] [Aberration: Lv5] [Vermin Slayer: Lv8] [Devourer of Souls: Lv4] [Abyssal Demon Fragment Wielder: Lv4] [Awakened Calamity: Lv4] [Plant Killer: Lv5] [Feared by the Gods: Lv3] [Dao Child: Lv3] [Undead Slayer: Lv4] [Magic Teacher: Lv3] [Monster Exterminator: Lv2] [Awakened Divine Elemental Deity: Lv2] [Eldritch Authority: Lv2] [Divinity Slayer: Lv2] [Supreme Divinity Of Chaos and Demise: Lv2]

[Divine Protections]

[Divine Protection of Chaos, Primordial Deity of Chaos]

[Job Class/Subclass History]

[Job Class]: [Vampire]

[Subclass]: [Soul Shaper]

[Available Divine Authorities]

[Deadly Sin: Gluttony] [Divine Virtue: Humility] [Crimson Blood] [Primordial Chaos] [Destruction and Creation] [All Consumption]

[Available Daos]

[Fortune] [Defiance] [Demise] [Summoning] [Gates] [Demonic Sins] [Path Jewels]

[Path Jewels]

[Monarch of Gluttony: Lv3]

[Available Stat Points]: [500]

[Available Skill Points]: [850]

[Can gain 10 Stat Points and Skill Points with each Level]

[1 Stat Point = 50 Stats (Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intelligence, Dexterity)]

[1 Stat Point = 100 Stats (HP, MP)]

[1 Stat Point = 20 Stats (Divinity)]


I gained 50 Levels in one go! The new Titles I got really made it easier to Level up, for sure… Monster Exterminator is probably now stacking with the other brand-new Skills I got.

Not only I get over double the EXP I should get, but the requirements for leveling up had also been halved, so I can level up way more swifter now, how handy.

With this, fifty levels worth of stats quickly were administrated into my body and soul, instantly making me stronger.

I might as well add all Stat Points to Divinity while we are at it~


[You exchanged 500 Stat Points! You gained 10000 Divinity!]

[Your Divinity has increased exponentially!]

[All Your Daos have evolved by one Rank!]

[All Your Divine Authorities have become stronger]

[The Dao of Path Jewels is Reacting!]

[You can now Summon a Second Path Jewel]

Oh now we are talking about! Not only I got stronger and all Divine-related things did as well, but I even got the chance to summon a brand-new Path Jewel! However, that wasnt all, aside from Skills Leveling Up, the Path Jewel of red color of the [Monarch of Gluttony] began to react, glowing brighter.

It seems this means it has Leveled Up.

Not from the Divinity Stats though, but probably from the slaughter I unleashed against the poor wyverns.

[The [Monarch of Gluttony] Path Jewel has gained 22530 EXP]

[The [Monarch of Gluttony] Path Jewel has reached Level 3!]

[The [Monarch of Gluttony] Path Jewel has grown stronger.

Bonus Stats have increased!]

[The [Monarch of Gluttony] Path Jewel has unlocked new Abilities]

[The [Monarch of Gluttony] Path Jewel unlocked the [Level 2]: [Gluttonous Digestion] [Devouring Attribute Damage 10%] and [Level 3]: [Endless Stockpile] [Ignore Physical Defense -10%] Abilities!]

Oh, new Abilities! Also, I dont remember some of those…




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