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Chapter 43.1 – If You Can’t Convince Him With Words, Then Convince Him With Sex!

Bu Yaolian formed his Nascent Soul at the age of 30.

Although his dao heart was not steady enough to enter into the Calamity Crossing Stage, the accumulation of numerous years worth of swordsmanship was extremely powerful.

While it’s true that He Ku inherited Bu Qingyun’s understanding towards the sword techniques, he was still just a Golden Core Stage cultivator at the time.

If he wanted to break through Bu Yaolian’s guard, it would be exceedingly difficult.

Luckily, his body had already reached the Calamity Crossing Stage and was continuously absorbing the spiritual energy of the world to replenish himself.

Under his fierce and relentless energy-consuming attacks, he was able to forcefully bring the battle to a standstill and suppress the other.

Bu Yaolian had waited for this day for 80 years.

Seeing that his opponent’s sword intent had been decided, he wouldn’t back down now.

Bu Yaolian’s QingLian Sword twisted forward and a water patterned sword energy instantly covered the entire Fallen Immortal Lake.

The tip of the sword pierced the calm lake, water coated in spiritual energy exploded upwards, forming blooming lotuses out of thin air, every petal was condensed from the Xuanmen Successor’s accumulated hundred years of cultivated sword intent.

The flow of the water connected the lotus flowers in the air; below, the sword energy was like an undercurrent under the water’s surface, seemingly smooth and without waves, but if one fell into the water they’d be a mess of mutilated flesh and bone.

There were many dangers underwater, and nowhere to dodge in the air.

Like this, a net was formed and the youth in white was completely trapped in his sword intent.

When the Divine Sword Intent has been cultivated to the Nascent Soul stage, one would be able to comprehend their own exclusive sword move based on the heavenly dao.

According to the different dao hearts, the power of this sword move will also be different.

The only thing that was certain was that this sword move imbued entirely with sword intent must be the strongest ultimate move of each Xuanmen Successor.

And now what Bu Yaolian was using was his Divine Sword Intent, the Lotus Life and Death Flow, which corresponded to his life, becoming a Buddha at one thought, becoming a devil at the other, life and death, honor and disgrace, love and hate, all but in the span of one thought.

In Bu Yaolian’s memory, Bu Qingyun’s sword intent was as sharp as he himself, full of the pride and ambition within the phrase “the wind of tens of thousands of miles, send me above the clouds”.

That was why he wanted to net Bu Qingyun’s sky, see how else he could go above the clouds again.

Only to see that upon facing the impending circling water lotus sword intent, the young man swung his sword forward and stabbed quickly enough in succession to create a few afterimages, each stab hit the water lotus’s core, and the water splashed in an instant.

Within that instant, the young man stepped down on the splashing water, his body suddenly rising into the air, just like the Bu Qingyun in his memory, he forcefully smashed through all his obstacles, wantonly and unrestrained, and ascended to the sky in one step.

However, just when he thought that the youth would execute a piercing and domineering sword move and break through the encirclement as in the past, the moisture in the air suddenly condensed into a white mist around him.

There was already a faint immortal mist lingering above the Fallen Immortal Lake, but now, after being drawn by the young man, it was instantly connected together, like a curtain of clouds floating in the air, and he then submerged into the clouds and disappeared completely.

Seeing this scene, Bu Yaolian’s heart shook violently, this wasn’t the Bu Qingyun he knew.

Bu Qingyun never knew what it meant to retreat, let alone choose to hide himself in front of the enemy.

Even if he fell into the depths of the mud and be pointed at by everyone, he would definitely straighten his spine and walk with his own path.

That person should clearly be standing on the clouds and looking down at all beings, why was he retreating now in front of his eyes

As a matter of fact, Bu Yaolian believed in Bu Qingyun’s dao more than anyone else.

He firmly believed that this person could overcome all the obstacles in the world, that was why he was so sure that he couldn’t compete with his senior brother.

He was the most jealous of Bu Qingyun in the world, but he was also the one who admired him the most.

He would never accept that his eternally dazzling senior brother would hide his brilliance, so he clenched his sword tightly, and gathered all his sword energy into attacking the layer of clouds.

At this moment, the originally calm clouds suddenly shifted, like a strong wind had blown away the cloud curtain, and a flood of bright moonlight fell from above.

The colour of the moonlight was like water, the essence of the moonlight as rich as white silk, several hundreds of silver-white sword intent descended from behind the clouds as if the falling rain.

The smooth mirror-like surface of the Fallen Immortal Lake shattered, causing several huge waves, the undercurrent was disrupted and the water lotuses scattered.

Through the cloud-like curtain, Bu Yaolian saw the purest sword intent in the world.

This strike was like a touch of moonlight stolen from the full moon by an immortal.

It melted into the curtain of clouds and became a part of the natural order.

Bu Qingyun did not disappoint him.

Sure enough, his senior brother was still the most eye-catching person in this world.

He thought, if I could die under such brilliance, I will not regret it.

Embracing the surge of excitement that hadn’t come to his heart for a long time, Bu Yaolian concentrated all his true energy into his Qinglian Sword to meet this man’s ultimate move with all his strength.

At this moment, various endings flashed in his mind, he thought of his own sword shattering and his resulting death, or possibly, his own victory.

But he never imagined that the strike would fly past his side and land at the center of the lake.

End of Part 1

THISBRO: shout out to my fellow Dummy translator YuQiChen for convincing me to first upload the half I did translate! If you’re interested in editing for FDL, DM me on discord (THISBRO#5931)


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