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1647 I Only Want To Ask

Lin Hancheng sat on the sofa with a square face.

He pointed at the news in the newspaper and knocked his knuckles hard.

“Is this the relationship youre in Have you ever thought about your fathers reputation In the past, I told you to stop chasing celebrities, but look at what youre doing now.”

Lin Wenyu lowered her head and did not speak.

Qin Zufang advised, “Hubby, the person Wenyu is dating is different from those celebrities.”

“Whats different about him I think its just a nest of snakes and rats!” Lin Hancheng said angrily.

“Youre wrong.

What about Su Bei and Xuyan Theyre both good children!” Qin Zufang said.

Lin Hanchengs face froze.

He was speechless and angry.

Seeing that his attitude had softened, Qin Zufang said, “Can you listen to what the child has to say Your daughter is 27 years old, not 17!”

“Even if shes 37 or 47, shes still my daughter! Our Lin family can afford to raise her!”

“Is this a matter of raising her or not” Qin Zufang was speechless.

She knew that her husband couldnt bear to let their daughter leave home, so he was taking this opportunity to throw a tantrum.

She knew her husbands thoughts all too well.

She was the same.

She wanted her daughter to get married, but she could not bear for her daughter to leave.

She was worried that her daughter would suffer.

Her heart was filled with conflict.

Lin Wenyu sat at the side and didnt say anything.

Lin Hancheng glanced at her and got angry again.

“Its only been a few days since I last saw you, yet you were staying out all night! Didnt you see how those people on the internet are scolding you Youre making your father unable to go out and see anyone!”

Lin Wenyu said aggrievedly, “Dad, those people are spouting nonsense.

Do you think Im that kind of person too It was only last night that I didnt come home but you just so happened to catch me.

Who knew youd be so scary”

Lin Hancheng: “…”

When his daughter felt wronged, he could not say anything.

The butler took the opportunity to walk over and say, “Sir, Madam, theres a young man with the surname Yuan outside.

He wants to see you.”

“Let that little brat in!” Lin Hancheng shouted sternly.

The butler trembled and mourned for the young man.

When Yuan Haoyang stepped in, he was very polite, but it did not make Lin Hanchengs expression improve.

Lin Wenyu waved at him from the side, but she didnt dare to approach him.

What she did last night made her feel guilty in front of her father.

She could only pretend to be obedient now.

“Haoyang, have a seat,” Qin Zufang said.

Yuan Haoyang thanked her and sat down.

Lin Hanchengs voice was like a loud bell.

“If I hadnt asked you to come, you wouldnt have come, right”

“Dad, Im the one who arranged for things to be this way.

I didnt plan to have you two meet for the time being…” Lin Wenyu was the first to speak.

“I didnt ask you to speak!” Lin Hancheng was even more unhappy when he saw his daughter defending Yuan Haoyang.

Qin Zufang comforted her, saying, “Daughter, your father is angry right now.

Dont say too much.”

Yuan Haoyang took the initiative to admit his mistake.

“Uncle, my relationship with Wenyu has stabilized, but I didnt think to ask for your and Aunts opinion first.

Its my fault.

If I make any mistakes in the future, please forgive me.

Secondly, I hope you can sincerely guide me.”

He was usually an unruly person, but now, he was extremely serious.

Every word he said came from the bottom of his heart and was extremely sincere.

Lin Hancheng snorted.

“If you dont do a good job, I wont marry my daughter to you! Go and see what the internet is saying about my daughter now.

My daughter hasnt suffered any grievances in the Lin family for more than 20 years.

Shes only been with you for a short period of time, but shes already been scolded to this extent.

You want me to hand my daughter to you without worry What can you use as a guarantee”

“Its true that I didnt think things through this time.

Ill think of a way to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

Uncle, with my profession, its indeed inevitable for me to make such mistakes occasionally.

However, Ill definitely do my best to protect Wenyu in the future and reduce her chances of being scrutinized by the public.”

“You want me to believe you Do you think you can convince me” Lin Hancheng said angrily.

Lin Wenyu wanted to speak a few times, but Qin Zufang stopped her.

Yuan Haoyang stood up and said calmly, “Uncle, why dont you believe me this once After all, our goals and interests are the same.”

Lin Hancheng narrowed his eyes.

“We just want to take good care of Wenyu.

We want her to be happy and see her safe and sound,” Yuan Haoyang said word by word in a soft but firm voice.

Lin Hanchengs sharp and penetrating eyes stared at him.

Yuan Haoyang met his gaze.

“Its very offensive to say this, but Uncle, youre from the previous generation, after all.

You have your life, while Wenyu has hers.

Her life and her future require someone to be by her side.

You can choose not to believe me, but Im also the only one you can believe in.”

“Dont be too arrogant!” Lin Hancheng was furious.

“The Lin family has other options besides you.”

“Pardon me for my arrogance.” Yuan Haoyangs eyes flickered.

“I just want Wenyu.”

Lin Wenyu broke free from Qin Zufang and went to Yuan Haoyangs side.

She stood beside him.

“Dad, if you want me to marry someone, Ill only marry him.

I wont marry anyone else.”

Lin Hancheng was angry, but looking at his daughter, he couldnt flare up at all.

Qin Zufang tried to smooth things over.

“Alright, alright.

Youve said what you needed to say.

If you have anything else to talk about, just talk calmly.

Dont scare the children.”

She then instructed Yuan Haoyang to pour tea for Lin Hancheng.

Yuan Haoyang did as he was told and served tea respectfully.

Lin Hancheng snorted and did not refuse.

After drinking a cup of tea, he slowly recalled Yuan Haoyangs words and felt that they made sense.

He had already gotten someone to investigate Yuan Haoyang.

Although his familys situation was a little complicated, he had never been in a relationship or done anything rash in the years he had been in the entertainment industry.

All he did was practice dancing and work out.

He was not involved in any of the messy things in the entertainment industry.

This indeed made Lin Hancheng unable to form an argument.

If it werent for the results of this investigation, Yuan Haoyang wouldnt even have been able to make it through the front door!

“Then what has your family said about your marriage” Lin Hancheng asked.

Yuan Haoyang deliberated over his words.

“My mother has already passed away.

My father and stepmother live together.

I can make my own decisions.”

“What if they make things difficult for Wenyu”

“I wont give them a chance.” Yuan Haoyang said without hesitation, “If you cant bear to part with her and if Wenyu is willing to stay in the Lin family to accompany you in the future, Ill respect her opinion.”

He didnt have much familial love to begin with.

In the future, he would naturally live wherever Lin Wenyu wanted to live.

Lin Hanchengs brows finally relaxed.

He snorted.

“You want to marry my daughter so soon Dream on! At least let me observe you for a few more years.”

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