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Chapter 155, Sister Wei Yang

First came a bang.

Wei Yang smashed through the flaming serpent like a battering ram on a rampage, reducing it into a fiery burst of cinders.

That did not reduce her speed at all; she raced past the Spell Cultivator who fired the flaming serpent and was gone with slivers of her black luminescent aura ebbing in her wake.

The Spell Cultivator, still hovering in mid-air, stiffened before a thin red line appeared as if traced by an invisible hand across his throat and he crashed to the ground.


By now, the jet-black glob of light had made its way through the enemy lines from behind, plowing through men and steel while leaving a bloody trail of dead bodies and maimed limbs being tossed into the air before they fell with a morbid thud to the ground and what was already a scene of gore and destruction now devolved into Purgatory of pure carnage in real life.


Lu Ye could see the black streaking light fleeting around from his position.

He did not know who it was or how he or she could move through the enemy rank and file like a hot knife through butter, but its presence somehow filled him with an inexplicable sense of renewed hope and warmth.


How did this strange and foreign feeling come to be, he did not know.


Lu Ye lowered his gaze and peered at his Battlefield Imprint.

The warmth was coming from there and something told him that it was because of that black glowing light fighting its way towards him.


[Is she from Crimson Blood Sect!]


[The Sect still has members other than Teacher and me!]


He knew little about the Crimson Blood Sect.

But he knew that for thirty years, the Crimson Blood Sect had not taken in any new acolytes and that was why he always thought that the Sect was made up by only him and his mentor and Grand Master of the Sect Tang Yifeng.

However, he was wrong.

The Crimson Blood Sect still had more acolytes and by the looks of things, at least one more.




A voice from the mob rallied the Thousand Demon Ridge Cultivators.


But before his voice even ended, the black streaking light bore down on him like a panther and a human head sprang into the air with blood spraying everywhere. 


That was with spells after spells that never stopped firing at her.

Volleys of fire-based bolts, each shaped like serpents, shot straight at her and the searing heat of each and every strand was enough to warp even the air wherever they passed.


The black glow landed right in front of Lu Ye and the others.

Wei Yang materialized and grabbed a falling leaf.

It magically grew in size, expanding larger and larger until it was wide enough to envelop everyone underneath like a big dome.


[Bang! Bang! Bang!]


More spells peppered down on the massive leaf-shield, but none of it could penetrate its defenses and there was Lu Ye, in complete shock and awe at the figure towering over him. 


Being clothed in robes that looked like dyed elephant skin on her did not fail to do her curvy, tall and slender figure proper justice.

Even with the purplish lightning bolts dancing around and gnawing at her flesh, she ignored the endless barrage of spells pelting on the leaf-shield she just conjured and smiled at Lu Ye, “So, you’re Lu Ye I’m your senior in the Sect.

You can call me Sister Wei Yang.”


That felt as if the world had crashed down on him.


Lu Ye hastily bowed, “So nice to meet you, Sister Wei Yang!”


[Heavens, a senior from the Sect! And one so energetic too!]


[Gods, and she’s so pretty and charming!]


“Forgive my lateness.

The Old Man at home was being just too stubborn.”


[Old Man] That left Lu Ye confused, although he immediately realized that it was their mentor and Grand Master that she was referring to, although he did not know if he should reply.


At the same time, the other group of Grand Sky Coalition Cultivators had managed to fight their way here, all thanks to the opening that Wei Yang’s arrival had given them. 


She might have only just arrived, but she had read the situation enough to know that it was impossible to save Lu Ye with her power alone.

She needed help if her newest fellow student was to walk away from this quandary alive. 


Which was why she had opened a way for the other Grand Sky Coalition group and all other allies to meet up with Lu Ye’s.

Only that way could she ensure that there were enough men to keep him safe. 

All of a sudden, Lu Ye found himself being squashed in the middle of a company of more than a hundred allies.

Some of them huddled around while others fought to deflect any spells that came their way.

But everyone knew full well that this would hold, at least for now, but not forever.

They would eventually tire out and be overrun by the enemies.

“Everyone, I call upon your help to keep Brother Lu Ye safe!” Wei Yang implored all of a sudden. 


Scores of Cultivators responded almost immediately in rowdy clamor, “As you wish, Sister Wei Yang!”


Everyone sounded fervent and ardent despite the overwhelming odds. 


Wei Yang did not dawdle.

She hurled herself forward and her tall and slender figure was once again engulfed by the black glow that dove into the midst of the enemy for a second round of slaughter.

The Spell Cultivators who were still hovering in mid-air looked horrified the moment the black streaking comet came barreling at them and those who were unfortunate enough to find themselves being preyed upon by Wei Yang never lived for more than three seconds.

The first enemy Spell Cultivator crashed to the ground, shrieking with terror while he plummeted to his death.

Then another.

And another.


Back and forth she smashed through the rows of enemies who were floating in the air until no Spell Cultivators were left.

Those who managed to survive immediately landed on the ground and kept a low profile.


Wei Yang’s intentions were clear: she would attack anyone who remained in the air.


Then she returned to Lu Ye’s side.


The entire plateau went silent and everyone quelled the emanation of their powers, for in their bewilderment, a vicious looking scythe that stood almost as tall as its wielder had appeared in Wei Yang’s grasp.

The weapon exuded an ominous aura, making all who gazed upon it avert his or her eyes with disquiet.


“Begone, if you know what’s good for you!” Wei Yang growled quietly.

Everywhere she set her sights on, Thousand Demon Ridge Cultivators frantically retreated several paces.


But a lone figure stepped forward.

One with a flaming sign branded on his forehead.

Defiantly, he stared at Wei Yang, “It is an honor that our ruckus here has caught even the notice of one of your station and might, Senior.

But surely after all that killing, might I hazard a guess that the effects of the Judgment of Heaven is beginning to feel painful Look at the color of the lightning arcing all around you, it’s looking dark purplish at the moment.

Just how many more of us do you think you can kill before you too pay the ultimate price yourself”


Wei Yang peered at him.

Without a warning or a word, she discorporated, leaving only an after-image at where she was standing, and reappeared in front of that man.

With just a simple tap on his chest, so quick that he could barely react, the man stiffened.

As if he was petrified, he could only watch with wordless horror as Wei Yang’s giant scythe swung down at him and lopped off a head with a disbelieving expression still stamped on it. 


Wei Yang quickly retreated back to Lu Ye.

Coldly, she regarded the mob of enemies.

“Does Cult Blackfyre wish to defy me I might not be able to kill many, but kill I shall, nevertheless.

Any of you who are interested in testing the wrath of my scythe is welcome to try.”


“What honor is there in besting the likes of those who are weaker than you, Senior!” a resentful voice echoed from the crowd, although the person was clearly using some unknown technique to spread his voice everywhere to prevent anyone from pinpointing his position.

“‘Besting the likes of those who are weaker than you’, eh” Wei Yang looked around, searching for the origin of the voice.

“Then what were you doing to little Brother Lu Ye here just now”


“Whatever happens here is purely something between us participants of the Spirit Creek Battlefield.

Your barging in here is hardly the conduct of someone of your stature and power.

What if the seniors of every militant sect and order were to come in here like you This Battlefield would be anything but peaceful.”


“I’d love to see them try.

I’ll make sure any one of your seniors who dares come in will never walk out living.”

“IMPUDENCE!” the voice thundered with undisguised rage, “Look at the bolts arcing all around her, everyone! There can only be so much killing that she can do before the Judgment of Heaven claims her! I say we charge together! She would only be inviting death if she dared to kill again!”


“Found you at last!” The corners of Wei Yang’s lips twisted with glee as she hurled her scythe forward.

When she retracted her scythe, it hooked back a tiny, lanky man with the scythe’s blade impaled through his chest.

She raised up the poor man for all to see like a standard being held aloft.

Blood dribbled out of the hideous wound and the pain was making him wince and groan.


Many amongst the Thousand Demon Ridge Cultivators shuddered.

None of them saw what happened.

She was just too quick.


Wei Yang looked up at the scrawny man hanging from her scythe.

Her eyebrows piqued with mild annoyance.

“You’re from the Tower of Morning, aren’t you Good Heavens, seems like you lot have not yet learned your lesson even after so many decades.

Always the rabble-rouser, eh”


“That wasn’t me!” the scrawny man protested, writhing in pain.


Not wanting to bandy words, Wei Yang gave her scythe a forceful shake that looked all too easy for her and the man erupted into a burst of tiny bits of flesh and blood.


She turned around and instructed Lu Ye.

“The next time you encounter any enemies from Cult Blackfyre or the Tower of Morning, act first and talk later.

They are sworn enemies of our Sect.”


“Understood,” responded Lu Ye.


“Hold up.

There’s also the Vale of Venom.

But strange, if the Cult and the Tower are here, I can imagine no reason as to why no one from the Vale is here…” she murmured, scanning the mob as if she was looking for someone from the Vale to vent some of her displeasure.

But the tightly-knit mob made it difficult for her to single out anyone from the Vale. 

A Thousand Demon Ridge Cultivator balked under her piercing glare and stammered, “The men of the Vale are all being held at bay by Feng Yuechan…”


“Yuechan” Wei Yang’s glare melted into a forlorn gaze into the distance, “So the little lass’s all grown up too, huh”


Wei Yang brandished her weapon and aimed it at the mob surrounding them.

“I’m taking my junior with me.

Is there anyone who wishes to protest”


Another Blackfyre Cultist broke ranks from the crowd and said solemnly, “We are the flame that lights the darkness, In the face of Death we feel remorseless!”


There he stood not far away from Wei Yang, looking at her placidly. 


She swung her scythe at him and bisect him into two bloody halves.


Another came out and uttered the same mantra, “We are the flame that lights the darkness, In the face of Death we feel remorseless!”


Wei Yang waved her weapon furiously at her new target without any shred of hesitation.


A third Blackfyre Cultist stepped forward and recited the same maxim. 


Only this time, Wei Yang did nothing to attack.

She grinned broadly and pointed a finger up into the sky.

“I won’t have to kill you, because someone else can do it for me!”


The sharp ringing of steel screamed through the air, whining like the cry of a banshee.

Every head spun in the direction from whence the sound was coming from.

Lo and behold, a glaring ray of light shot down from the sky and a sword drove its tip through the third Cultist’s skull and pummeled its way down, severing him into a pair of blood-soaked slabs of meat and viscera, all before he could react or protest. 


By the time the bright illumination of the weapon ebbed, all they saw was a sword stuck into the ground.

Out of nowhere, a man descended from the skies, gently landing on the hilt of the sword while his body bounced very softly to the movement of the sword as if he weighed only as much as a leaf.


He flung back his mane of long flowing white hair that reached well over his shoulders, and upended a gourd to empty some of its contents down his throat before he gave a drunken hiccup, muttering, “Sorry.

I was delayed.”


“That’s Li Baxian!” cried a voice with unmasked terror.


The mob of Thousand Demon Ridge Cultivators stirred uneasily. 


Most of them had never seen him up close before, but few would not recognize the name of Li Baxian, the tenth on the Battlefield’s Roll of Supremacy. 

Being the tenth strongest person in the Battlefield wasn’t reason enough for the whole world to be afraid of him, but rather, it was the fact that he accomplished such an achievement as an Eighth-Order Cultivator made him all the more dangerous.


The Battlefield’s Roll of Supremacy marked the names of the one hundred men and women that represented the Battlefield’s cream of the crop and most, if not all, of these elites were Ninth-Order Cultivators skilled in Heaven-grade disciplines and techniques.


All except one—the number ten on the Roll of Supremacy, Li Baxian.


The entirety of the Spirit Creek Battlefield had an innumerable number of Ninth-Orders skilled in Heaven-grade cultivation disciplines.

With virtually every militant sect and order from the real world of Jiu Zhou having its own presence here, Cultivators reached the Ninth-Order everyday.

But the number rose and fell with every ascension and death—be it a Cultivator who had just entered the Ninth-Order, a Cultivator who had surpassed the Ninth-Order and achieved the Cloud River Realm, or just as simple as a Cultivator who had lost his life during battle.


For reasons such as these, the number of active Ninth-Orders in the Battlefield was just impossible to keep track of since changes could occur anytime. 


But it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the number must be higher than ninety thousand in the least. 

Out of the ninety thousand, the best and most dangerous one hundred Cultivators have their names recorded in the Roll of Supremacy.


Similar to Lu Ye’s former nemesis Dong Shu Ye, Li Baxian was formerly a Ninth-Order before his plunge back to the Eighth-Order.

Hence, with his experience and skills still intact, he was able to still remain within the top ten.


Before Feng Yuechan was crowned the Queen of the Battlefield, he was the King before her. 

It was a terrible mishap that saw his Spiritual Points damaged, causing him to plummet back down one Order.


The other reason, however, was rather straightforward: Li Baxian was a Combat Cultivator specialized in swordsmanship.


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