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Chapter 139 Black Lady: The good girl


Pan Lei fell asleep and stopped embracing and kissing Tian Yuan like a kissing fish.

He eventually ceased tossing and turning, and he lay immobilized on the bed, splayed on his back.


Tian Yuan removed his shoes and socks, coaxed him to remove his jacket, and twisted a wet towel to wipe his face.

He carefully stroked his brows and eyelids, took his hand, and cleaned every finger for him.


When Pan Lei slept deeply, he snored.

His snores were extremely loud, especially after consuming so much alcohol.

Tian Yuan pinched his nose and smiled.


Tian Yuan hugged Pan Lei by resting his head on his chest and wrapping one of his arms around his shoulders.

He blinked his eyes and suddenly burst into tears.


The testament penned by Pan Lei still stimulated him.

He didn't dare to consider what he'd do if Pan Lei genuinely had an accident.

Sadly, he couldn't say anything.

He wanted Pan Lei to leave the army, or at least not do such a dangerous job, but Pan Lei enjoyed, adored his job.

He'd never seek a discharge from the army.

He was inextricably linked to his squad.

The fact that sending off his companions made him melancholy, causing his mental state to become gloomy, demonstrated that if he had to take off this military uniform, he would be at a loss for what to do, as if he had lost his soul.


He loved Pan Lei, so he ought to show his support. I can do it.

He could give Pan Lei his unspoken support.

All he asked was that the testament not be placed in his hands ever. Please.

Don't let it come true.


He could only tightly hug Pan Lei, listen to his heartbeat, and silently pray: Please grow old with me.


Tian Yuan brought Pan Lei a cup of vinegar the next day when he awoke with a headache.


"Drink, drink some more.

Ten people like you can rescue a distillery.

Drunkard, if you drink like this again, I'll see if I still want you.

If you think I'll assist you in getting home, forget it.

I won't let you in.

I’ll leave you out the door and make you stand guard for me."


Pan Lei took a gulp of the vinegar, and his nerves were jolted by the sourness.

He shivered. It's too sour.


"Do you want to murder your husband! It’s so sour, add at least a quarter kilo of sugar."


Tian Yuan couldn't help but laugh.

Pan Lei's headache was relieved as he massaged his head with his slightly cool fingertips.


Pan Lei lay on Tian Yuan’s lap, and crossed one leg over the other.


"While sober, rule the world; when drunk, rest on the lap of a beauty.

What a pleasure."


Tian Yuan kicked him aside.


"Hurry up and get to training.

Can’t you hear the chants outside ordering everyone to get up."


Pan Lei had landed on his buttocks.

He jumped up and rubbed his buttocks, thinking that his family's hubby had made an all-out effort to kick him.


"Hey baby, what's up with your puffy eyes You didn't sleep well last night"


Tian Yuan was stunned for a moment, then burst out laughing.


"I waited on you, you bas*ard.

You were still shouting Cheers! at one o'clock! You requested water at two; you pushed me down at three, thinking I was a ghost.

I had hardly caught a wink before your snoring woke up the neighbors at four o'clock.

I didn't go to bed until after five.

You a**hole, you caused me a lot of problems.

Did you slip the card in White Head's luggage"


Pan Lei put on his coat, chuckled and kissed Tian Yuan.


"Baby, I won't bother you in the morning, you have a nice rest.

I will take you to see the puppy in the afternoon.

Let’s go check out other companies(of troops)."


Tian Yuan sighed as Pan Lei left in high spirits to begin the day's work.

He felt Pan Lei was attractive, tough, and formidable every time he saw him leave the dormitory, exuding a heroic spirit from head to toe.

He was a natural soldier, and when he put on his uniform, he was the ideal spokesperson for soldiers: bold, powerful, and impressive, with unwavering resolve.

He was the most handsome man.

He was also the most dangerous guy on the job.


Forget it, I'll  support him.

I only hope he is safe and sound.


Pan Lei brought him to tour other companies in the afternoon.

He claimed they were paying a visit, but it was actually a visit to show off.

Instead of driving, he held Tian Yuan's hand and strutted along the road.

When he came across soldiers and was saluted, he nodded while pulling Tian Yuan.

When he spotted an acquaintance, he said, "Hello!" and introduced Tian Yuan, saying, "This is my lover, my lover.

He's  a wonderful man with a kind heart who also happens to be a fantastic doctor."


He was smug, showy, and brazenly boasted about his looks, earning everyone's attention, jealousy, and hate.


Tian Yuan reasoned that after spending so much time with such a shameless person, he had been schooled to be brazen as well.

He used to think Pan Lei was far too ostentatious, but he was calm when Pan Lei introduced him like this to other individuals in the military area compound.

He was in the military camp, yet he was still walking hand-in-hand with Pan Lei, their fingers intertwined; Pan Lei was even stealing kisses now and then.

They walked in this manner in that bachelors' concentration camp, drawing everyone's envy.


They admired Pan Lei for being a partner, envied Pan Lei for taking his lover around the military zone, and hated him for provoking single people unnecessarily.


They eventually arrived at the general company after a lengthy stroll.

Pan Lei and the company commander had been comrades in arms for a long time.

"I brought my sweetheart along to see the puppy," Pan Lei stated after they greeted each other.

"I see you're busy; don't worry about us."


Tian Yuan thought it was strange. Puppy Do the army also keep dogs He inquired of Pan Lei as to the breed of the puppy.

Pan Lei informed him that it had black eyes, was occasionally goofy, and was really cute. Is that a dachshund, a papillon, a teddy bear, or something else Is it possible that it's a German Shepherd Maybe it's a Golden Retriever


Although it should be a larger puppy, the so-called puppy was nonetheless a cute puppy. How large can it be


Tian Yuan arrived at the kennel in a good mood.

When Pan Lei opened the cage, a black calf-sized creature jumped out.

It had a circle of hair around its neck and was proudly sticking out its tongue.

It pounced on Tian Yuan.


Tian Yuan gave out a startled cry, leaped to his feet, and dashed away.


Without hesitation, the dog chased him.

It excitedly nodded its head and wagged its tail, barking a few times.

It sounded more like howling than barking.

It sprinted a few steps forward, and its front paws touched Tian Yuan's leg.

In panic, Tian Yuan jumped up on Pan Lei's back.

He refused to come down no matter what.


Pan Lei laughed so hard that his stomach hurt.

His family's hubby was so adorable.

His face turned pale just because he was chased by a dog! He didn't realize the dog was chasing after him because it wanted to play with him and liked his smell.


Oh, yeah, the smell on him is mine.

This puppy liked him, but his scent was faint.

If he'd brought Tian Yuan here first thing in the morning yesterday, the puppy would be significantly more thrilled and would adore Tian Yuan even more.

Tian Yuan smelled like him from the inside out right now.


That’s, ahem, that’s a little erotic.


"Black Lady, Black Lady."


Pan Lei used one arm to support Tian Yuan's buttocks.

In truth, he didn't have to help him.

Tian Yuan was clutching him with all four limbs like a koala.

His arms were securely wrapped around Pan Lei's neck.

He'd been scared almost to the point of tears.

He held Pan Lei in a death grip, unwilling to let go.


"Pan Lei, you dirtbag, you lied to me.

You'll fool me to death, you jacka*s.

It was a puppy, you said! A silly doggie with dark eyes! Damn you, bas*ard! Is this a puppy It's a calf! Which puppy is as big as it It can eat people!"


Tian Yuan verbally assaulted Pan Lei.

He was quite terrified.

The gap between his imagination and reality was just too large.

He estimated that the puppy would be no taller than his knees.

He had no idea a gigantic, majestic dog would pounce on him! With the circle of fur around its neck and its mouth wide open, it resembled an adult lion. That's a lion! The only difference is that its coat is black.


Pan Lei was practically out of breath from laughing so hard. Oh my god! He'd never seen his baby in such a state.

He was on the verge of crying, his voice had changed to soprano, and his legs were wrapped around his waist as he attempted to raise his body upwards, not daring to come down.


"It likes you.

It treats you as if you were me because you smell like me."


"F*ck you, you bas*ard! You’re still teasing Laozi at this time!!"


He extended his hand and smacked Pan Lei on the back of the head before swiftly withdrawing it.

He was frightened to death.


"This is Black Lady, a girl.

Don't be fooled by her intimidating appearance.

She's actually rather adorable.

Don't you see her eyes are black Every time she sees me, she does something silly that reminds me of you.

She appears to be adorable on the surface, yet she can be vicious at times.

But she solely causes harm to unsavory characters.

She's a Tibetan Mastiff, and she's a purebred Tibetan Mastiff at that.

A Black 'King Kong' Tibetan Mastiff of this caliber will fetch millions of dollars in the market.

Don't underestimate Black Lady; she's a hero in her own right.

During the rescue and disaster relief operations, she rescued a large number of individuals.

Come down and pet her; she won't bite."


Tian Yuan desperately shook his head and refused to go down.

He didn't want to be chased again.

It was too humiliating.


"Black Lady, on shoulders.

Black Lady!"


When Pan Lei patted his shoulder, Black Lady jumped up and placed her front paws on Pan Lei's chest.

Because Pan Lei was so tall, her paws couldn't reach his shoulders.

So, she stretched her neck and licked Pan Lei's face furiously.

Pan Lei scratched her chin and petted her ears and head.


"Good girl, good girl."


Black Lady must have enjoyed being praised because she stretched her neck to lick Tian Yuan's face.

Tian Yuan ducked by raising his head, not daring to let those saliva-dripping fangs get too close.

As a result, Black Lady had no choice but to lick his hand.

Tian Yuan's firm grip slipped and he thumped to the ground.


"Aroo~" Black Lady cried out, her front paws pressing against Tian Yuan's chest, and her large tongue licked Tian Yuan's face.


Tian Yuan couldn't react quickly enough and was licked in the face.

"Black Lady, stop licking me!" he yelled.

When she heard her name, Black Lady became even more excited.

Tian Yuan burst out laughing as she wagged her tail and licked even harder. This puppy, no, this Tibetan Mastiff, is just too adorable. She was happily licking his face, as if there was something delicious on it.


Despite her weird and frightening appearance, she is a very cute puppy.


Tian Yuan imitated Pan Lei by stroking her chin and petting her ears.


"Good girl, good girl."


Pan Lei knelt alongside them and the two petted Black Lady.


"Black Lady is quite ferocious.

She acknowledges just her trainer and myself.

She doesn’t even obey their company commander.

She likes you because you have my smell on you."


Tian Yuan finally got up and petted Black Lady's head, his hand licked by Black Lady's tongue. She needs to be given something to eat.


"I absolutely want a puppy like her; she's so lovely.

In truth, she is not like me, but rather like you.

Majestic looking, but actually silly, exactly like you.

It's no wonder she likes you! You two are really similar."


"Tut! You're a dog lover if I'm a puppy.

However, having a dog is greatly useful.

I'm frequently away from home, and I'm uneasy when you're alone at home.

If a stranger enters the house with such a dog guarding our home, they will almost certainly be bitten to death.

It will protect you in my absence."


Tian Yuan gave him a look.


"I'd like you to protect me.

Just be by my side."


Under the cover of Black Lady, Pan Lei smiled, gripped the back of his head, and kissed him.


"I will protect you for the rest of your life."


As you stated, it must be for a lifetime.

I will not forgive you if you fall short by even a day.


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