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Chapter 141 Rolling around shamelessly to ask for comfort


Pan Lei was lying on his stomach on the bed, refusing to get up.

He simply buried his face in the quilt and declined to come out.


Tian Yuan was powerless to stop him.

What was the source of Pan Lei's indignation Pan Lei began acting willfully and creating a scene when Tian Yuan kicked him and didn't say "I love you" a hundred times.

He was sulking under the quilt like a child who wanted to go outside to play but his parents wouldn't let him.


"Get up.

Let’s get some food."


"Don’t wanna.

No appetite."


Tian Yuan clenched his teeth, greatly wanting to kick him again, but given Pan Lei’s sad mood today, he chose to coax him nicely.


Tian Yuan sat beside Pan Lei, nudging his shoulder and spoke softly to him, coaxing a small smile.

When a child has a temper tantrum, they must be coaxed.


"The current mood is already dismal.

If you don't go to the cafeteria to eat and cheer up your troops, they will remain depressed.

How can you, as their leader, be dispirited Come on, stand up.

Let's get something to eat."


"You don't care about me.

You're not even ready to say you love me."


Pan Lei felt especially wronged.

It was simply saying "I love you" a hundred times.

Why wasn't Tian Yuan ready to say I love you a few times after he had written their family's Rule No.

9 a hundred times


Also, what did he mean when he said, "If you have an accident, I won't be able to live" Was it necessary to mention how much his emotions were jumbled after hearing such a sentence It had made him quite uneasy.


Tian Yuan was now treating him as though he were giving him the middle finger.

He would have taught him a lesson if he hadn't considered his own upbringing.


"Do you want to eat or not"


Pan Lei would not budge.

Tian Yuan had no choice but to accept it.

He'd coaxed Pan Lei, but he still wouldn't move, so no one could do anything.

Pan Lei beat the pillow on the bed with his fist when Tian Yuan went to eat by himself. Ahhhh, I've never seen anyone so hateful. I’ve written the family rule a hundred times, why can't he say I love you a hundred times! It’s just a hundred times!


Tian'er was aware that he was not in a good mood, so why couldn't he simply coax him He went to great lengths to coax Tian'er out of his petty tempers.

He didn't think twice about acting cute and goofy.

Tian'er only needed to wrap his arms around his shoulder and whisper, "Ge, I love you," and his despair and misery would vanish.


"Humph! I'm not going to eat if you don't say I love you today.

Let's see if you feel sorry for me or not."


Pan Lei covered himself with the quilt, panting with wrath.

He didn't move one inch.


This kid had to be persuaded.

Pan Lei, a 30-year-old big kid, had to be persuaded. How could Tian'er abandon me He didn't go to the cafeteria because he was upset, but it didn't mean he wasn't hungry.

Fortunately, the cook in the cafeteria was kind, so he approached Tian Yuan and asked him.


"Team Leader Pan didn't show up for dinner, did he Should I prepare some food for him"


"I'll deliver it to him.

He has a lot on his plate."


The head chef had a super-sized lunch box ready for him.

He packed two massive bowls of rice porridge, three enormous steamed buns, and a few appetizers.

The huge lunch box was completely full.


Tian Yuan rose from his seat and took up the lunchbox, thanking the chef.

When Pan Lei heard the sound of the room door opening, he hurriedly closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

Unfortunately for him, Tian Yuan knew he couldn't go to bed so early.


"Get up and eat.

Stop sulking.

Be obedient and get up.

Come on, get up."


Tian Yuan grabbed Pan Lei's hand and yanked him up with all his strength.

Pan Lei was still looking at him with resentment.

Tian Yuan set the lunchbox in front of Pan Lei, pulled up a chair, and glanced at him.




Why don't you eat now that the food is in your hands Forget it.

Tian Yuan slapped the chopsticks into Pan Lei's hands before opening the lunch box.



Get up and eat right away.

After eating, take a shower.

Let's go to bed early.

I know you're in a terrible mood, so let's go to bed early today.

You'll feel better tomorrow."


Pan Lei pouted and gazed at Tian Yuan with resentment, as if he had a hundred different grievances.


"Tian'er, you don't love me."


"Who said I don't love you Will I bring you food if I don’t love you I'm sure you're starving.

Now, now, don’t be angry.

Come on, eat up."


When he was in the military compound, Ling Si'er refused to eat, so Eldest Brother Pan coaxed his daughter in this manner.


"Feed me if you love me."


Tian Yuan maintained his regular smile at Pan Lei.

It must be mentioned that his smile was phony and awful.


"How old are you"


"Oh, you really don't love me."


Pan Lei was still pouting.


"I told you not to waste your time learning the lousy dialogue of the eight o'clock soap operas! Hurry up and eat for Laozi! Say one more thing like those idiots on TV, and I'll hurl the lunch box at your head!"


Pan Lei was so terrified that he didn't dare to cause any more mischief.

He didn't want to end up splattered with porridge.


Pan Lei drank porridge and then picked up a steamed bun, feeling all kinds of wronged.

He ripped a bite of the steamed bun and shoved it into his mouth.


"Do you love me, Tian'er"


He raised his eyes to Tian Yuan, who bared his teeth at him.

Pan Lei gulped down the steamed bun rapidly.


"Yes, I do."


Pan Lei, for some reason, thought this question and answer was amusing.

He started talking to himself like a madman, sipping the porridge, eating a mouthful of pickles, asking himself, "Tian'er, do you love me" then swallowing all the food and answering loudly, "I do."


Tian Yuan couldn't stop laughing. He had to act like a fool, didn't he.

Stop being funny.


Tian Yuan pushed him, saying, "Hurry up and eat properly."


Pan Lei quickly regained his cheerful mood.

He gulped his porridge and chomped into his steamed buns.

He rubbed his belly after finishing the three massive steamed buns.


"Tian'er, you haven't said you love me yet."


"Are you done or not You're going to make a fuss for me once you've had your fill of eating and drinking Is that the plan"


Pan Lei wailed and buried his head in the quilt again.


"I'm angry, I'm hurt, I'm depressed, I'm aggrieved.

I'm not happy!"


You've been an adult for a long time, okay Please, don't be so childish.

Eat your fill and then cause havoc.

What age do you believe you are You want to make a scene Feel free to fuss all night. Tian Yuan decided to ignore him, took a shower, and changed into his pajamas.

Instead of retiring to bed, he sat at the table and booted the computer.

Pan Lei surreptitiously raised the quilt and peered at Tian Yuan.

He rolled over and deliberately sighed hard when he noticed Tian Yuan was paying zero attention to him.


Tian Yuan glanced at him but ignored him, continuing to watch the video.

He purposefully chose a Charlie Chaplin comedy film and burst out laughing.


Pan Lei rolled over again, sighed hard, realized that this was not at all satisfying, and sighed again.


Tian Yuan was unmoved.

He laughed so hard that he almost fell off his chair, yet he continued to ignore Pan Lei.


"I haven't posted yet today that my lover doesn't care about me, that he no longer loves me, that he doesn't care if I'm unhappy or depressed.

He's happily watching movies! He doesn't have a place in his heart for me.

I'm just someone who no one wants.

Why is it this way, ah"


Pan Lei began talking to himself once more.

Although his voice was not loud, it was loud enough to drown out Tian Yuan's laughter.


"If you haven't posted it yet, I suggest that you don't.

I warned you to minimize your viewing of soap operas like Spring of Kopak, Tears of the daughter-in-law, Romance in the rain[1] and others.

You’re not normal in the first place.

If you watch too many soap operas, you’ll become as unhinged as the female leads.

Also, please refrain from uttering those moronic dialogues in front of me.

Those are the folks who irritate me the most.

If you open your mouth again, you won’t make it through this day.

It’s for the best that you didn’t post it."


Tian Yuan finally paid attention to him, but what he said was maddening.


Pan Lei immediately shut up.

Can’t make it through this day Gulp! I need to stop talking nonsense.

His hubby was a little hot pepper.

If he truly provoked him, he would undoubtedly explode.


Pan Lei sighed again as he turned over.


Tian Yuan gave him a glance, smirked, turned off the computer, turned off the lights, and eventually went to bed.


He leaned on the bed, drew Pan Lei over, rested his head on his chest, and patted his head as he embraced him.

It was late at night, and he decided not to joke around any more.

He just wanted to cuddle and talk properly.


He was aware that Pan Lei was depressed, and he was also aware that the reason he was in a temper was just to attract more of his attention. Well, now I’m attaching great importance to you.

Pan Lei was both in his mind and in his arms, him and only him.

That was enough attention.


"Fixed barracks, floating soldiers[2] - this is the truth.

You also stated that the military camp is perpetually youthful, passed down from generation to generation, and it needs new blood to fill the army.

Naturally, some soldiers leave.

In reality, it’s good that he left.

You must remember he had a kid.

Besides, everyone will take off their military uniforms one day.

Grandpa has spent his entire life as a revolutionary.

Didn’t he take his uniform off as he got older You will also remove it one day."


Wow, he's changed back into a caring gege and has started to enlighten me.


"I want to stay here for the next twenty years."


Tian Yuan sighed in his heart. Yes, you’ll be here for twenty years, and we’ll be apart for these twenty years.


"I’ve wronged you."


Pan Lei raised his head, his eyes gleaming in the dim light.

Tian Yuan shook his head and stroked the side of his face.


"As long as you’re happy.

I’ll only say this: Come back safe and sound.

Don't make me wait in vain."


Waiting another twenty years for Pan Lei meant he'd be with himself 24 hours a day, seven days a week until he was fifty; it meant twenty years of trepidation.


Pan Lei leaned back into Tian Yuan's chest once again.

One of his hands began to be dishonest, untying Tian Yuan's pajamas.


"That’s not what I'm sad about.

What makes me sad is you saying you won't live if I have an accident.

How can you say that Tian'er, don’t say anything else.

I’m not going to have an accident.

You still don’t trust my abilities, do you Despite being the leader of the operation squadron and frequently participating in missions, I am still an instructor.

I’m only assigned a mission if it’s extremely vital.

You can rest assured about this.

Besides, even if something bad happens to me, you can't say something like that.

Your parents, my parents, are still counting on you.

You must fulfill my filial duty on my behalf.

Don’t say such things from now on.

It’s scary."


Tian Yuan exhaled a sigh. He believes I can go on living Pan Lei had indulged him to the utmost, and many of his flaws had surfaced as a result of Pan Lei's pampering.

He wasn't the gentle Dr.

Tian he used to be.

He now desired to "chat" with Pan Lei.

His temper was becoming increasingly worse.

He was no longer the gentle and tender man he had been.

Pan Lei was responsible for all of these changes in his attitude.

What the hell did he mean when he said "forget me and find someone else" Was there another individual like him in the world


"You are filial, and I am filial, as you stated.

I'll be satisfied as long as you work hard and return safely to me when you're on a mission."


Pan Lei finally removed his pajamas and kissed his stomach.


"How about coaxing me like this Use your body to console me.

After all, I'm still down."


This bas*ard can only behave shamelessly! Why can’t he speak seriously for a change! Sigh.

But I can't live without him.


Tian Yuan clutched Pan Lei's hair tightly as he felt his pajamas being slowly removed while Pan Lei's kisses grew hotter and hotter.


Tian Yuan moaned and closed his eyes: "Ge, if you love me, please return to me safely.

I will love you for the rest of my life."


[1] All of these are TV serials.

You can read more on Baidu if interested. Spring of Kopak, Tears of the daughter-in-law, Romance in the rain.

[2] tiě dǎ de yíng pán liú shuǐ de bīng literally translates as "tough as iron military camp, rushing water like soldiers." In this context, it signifies that as soldiers come and leave, the barracks remain constant.

It’s real meaning is something like this phrase in English: "Remember what needs to be remembered, and forget what needs to be forgotten.

Change what can be changed and accept what cannot be changed."


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