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Chapter 169 Shit, there’s a robber


Tian Yuan’s neighbor, Mrs.

Jennifer, was in her 60s.

She was a lovely old English lady.

Her children had moved away, and such an elderly lady lived alone next door to Tian Yuan.

She occasionally handed Tian Yuan a slice of cake and occasionally assisted him in picking up newspapers and letters.

Tian Yuan, on the other hand, sometimes served her Chinese specialties such as dumplings.

In terms of neighbors, it is said that a distant relative is less useful than a close neighbor[1], and they should help each other.



Jennifer came out as soon as Tian Yuan returned from school, dragging Tian Yuan and making a great commotion.


"The police came over for questioning, claiming that there is a masked thief in our neighborhood.

You must be cautious when entering and exiting home, young man.

You must properly fasten the doors and windows of the house."


Tian Yuan thanked her with a smile.


Masked thief It must be a break-in.

There should be no serious issues because the law and order were rather solid here.

He did, however, accept the old lady's kind intentions.



Jennifer advised everyone she knew in the neighborhood to be cautious.


But what was there to steal in his house He had all of the cash as well as bank cards on his person, and a laptop to utilize in class.

What did he have except some furnishings and the like


Tian Yuan didn't take it seriously at all.

He left early as usual, ran to school, stayed all day, and returned home at night.

He would occasionally dine at the Chinese restaurant, but most of the time he would order takeout and eat at home.

Unlike foreigners, he disliked having candlelit dinners alone.

It was far too solitary.


He'd rather eat instant noodles at home than go to that type of restaurant.


Pan Lei forbade him from eating junk food.

He was not permitted to have KFC, Pizza Hut, or hot dogs.

In fact, instant noodles were on his list of banned foods as well.

But he ate them in secret, without telling Pan Lei.


He Lian knocked on his door as he was eating.


He Lian handed him a package after inspecting the instant noodles he'd placed out.


"These are the snacks I brought back from Chinatown.

Give it a shot.

Also, it's not safe for us these days, so don't stay out too late.

Lock all the doors and have the cab drop you off right at the front door.

Keep your phone nearby and call me if you need anything."


Tian Yuan felt a little funny.


"What's making you so nervous"



Jennifer didn't tell you I see you're not taking it seriously, but they're a bunch of thugs, you know, so be cautious.

The Pan family would not spare me if something happens to you."


"It's not quite that dramatic."


"You'd better be careful.

Don't be too late when you come back at night.

If you can't arrive early, let me know and I'll come back with you."


You’re the Pan family's main protection target; I can't let anything happen to you.

Pan Lei, that joker, is a true savage, and no one can stop him.




"Then I'll return.

Before retiring to bed, keep a baseball bat by your bedside.

Don't return late at night by yourself.

Call me if you return after dark.

I'm not going to let anything happen to you."


He Lian's comments made Tian Yuan believe he had become a national treasure.

He was a grown man; how could he be afraid of walking in the dark He used to rush out for surgery with a single phone call, whether it was late at night or early in the morning.

He Lian now wanted to pick him up after dusk. Does he think I’m a 28-year-old woman


Moreover, this was He Lian, not Pan Lei.

If it were Pan Lei, he would call and request to be picked up at any time.

After all, they were only buddies.

It wasn't good to be overly bothersome.


Before He Lian departed, he told him to keep a bat next to his bed, keep his phone nearby and fully charged, and to call if anything happened.


Tian Yuan walked out the next day after checking all the doors and windows and making sure they were all locked.


His professor asked him to remain behind once more, pointing out minor flaws in his report from the day before, and discussing with him how to treat patients with congenital heart problems, what to look out for in very young patients, and other such things.


Tian Yuan extended an invitation to the old professor to supper before continuing the conversation.


It was after nine o'clock when he saw off the old professor.


They ate at a restaurant near the school, and the school was only a half-hour walk from his house.

Because the cabs appeared to be busy at this time, Tian Yuan reasoned that the distance was not particularly great, so let's just walk.


It could be regarded as an after-meal activity to promote digestion.

When he considered walking home, he completely forgot Mrs.

Jennifer's urging and He Lian's repeated warnings.


He tightly wrapped his coat.

It was the coat his mother-in-law had purchased him for Chinese New Year, and the season had come for him to wear it.


Tian Yuan started walking home right away.


He would arrive at his community after turning around an avenue where cars came and went.

The trees were tall, and the vegetation was lush.

Cooling off in the shade was certain to be very pleasant in the summertime.

It was the beginning of spring, and the weather was a little cool.


Behind Tian Yuan, a crescent moon hung in the sky, and there were few street lights.

There were no punks in the community where he resided.

Everyone was polite, and their work and rest were routine.

It was after nine o'clock at night, and nearly everyone had gone home, so the road was deserted.


Tian Yuan accelerated his pace as he walked home.

The lane leading to his temporary residence was empty.

Only then did Tian Yuan recall that Mrs.

Jennifer and He Lian had mentioned a masked robber in this neighborhood recently, and they had warned him to be more cautious when he went out at night.


In that case, he had to return right away.

Stop lingering outdoors.


Something’s fishy.

Tian Yuan moved forward with his head bowed, certain that someone was following him.


Tian Yuan's hair was standing on end. My luck can't be this bad, can it He returned home late for the first time and faced a robber


Was he being tailed by the so-called masked thief It couldn't be that much of a coincidence.


Hurry up; hurry up and get home.


Tian Yuan's pace grew even faster, and he wondered regretfully why he hadn't waited a few minutes longer and taken a cab back home; why on earth did he insist on walking back.


At this stage, Tian Yuan was trotting rather than walking.

He became increasingly sure that he was being followed.

He upped his pace.

That person's shoes made a scratching sound as they rubbed across the road.

Tian Yuan's scalp had gone numb. What the hell The security in this area is pretty good.

Where did this mugger pop out from


What if he grabs me from behind and attacks me Tian Yuan’s imagination was going wild at the moment.

His mind was racing with cases of murders and robberies.

He might be pummeled into a coma, or he could be killed.


Fu*k this **! What is this! Wasn't it just a little late The robber was unlikely to go so far as to kidnap him, wasn’t it!


Pan Lei wanted to teach him military boxing, but after only one practice, he couldn't keep up, so he gave up carelessly.

If he had known he would have to defend himself, he would have studied that set of military boxing properly, and at this time he could have emulated Bruce Lee at least once.


He washed two bedsheets till they were threadbare during 40 days of following Pan Lei in the army, but he didn't learn any useful skills.

When it came time to study, he despised it, and now he despised himself for not studying hard when he had the chance.

What was the point It was completely useless.


His scalp got increasingly numb, and he became fully mindful that someone was following him.

He didn't dare to look back and could only move forward.


Should I pull out my phone and dial Pan Lei's number Even if I call him, he cannot jump out the screen to protect me.


What should I do Call the police Scream loudly


What if the robber is driven to desperate measures and simply kills poor me


He Lian! Yes, I’ll call He Lian. It would be ideal if he were at home.


He instantly dialed He Lian's number.

He Lian, thankfully, was at home at the time.


"Please come get me as soon as possible.

I feel like I'm being followed."


Tian Yuan deliberately lowered his voice and talked in Mandarin to avoid drawing the robber's notice.

He Lian hadn't come yet, but the robber had sped.


He Lian hung up the phone and dashed out the door, holding a wooden baseball bat.


"Tian Yuan, I'm coming!"


He yelled while running.

Tian Yuan saw him and hastened his pace, and the person who had been following him seemed to have suddenly vanished.


He Lian sighed with relief after looking behind him and discovering nothing. Damn! But, thank God, he is fine! Pan Lei will surely go berserk if he is attacked.

No one will be able to stop him.


"God! Tian Yuan, please phone me the next time you return so late and I'll pick you up.

Do you think anyone can subdue your lover If he finds out that my protection was insufficient, that you were being followed by a bad guy and were in danger, he'll stuff me in a toilet bowl."


Tian Yuan was incredibly frightened.

Fortunately, he wasn't being pursued by bad guys.

Nobody knew what those ruthless robbers would do.


He Lian handed Tian Yuan the baseball bat he was carrying.


"Place it near your headboard so you can immediately get it if necessary.

Remember to pick up a few extra ones tomorrow.

Place one near the back entrance and one in the living room, for example, and you can beat up the thugs whenever and wherever you need.

I'm not saying be a coward but if there is a robbery, simply let him take what he wants and avoid injuring yourself."


Pan Lei also told him something similar: Get everything you want.

Money is merely a material possession.

Nothing else matters as long as you're okay.


"I'm giving you trouble."


"Hey, don’t say that.

We’re both relatives and buddies.

Go home and remember to lock the door."


Tian Yuan thanked him repeatedly, promising not to walk home alone after eight o'clock at night.

It was too risky.


After some thought, He Lian chose to report to Pan Lei.

After all, this was not a trivial matter.


"Can those thin arms swing a baseball bat He’ll end up spraining his own arm.

Tomorrow you go buy him a high-voltage stun baton and put it in his backpack.

If someday dares to touch even one of his hairs, tell him to shock that person.

Sonofabi*ch, too bad laozi can't beat them to death.

Those who dare to rob me don't want to live.

Don’t you know that banditry has always been my side job"


Pan Lei erupted in a rage.

Tian Yuan had downplayed the incident, simply saying, "Fortunately, He Lian came out to pick me up, or I would have been terribly scared.

When he returns to China, we should treat him to dinner." Having said that, when He Lian gave him the details of the situation, he became infuriated. Damn it! These people are seeking death.

If they dare to attack my man, I'll contact Interpol to have these bast*rds apprehended and killed.


"He Lian, pick him up the next time he returns late.

Please take care of him for me."


"You don’t need to say this.

Don't worry, I will take good care of him."


How could he not worry Could he be at ease with those bad people around No, I need to go take a look myself to ensure that Tian’er is alright.


[1] Idiom.

Take whatever help is on hand, even if it is from strangers.


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