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Chapter 181 Gay Parade


Tian Yuan first noticed Pan Yue's heroism at the annual LGBT march in the United Kingdom.


Pan Yue was a mad troublemaker who had startled him the first night.

In fact, they got along quite well when they were together.

Pan Yue liked to sit on the table with a cigarette in her mouth and shake her legs.


Tian Yuan had been fascinated by her experience since learning she was a war correspondent.

Pan Lei's work was classified, and he couldn't tell anyone about it, not even his lover.


Pan Yue, on the other hand, embodied the saying 'Learn as much as you can and accomplish everything you can.'


He had a hard time accepting Pan Yue at first, constantly feeling that she was far too bold.


But after learning that she was a war correspondent who had traveled to several countries, witnessed many gun conflicts, and sent back numerous news stories, he thought she was remarkable.

After they began interacting, Pan Yue would sit on the table, dangling her legs and smoking a cigarette, telling him about every unforgettable event, the hail of bullets, the orphaned children, the suffering of the people, the killings.


Tian Yuan believed that applying to the International Red Cross Society and assisting people in war-torn places was the best thing a doctor could do.


They drank and smoked together. He Lian was completely baffled.

He couldn't comprehend how this duo, who had been at odds for the first five or six days, could become buddies just a week later.

Tian Yuan still lived with He Lian, but they no longer fought as easily.

They genuinely got along splendidly!


Pride in London is an annual LGBT parade.

It is a state-approved parade, and millions of people participate each year.


Tian Yuan had the perception that this march had nothing to do with him.

He went to school as normal and studied as usual.

When he discovered that one of the intersections was closed due to the parade, he just turned around and took another route.


But he had forgotten that there was now a Pan Yue.


This woman hardly qualified as a woman.

She was immensely energized and grabbed her camera, keen to capture shots.

Tian Yuan, who was carrying the computer bag, tried to circle the road, but Pan Yue caught him.


"You're one of them, so why don't you march Go! Protest and call for equality."


"No, thank you.

I believe I am pretty equal.

Pan Lei and I aren't one of them.

We simply fell in love with one another.

We just happened to be of the same gender upon falling in love.

We're together, no one dares to discriminate against us, and our parents approve.

I have a fantastic life and don't believe anything is unfair to me."


He and Pan Lei were fortunate.

There were no ups and downs; they were together and deeply in love.

He believed there was no need to protest or anything.

Could a demonstration address this problem if people were not liberal


Everyone is free to fall in love with anyone they choose, and it is only because people are prejudiced and narrow-minded that this type of love cannot be accepted.


Pan Yue didn't care what Tian Yuan thought.

She grabbed a flag protesting discrimination against homosexuality.


"I'm looking for photographs for my collection.

I'll go if you don't."


Tian Yuan couldn't keep her back, so Pan Yue blended in with the crowd.

Tian Yuan called her name several times but couldn't get her to stop, so he had no choice but to follow her.

So what if she was Superwoman He was a man, and he had a responsibility to protect his sister.


He was jostled as he tried to reach Pan Yue, who was slippery as a loach, because there were too many people.

He'd only just cried out, "Hey!" when he lost sight of her.

Tian Yuan became dizzy as he moved through the crowd.

Someone took the opportunity to grope him a few times, but he restrained himself. Sonofab*tch! If you grope laozi one more time, laozi will flip out.


Tian Yuan intended to drag Pan Yue out of the crowd when he felt someone grope his a$$ again.

Tian Yuan turned around to see a golden orangutan winking at him.


"I'll f*ck you up, ba$tard! Laozi is going to fu*king destroy you."


Tian Yuan was seriously angered.

He picked up his computer bag and was going to throw a punch when Pan Yue rushed up behind him, pulled him over, raised her foot, and kicked the golden orangutan in the crotch.


"You a$$hole! You dare to molest my brother-in-law! This old lady will kick your balls into pieces!"


Her kick caused a commotion.

The crowd quickly became chaotic as some people approached to quarrel.

The police were expected to keep law and order, so when they saw a group brawl coming up, they intervened quickly.


The paraders then began fighting with the police.


Hand in hand, the two instigators fled the mob.

Pan Yue's eyes were bright with excitement, and her face was flushed.

This appearance was reminiscent of Pan Lei's.

Pan Lei was excited while he was carrying a gun, but she was excited because she spotted a fight.


"Wait for me here.

This is the shutter.

Got it Press the shutter and take some good shots for me.

I’ll show you how our Pan family fights."


She shoved Tian Yuan under a shop so he could hide and take photos.


Pan Yue rolled up his sleeves and rushed into the melee with a battle cry.

She gathered the stones on the ground and hurled them at the police, yelling, "Down with the Eight-Nation Alliance! Resist the Anglo-American mindset! Get out of our China, Big Nose!"


Tian Yuan reckoned that if he wore glasses, they would be shattered.


My dear sister, we’re in British territory, okay You think no one can understand you when you yell in Mandarin, don't you And you're shouting "Down with the Eight-Nation Alliance!" of all things You and Pan Lei are indeed siblings.

Your slogans are even the same.


All of the homosexuals took action with the guidance of this hot-blooded woman.

They spared no effort to counter the police, pushing and hitting each other, picking up bricks and throwing them at the cops, pulling the cop car over and giving them a good thrashing.


The scene was utterly chaotic.


Tian Yuan pressed the shutter swiftly and continued snapping photographs.


In his heart, he was ecstatic.

He and Pan Lei, thankfully, could love each other peacefully.

Fortunately, everything was going swimmingly for the couple.

Nobody dared to ridicule them, no one harassed them, and they didn't have to take to the streets proclaiming love and equality.

This was far too uncivilized.


Pan Yue took up a stick and wielded it ferociously.

There were five cops around, but none of them could get close to her.


People were also whistling and cheering for her. These people are insane!


Pan Yue took out the five cops one by one, then continued on her way with the massive army that had caught up behind her.


"Down with fascism, down with Hitler, down with all inequitable laws! Everyone is equal!"


Please take it easy, Sister.

This is not the May Fourth Movement.


Tian Yuan put the camera away, rushed up, and drew Pan Yue out.

Allowing her to march on was a bad idea.

He was certain he'd have to go to the police station to get her out of jail.


He eventually pulled himself out of the crowd and hauled her back.


Pan Yue was thrilled.

She didn't give a damn about her soiled clothes, which had been ripped by the jostling crowd.

She examined the camera, studied the images, then patted Tian Yuan on the shoulder.

"Not bad, dear brother-in-law.

You're promising.

Follow this older sister if you get tired of being a doctor.

I guarantee you'll make a great war correspondent."


Tian Yuan was once again convinced that the Pans were far too brave.


He thought his mother-in-law was his favorite of all the Pans.

Pan Lei was great, but not always - he was an overbearing control freak.

His incredible mother-in-law was a goddess whereas Pan Yue was a she-devil who should not be trifled with.


Since Pan Yue's arrival, there has been so much horsing around that the days flew by.

Pan Yue had been there for almost a month before he realized it.

He didn't have time to think about Pan Lei this half month since he was always worried about what fresh shenanigans Pan Yue might pull.


Everyone in the Pan family was difficult to deal with.

Grandpa enjoyed Tai Chi swordsmanship, Papa Pan and the two uncles loved CS, and the juniors enjoyed competing in Chinese boxing.

What fantasies could he have about the family if even a woman was like this


Pan Yue, who had nothing better to do, ran over to wreck Tian Yuan's life.

She packed up her luggage and left after playing around.


"Brother-in-law, when you and Pan Lei get married, I will definitely be on the bride’s side.

Big Sister will vent your anger.

If Pan Lei dares to bully you, this big sister will beat him up for you."


Tian Yuan removed her hand from his shoulder.


"Sister, Pan Lei and I will marry, but I will be the groom.

I’ll take the wedding car to the military compound and bring him home."


Pan Yue had only been here a few days, but his life had been totally turned upside down.

He'd never fought in his life, never participated in a parade, and never hired a bodyguard to escort him.

When she arrived, she set a number of precedents for him.


Some people have an intrinsic talent to dispel loneliness.

Pan Lei and Pan Yue were also such people.

She was here being an irritating troublemaker, getting into mischief and making the neighbors uneasy, but time zipped by.


He had to acknowledge that Pan Yue, like Pan Lei, was self-assured and carefree.

Pan Lei would be a mercenary if he wasn't a special forces soldier.


Pan Yue was a natural wanderer, while Pan Lei was a born soldier.

They both emanated banditry and were domineering.


Pan Yue's being there made up for his longing for Pan Lei.

He occasionally mistook the person making noise in his house for Pan Lei.

Although Pan Yue could be irritating at times, wasn't that the impression Pan Lei gave him at first


Pan Lei, he thought, was also hateful at the time.

But when he was gone, he'd miss him.


He knew he would miss Pan Yue after she departed.

This courageous and confident woman walking alone was just as adorable as his mother-in-law.

Pan Lei had a wonderful family, and they all got along well with him.


He liked how Pan Lei treated him.

He liked it regardless of his temper.


Time flew rapidly, and in two weeks, Pan Lei would arrive after Pan Yue had left.

His life would always be enriched by the Pans.


She was so noisy that his ordinary days became frantic and filled with gaiety.

Even if she ate all of the food Pan Lei had prepared for him.


"By the way, I'll tell you something for the sake of our siblings-in-law connection.

I came on to you on the first night, scaring you so much, since I had a bet with Pan Lei.

Pan Lei claims you are the reincarnation of Liuxia Hui[1] and that your love for him is unshakable.

I didn't trust him, so he told me I could try it for myself.

He stated that he believed in his darling's love.

So I put you to the test, and you did precisely what he said."


Pan Yue played a dirty trick before leaving.


"Thank you, big sis."


Tian Yuan smiled while gritting his teeth. You'd better gird your loins, Pan Lei.

Just see how laozi deals with you.


"Brother-in-law, I still think that your being together with my little brother is a total waste.

You truly won’t consider falling in love with me"


"Thank you, big sis, for distracting me from my loneliness during this time."


And for giving me an excellent excuse to clean up Pan Lei.


[1] An ancient Chinese politician.

He was a man of eminent virtue, and is said on one occasion to have held a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character.

When he died, his wife insisted on pronouncing a funeral oration over his body, urging that none knew his great merits so well as she.

Source: Wikipedia


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