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Chapter 76 Stupid Pan Lei


Pan Lei wanted to continue appeasing Tian Yuan.

However, at this critical juncture, words failed him.

He felt awkward.

He had wronged Tian’er and had no idea how to coax him.


Pan Lei had a silly look on his face as he monotonously apologized to a frowning Tian Yuan.

The others were struggling to keep a straight face when they saw this sight.


Pan Zhan let out a sigh.

Being Pan Lei's brother was extremely exhausting.

He had repeatedly caused his family to be concerned about him since he was a toddler.


"Say, from now on, I will definitely treat you like a treasure.

I will take excellent care of you.

I won’t let you shed a single tear, and I won’t make you sad again.

I won’t let you regret getting together with me.

We will live our lives well, and I will do my best to spoil you.

I won’t give other people a second look, I won’t be tempted by another woman.

You’re my family and making you happy is the goal of my life.

Both of us have the determination to work hard.

I simply have one purpose in mind - to make you the happiest man in the world.

A joyful life, where each day will be filled with laughter.

I’ll make everyone envy you.

I’ll buy anything that will make others envy you.

Even if I die, my feelings for you will not change.

I love you.

You’re the only one I’ll ever love."


Pan Lei grasped Tian Yuan's hand and repeated Pan Zhan's passionate words very seriously.


What a headache! Why did he have this jerk for a brother He was really too stupid.

How could Tian Yuan stand him! Even the mushy words required to entice his sweetheart had to be taught to him by his elder brother Fortunately, he was used to enticing his wife on a regular basis, so it came naturally to him.


Lin Mu listened to the speech and felt something was wrong - what did he mean by “not being tempted by another woman” These were words typically spoken to a woman.


"Pan Zhan, is this what you said to your wife You coaxed your wife by using just these emotional words Did you look at another woman Why didn’t your wife thrash you So disappointing."

Pan Zhan coughed uncomfortably and remained silent.

The ugliness of the family should not be publicized.


Pan Lei waved his hand and motioned to them not to quarrel.

He was still talking! Why were they interrupting him


"I will make you happy, fill your days with laughter, and make others envy you.

Even if I..."


Pan Lei scratched his head, unable to recall the rest.

The blame lay with these jerks who interrupted him.


"Brother, what's the sentence after ‘even if I die’"


Pan Ge slapped him on the back of the head.

Pan Lei was an utter disappointment.

What a fool! He didn’t even know how to say some coaxing words.

Was he still a man


Everyone laughed, pointing at Pan Lei and scolding him.



Tian Yuan laughed angrily.

This group of talents made him angry.

He was upset and dumbfounded.

He quickly helped up Pan Lei and patted him on the knee.


"Stop messing around.

Go and clean up the house.

Invite them to stay at home for dinner."


Pan Lei was relieved that Tian Yuan was no longer sad.

He stood up and took Tian Yuan's hand, obeyed the order of his man, and kissed Tian Yuan on the cheek with a smile.


"You want to eat spare ribs, don’t you I'll get them.

What else would you like to eat You've been starving these days.

Your face is thinner."


"Fried prawns.

I want them hot and spicy."


Pan Lei took out his wallet and prepared to go grocery shopping.

He pointed at the few people before leaving.


"Don't idle around here, you guys.

My family still has a fever and is unable to perform physical labor.

If you wish to eat at my house, please clean up as soon as possible."


Huang Kai sprang to his feet.

Eh Did they have to work so hard just to eat!


"Pan Lei, your uncle! How dare you order us!"


Pan Zhan kicked Huang Kai.


"His uncle is my father.

If you are not satisfied, let's go out and have a little chat."


Huang Kai was about to scold Pan Lei with ‘your second uncle’ when he noticed Pan Ge smiling at him.

He swallowed his words about Pan Lei and his second uncle.

Pan Ge snorted at him, and Huang Kai remembered that the three brothers of the Pan family had identical views.

If the three brothers banded together, they would definitely kick him to death.


As the saying went, a wise man submitted to circumstances.

There were four members of the Pan family in their group.

He was unable to resist and was obliged to flatter.


"I will find someone to clean it up.

I’ll pay for everything that’s broken.

I guarantee to restore them exactly as they were."


Pan Zhan and Pan Ge no longer looked at him coldly.


Huang Kai bore a bellyful of complaints.

The couple fought, smashed things, and destroyed the decorations.

He was just a friend and was forced to cover up the losses.

Who behaved this way This was too much.


Pan Zhan and Pan Ge remained in the bedroom, conversing with Tian Yuan.

Their younger brother was the one who had wronged their younger sister-in-law.

How should they comfort him


“Tian Yuan, Pan Lei is foul tempered.

Don't mind him.

If he’s angry with you again, don’t wait for death, okay Kick him if he makes trouble.

Be more fierce than him.

If he wrongs you, chop him with a kitchen knife.” Tian Yuan’s face was riddled with black lines.

They were instigating him to murder!


Huang Kai, Lin Mu and Zhang Hui were instructing people to renovate in the shortest possible time.

The house needed repairs and the furniture needed replacement.

The broken items were promptly thrown away.

Many workers were called in, and the mess was swiftly cleaned up.

Huang Kai also asked people to buy a large number of roses to help his friend in pleasing his wife.

He was full of energy.


Pan Lei bought a lot of food.

Since Tian Yuan wanted to eat something fried, hot and spicy, he directly made hot pot.

He also prepared the braised pork ribs and fried prawns that Tian Yuan requested.


Tian Yuan had been craving meat for a few days.

Everyone gathered around, sipping beer and eating hot pot.

Tian Yuan lowered his head and gobbled up the spare ribs.

Pan Lei shelled the prawns for him.

The others kept eyeing Tian Yuan's behind.

Could Tian Yuan eat such greasy things Wasn’t his butt injured He would be uncomfortable later if he ate this kind of food.


Pan Zhan got a bottle of beer while cooking and questioned Pan Lei: "You are both right in this situation.

But someone is wrong.

Leizi, what are you going to do"


"I won't spare them easily."


Pan Ge gave a nod.

How could they be called the old Pan family if they let the guilty go so easily A member of their family had been bullied.

This was not the end of the story.


“It's not enough for you to get Tian Yuan back.

He was bullied.

You must help him solve this problem.

Otherwise, they will walk all over Tian Yuan.

Leizi, what is your plan Whatever it is, we don’t care.

As long as it doesn’t kill anyone, it’s fine.”


“Would you like me to bring this to the attention of the Health Bureau and cancel their medical license”


Lin Mu ate lamb meat and joined in on the talk.

He considered himself a gentleman and desired a more refined approach.

He intended to go through the legal process and find one of their flaws in order to directly withdraw their license.

They would then be unable to practice as a doctor for the rest of their lives.

That would be preferable.


"I know what to do.

Their acts caused us to disagree and have different points of view.

This situation cannot be ignored.

I don't require anyone's assistance.

I can handle it on my own."


"If you wish, I can locate someone to photograph their adulterous affair and publish it in the press.

They will lose face and be embarrassed!"


"Find someone to toss rotten eggs at them both."


"Don't mess around, I still have to go to work." Tian Yuan felt that among the people at the table, only he was a good person.

A few of them gathered together, and came up with ideas that would kill people.

He just wanted to teach a lesson to Dr.

Li and the director of surgery so that they would no longer run rampant in the hospital and bully the doctors.

These guys were determined to make things worse.


Pan Lei removed the bones, placed the meat directly in Tian Yuan's bowl, and kissed him comfortingly on the forehead.


"Don't worry, I have a sense of measure."


He had a sense of measure! Tian Yuan didn't think much, and continued to drink and eat happily.


Everyone cheered, and got themselves a bottle of beer.

They knew about Pan Lei's so-called sense of measure.

You can do whatever you want as long as no one dies - this was Pan Lei’s measure.


So they all rejoiced, anticipating Pan Lei's vengeance on behalf of Tian Yuan.


Tian Yuan watched them drinking bottle after bottle stupidly, not understanding why they were all so happy.

What made them so happy all of a sudden


Pan Lei added more meat to Tian Yuan’s bowl and stroked his hair.



Eat some more."


All he needed to do was eat well.

He didn't have to consider anything else.

He would back Tian Yuan.


Tian Yuan stopped musing and let it go.

It didn't matter if he didn't comprehend.

These individuals were strange, and he couldn't comprehend what made them happy.

Let them make trouble.


Tian Yuan enthusiastically ate the meat.

He resolved to eat only meat from now on.

He never ever wanted to eat cornmeal dumplings and pickled veggies again.

Eating meat was preferable.

The prawns were also excellent.

Pan Lei's cooking skills were pretty good.


Pan Lei compared Tian Yuan's smile to that of a contented kitten as he glanced at him.

He fought the temptation to kiss him.

Tian Yuan had a greasy mouth and curved eyes.

How could he be so endearing Pan Lei believed he would never grow tired of looking at his smile.

He drank the rest of the bottle of beer.


"Drink less."


"I’m happy.

Looking at you makes me want to smile."

Everyone burst out laughing.

Tian Yuan bowed his head, his ears turning a bright red.

The words were corny, yet hearing those intriguing words always made him feel shy.


This group of folks kept drinking.

They drank from noon till late at night, when the empty bottles piled up.

As they prepared to go, they swayed.


Tian Yuan couldn't raise his arm, so Pan Lei held the anti-inflammatory medicine he needed to take.

Pan Lei held the water cup to his mouth and slowly fed him water.


"Drink slowly.

Don’t choke."


Tian Yuan touched his full tummy after taking the medicine.

He thought he had a good life.

He felt satisfied and enjoyed a restful night's sleep.

He was nearly as content as a Little Pig.

His heart's grievances were gone, he'd eaten and drunk enough, he was unwell, and there were people waiting for him and taking care of him.

Wasn't this bliss He was beaming with joy.


He saw Pan Lei walk into the kitchen to clean up.

He wanted to read a book, but then decided he wanted to be lazy.

Having a chat would be enough.


Pan Lei assisted him in wiping his hands and escorted him to his bedroom.

He scooped him up and placed him on the bed before kneeling on one knee.

His two brothers had pressed him to his knees the last time.

He readily kneeled in front of Tian Yuan this time.

He knelt on the ground, dropped his head, and grasped Tian Yuan's hand in his.


He had to own up to his mistakes.

His brother was correct.

He was the guilty person from start to finish.

He was the knucklehead.

Tian Yuan was not one of his subordinates.

He was his life's love.

He couldn't utilize militarized management to impose stringent rules.

He had harmed Tian Yuan by using a strong and powerful approach to harm him.

He'd plead for his forgiveness.


He wasn't going to let this blunder cause them to drift apart.






There is hope for Pan Lei yet.

Let's hope he doesn't act like a jerk (to Tian'er) again.

IDYTRAA will resume the earlier schedule--Sunday and Wednesday.


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