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They won’t make a fuss with women.

Those several male pilots nodded irritably: “Let’s do it! Let’s do it!”

Zheng Youan looked at Ruan Sixian again, “How about you”

Ruan Sixian folded her arms, looked at the scorching sun outside, frowned and nodded, “All right.”

As long as it’s not Fu Mingyu, no matter how many troubles the other party created, she can still tolerate it.

Zheng You’an lifted her chin, “Let’s go then.”

This set of outdoor photos didn’t finish until the sun was about to set.

Ruan Sixian’s uniform was almost wet all over the place.

She drank a whole bottle of mineral water sent by someone in one breath.

Zheng You’an dug out the photo and said to herself, “There is really no charm in the posing.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

This sister is the guardian of Virgo.

She doesn’t have much patience to stay here any longer.

Seeing that Zheng You’an devotes herself to looking through the photos, she probably didn’t even bother to say hello to them.

So Ruan Sixian picked up the bag and prepared to leave.

Just after she passed by Zheng You’an, she heard one of her assistants mutter: “You are too elaborate.

It’s only a promotional film, not an art blockbuster.”

Hey, there’s someone who understands it.

Zheng You’an said: “What’s wrong with the promotional video This is what Brother Mingyu wants to see.

I have to do my best.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

Her steps did not stop, but her brows were squeezed tighter, and her heart was squeezed even tighter than her brows.

After taking a deep breath, Ruan Sixian still failed to adjust her mentality.

Okay, Brother Mingyu, I will count this bill on you today.

In a night room in Chunjiang, Fu Mingyu’s nose suddenly felt itchy.

His index finger pressed against his nose, and he coughed lightly.

“What’s wrong The air conditioner is too low “

Zhu Dong said so and he was about to call the staff in, but Fu Mingyu quickly stopped him, “It’s fine.”

“The weather has been too hot recently.

I had a fever and cold last week.

It already got better two days ago.”

Zhu Dong picked up the wine pot in front of him and poured it on himself and Fu Mingyu, “I know that you have been busy with big business recently, but don’t break your body.”

Fu Mingyu was holding the wine glass and even though his eyes fell on it, his mind seemed to be distracted.

“Hey, about you wanting to reform the flight quality monitoring, do your father and your brother know”

Fu Mingyu nodded.

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Zhu Dong asked again: “What did he say”

Fu Mingyu squinted at the screen behind Zhu Dong and said carelessly: “It’s useless for them to oppose it.”

Zhu Dong smiled, took a sip from his glass, “It looks like you have to fight alone.”

He raised his glass, “Brother, I support you spiritually.”

Seeing that Fu Mingyu was unmoved and not interested in this topic, he changed the topic again, “Guess who I saw at the gate of the Hengshi Airlines today”

Fu Mingyu raised his eyes and did not answer.

“It’s that kid, Yan’an.” Zhu Dong said, “Dropping off the female pilot in your company.”

He laughed as he said, “Say, what method did you use to snatch the person from him at that time Anyway, although the body is on the opposite side, the mind is actually on another’s.

It made both of them tossed around.

But then again, Yan’an’ words are not credible.

Saying something like he doesn’t want to chase her anymore.

I had said at the beginning that it would be weird if he can let it go.

Has he ever drunk because of a woman I already saw something wrong with him that day.”

Seeing the opposite person seems to be not interested in this topic, Zhu Dong also feels helpless and knocked on the table.

“What’s the matter with you today Are you in a bad mood “


Zhu Dong is too lazy to care about him, so he concentrated on eating and drinking again.

Fu Mingyu dropped his eyes.

His eyes were deep and he was silent for a long time.

Then he chuckled and raised the wine glass in front of him.

After the shooting, Ruan Sixian went home to take a bath and change her clothes, and then she was picked up by Si Xiaozhen.

They went out to have dinner together and then Si Xiaozhen sent her back again.

It took a lot of time going back and forth, and it was already ten o’clock at night when she came back to Mingchen Apartment.

The light from the streetlamp stretched her tired figure very long, and when she walked to the door, she encountered several families walking their dogs and standing under the eaves watching the dogs play.

Ruan Sixian couldn’t get around even if she wanted to.

She stood under the streetlamp for a while.

Seeing that the few people didn’t plan to leave in a short time, she uttered in great embarrassment and asked them to pull the dog away.

The several dog owners thought she was strange, so they stared at her and pulled their dogs away.

But when Ruan Sixian passed by, a Golden Retriever rushed over excitedly, and she was startled by fright.


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