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Can Jiang Ziyue not say the word ‘thigh’ so accurately.

“What thigh, it’s just that I didn’t stand firm when the plane was bumping.”

Jiang Ziyue smiled, but because the facial mask paper was thick enough, it concealed her expression.

At the end of summer and early autumn bordering on, the wind is not only scented with the fragrance of flowers, it also brings the cold along.

London often rains.

Ruan Sixian was wearing a white shirt and jeans, as pure as a small white flower swaying in the wind.

Ruan Sixian felt that she was really swaying.

After flying for more than ten hours, she had to hold back her sleep and could hardly stand still.

“Ruan Ruan, have you arrived in London”

Bian Xuan’s side is very quiet, but she also keeps her voice low.

“Baby, I just got off the plane and can’t wait to call you.

Today, you must go to a place with me.

There’s a surprise!”

Before Ruan Sixian had time to answer, the other party hung up the phone.

She can see that her friend really can’t wait.

But Ruan Sixian likes Bian Xuan very much.

Likes that she is warm, generous and interesting, and also likes to eat and drink with her.

“Okay, but where shall we meet”

A few minutes later, Bian Xuan replied to her message.

“Sorry, I was so excited just now that I forgot to tell you.

Where are you”

Ruan Sixian sent her the location.

“Then we’re very close.

You can come to W.T Airport and wait for me.

I’ll be out in about 40 minutes.”

W.T Airport, a private airport in London.

Ruan Sixian used to make an alternate landing at this airport, so she was no stranger and walked there directly.

As for why she went to the private airport to wait for Bian Xuan, Ruan Sixian was not surprised because Bian Xuan was a flight attendant on a private jet.

This private airport belongs to her boss.

In fact, the difference between private airports and ordinary airports is not that big, at least from the appearance.

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In the bright and clean building, she can directly watch the aircraft taking off and landing on the runway.

The floor underneath is bright and reflective.

Ruan Sixian bought a cup of coffee and stood in the lobby of the arrival floor, paying attention to the people coming out from the exit.

There is not much traffic today, the walking pedestrians are in a hurry, and those waiting outside are anxious and impatient.

It seems that only Ruan Sixian is strolling in the courtyard, drinking a sip of coffee from time to time, as if coming for fun.

Bian Xuan did not come out for a long time.

Ruan Sixian sent her a message again.

“I have arrived.”

“Mm-hmm! I’m on my way! My boss met the person in charge of the airport and chatted for a while.

I’m almost at the exit now.

“Why are you still with your boss when you get off the plane”

“This is the surprise I want to tell you! My boss has a private yacht party in the evening.

It’s on the Thames.

He invited me and agreed that I can bring my friends with me!”

Ruan Sixian almost choked on a sip of coffee.

“So you’re taking me”

“Yes! You’ll be with me, right I’m so bored by myself!”

Ruan Sixian didn’t reply for a moment, but Bian Xuan sent several more.

“My boss is super nice! He’s a very funny and hospitable old man!”

“Let’s go together! Let’s go!”

“Yachts on the Thames! Maybe this is the only chance in our life! “

Ruan Sixian couldn’t stand Bian Xuan’s text message bombardment and agreed to go with her.

Half a year ago, Bian Xuan also asked her whether she wanted to resign and come to the UK.

His boss has a partner who has been engaged in businesses in China for the past few years and wants to hire Chinese private flight crew.

Ruan Sixian is smart, has a science and engineering degree, is fluent in English, learns quickly, and is beautiful.

She is the best choice for a private flight crew.

Moreover, the treatment of a private flight crew is not comparable to that of ordinary flight attendants.

The boss who owns a private jet does not care about the salary.

Sometimes when the boss takes the guests and the service of the private flight crew is good, the tip they received may be half a year’s salary of the ordinary people’s.

Moreover, they can fly around the world with the boss all year round.

This kind of work is very enviable.

But Ruan Sixian refused.

One of them stayed in Jiangcheng and the other went to London.


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