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There’s only a line in the box, typed with the sentence——’Fu Mingyu is just a big fool’.

She deleted the line expressionlessly.

[Ruan Sixian]: No, it’s from a drama, a peerless fool.

[Bian Xuan]: Oh, I thought it was your President Fu again.

[Ruan Sixian]:

[Bian Xuan]: Otherwise, who else can anger you like this

[Ruan Sixian]: You.

[Bian Xuan]: I’m going to greet the guests, 886.

Four days later, Ruan Sixian reached the upper limit of her flight time and took a break as usual.

She asked Si Xiaozhen to go to a small town in the suburbs in advance with her.

Si Xiaozhen was the most active about this kind of thing and booked the hotel in advance.

However, just as Ruan Sixian was preparing her things, she received a message from the Flight Department.

There’s a regular meeting tomorrow morning, and afternoon training.


This is life.

To live is to work.

Ruan Sixian went to the Hengshi Airlines with her whole body full of resignation.

She greeted the colleagues around her as she yawned.

Before she closed her mouth, the people around her suddenly became quiet.

Ruan Sixian looked over according to her intuition, and saw a group of people walking quickly towards the elevator, headed by Fu Mingyu again.

The others seemed to blur in an instant.

Ruan Sixian stared at Fu Mingyu, thinking that he must not come to provoke her, otherwise she really can’t guarantee that she will give him face in the company.

Half a minute later, the elevator door closed and the surrounding atmosphere relaxed again.

Okay today your life is saved thank you very much do you know that you have a habit of looking neither right nor left

After arriving in the meeting room, the Flight Department’s manager did not show up for a long time.

Ruan Sixian sat by the window, holding her temple and looking out of the window, doing eye exercises.

This exercise made her find Zheng You’an’ figure.

Ruan Sixian blinked and became sober.

Why is she here

The one who has the same question as her, was Fu Mingyu.

He stood by the window and made a phone call.

When he turned his gaze back, he caught a glimpse of Zheng You’an’s figure standing in the hangar downstairs.

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“Why is she here”

Bo Yang came forward and said: “The preparation for this year’s company’s 30th Anniversary Celebration as well as the Global Airshow Exhibition have already begun.

She is the photographer.”

During the collision period between the 30th anniversary of Hengshi Airlines and the Global Airshow Exhibition this year, the unified preparations will be made.

In addition, the new ACJ31 model will be listed.

This event is not trivial.

The Publicity Department has divided a special team to prepare since the middle of the year.

Fu Mingyu has been keeping watch of it from beginning to end.

It is not until this month where it has entered the finishing touch stage that he relaxed his attention.

However, this does not mean that he does not care about the rest of the publicity.

Hengshi Airlines has always had a fixed cooperative photography team, and has never submitted unsatisfactory answers for many years, which makes the annual publicity picture of the Hengshi Airlines very magnificent and takes the lead in all kinds of exhibitions’ image.

With the pictures of last enrollment publicity, Fu Mingyu thought that the Publicity Department already knew that Zheng You’an’s style was not suitable for the aviation industry.

But even so, they made decisions without authorization and changed the photography team.

Fu Mingyu half squinted, raised his hand to untie the cuff on his shirt and then threw his hand on the table.

With a loud slapping sound, the center of Bo Yang’s eyebrow also turned tightly wrinkled.

After working for Fu Mingyu for two years, he already knew that this was an expression of his extreme anger.

“Call the Publicity Department’s manager.”

At six o’clock in the afternoon, Ruan Sixian, who had finished training, came out rubbing her shoulders.

Sitting in the company for a day is really more tiring than sitting in the cockpit for a day.

Several colleagues in the same group asked her to have dinner together at night, and she agreed, but before that, she had to go to the bathroom.

The 16th floor is the Flight Department.

Compared with other departments, there are fewer people, and the restrooms are rarely visited.

Ruan Sixian pushed the door in while looking at her mobile phone.

Before passing the sink, she heard an extremely angry female voice coming from a certain compartment.

“Fu! Ming! Yu! You! Are! Sick “

Who is it!

Who is it!

Ruan Sixian pricked up her ears, wondering who it was!

And this is still in Fu Mingyu’s territory!

Dare to tell a big truth here!


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