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While looking up, Ruan Sixian saw Bian Xuan coming out from another exit.

Wearing a bright red uniform and towing a flight case, she stood out in the crowd.

Bian Xuan waved to Ruan Sixian from a distance.

The lights of the airport were shining brightly, Ruan Sixian walked towards her with a smile.

They haven’t seen each other for so long and the other party seems to have changed a lot, a little thinner, but also more beautiful.

The joy of reunion unconsciously floats inside Ruan Sixian’s eyes after a long separation.

However, just ten meters away from Bian Xuan, Ruan Sixian saw two people coming out of the exit.

The one on the front, with outstanding temperament, immediately caught Ruan Sixian’s attention.

Ruan Sixian did not have time to change her expression before she met Fu Mingyu’s gaze.

She still keeps her full smile, and her footsteps are still windy.


At that moment, Ruan Sixian’s first reaction was: How could he appear at this airport

The second reaction was: He didn’t think I was following him on purpose, did he

Ruan Sixian’s smile gradually stiffened at the corner of her mouth.

——How could she appear here

——She is doing this deliberately.

Ruan Sixian was almost certain that Fu Mingyu thought this way, because the moment he saw Ruan Sixian, he paused in his footsteps, and then turned to another exit.

Ruan Sixian: “…”

What a…

“Ruan Ruan!”

Bian Xuan rushed over to give her a bear hug, and abruptly interrupted Ruan Sixian’s brain tonic.

“I miss you so much.

Do you miss me”

“Ruan Ruan”

Bian Xuan shook Ruan Sixian’s shoulder.

“What’s the matter with you”

Ruan Sixian took a deep breath.

She discovered that after meeting Fu Mingyu, she always took a deep breath.

Maybe one day she will die under his suit because of the lack of blood oxygen.

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“It’s nothing.

I’m just so happy.

A bit dazed.”

Ruan Sixian threw the coffee cup into the garbage can with a loud ‘boom’.

Bian Xuan looked up and down at Ruan Sixian, “But… Why do I feel that you’re not happy “

“So I need to be happy now, and even want to drink.” Ruan Sixian hooked Bian Xuan’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go.”

In the evening, there is an endless stream of pedestrians and tourists along the Thames River.

The high and low noises are washed by the river breeze, and it seems to become pleasant.

On the contrary, the river surface is quiet and calm.

In the glittering light and gold, the yacht is floating leisurely like a swan.

Only those who are inside the yacht can feel its ostentatious luxury.

Ruan Sixian wore a wine red dress with long curly hair and a shawl.

Bian Xuan was dressed like snow.

The two of them are full of radiance and still become the focus of attention even though they are walking in the shadow inside the yacht.

Bian Xuan was holding wine on one side and Ruan Sixian on the other.

While leaning against the fence, she pointed towards a silver haired old man on the deck and said, “That’s my boss, Alvin.

He said that in order to welcome an important guest today, he specially held the party.

Look, there are so many people, and so many handsome men.”

Ruan Sixian turned back to respond to a man with blonde hair and blue eyes.

She lowered her voice and said! “What’s the use of being handsome This is England.

Most of them don’t like women.”

Bian Xuan covered her mouth and laughed, while Ruan Sixian looked up at the cruise ship.

Alvin is a local rich man who is capable of building a private airport.

He set up a high-end wine club, dressed in natural clothes.

The band in tuxedos plays a symphony on the deck.

Wherever he stopped, there were wine and delicacies while the waiters shuttle among them.

It shows the importance he attaches to this guest.

Ruan Sixian, blowing the wind against the fence, said, “What kind of guest is it, that your boss attaches so much importance to it”

“In fact, the main reason is that my boss likes to be lively, so he likes to hold such parties.

Of course, the guests are also very important.” Bian Xuan looked through the crowd, looking for the guest, but she didn’t find it.

“W.T Airport is about to be acquired.

Hengshi Airlines, oh, that’s right, it is the Hengshi Airlines you work for.

Hengshi Airlines is going to acquire W.T Airport.

The son of the boss of Hengshi Airlines came to inspect… What’s the matter with you “

Ruan Sixian’s cup almost fell into the river.


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