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Why is it so smooth like the floating clouds and flowing water from the start to the end in one go

And Bo Yang, isn’t this understanding of yours a little bit too high too

Shouldn’t you make a little shocked expression or something Why didn’t you have any reaction at all seeing your boss chasing a woman in front of you

Bo Yang actually didn’t want to make any expression at all.

Yesterday, he worked so hard to arrange for people to move those precious model aircrafts from Huguang Mansion to Mingchen Apartment.

During this period, he had to deal with the interrogation from Helan Xiang.

He was really tired.

Sure enough, there was a traffic jam on the road.

Ruan Sixian was afraid of being late and checked the time several times.

Bo Yang also had something in his mind.

After observing the road conditions, he ordered the driver to make a detour.

At the same time, he turned back and said: “President Fu, the flight may not take off smoothly today.

I will inform them first”

Fu Mingyu nodded and at the same time, he thought of something and turned to Ruan Sixian then said: “I’m going to the United States today.”

Ruan Sixian blinked.

“I will be back in ten days.”

Ruan Sixian remained motionless.

So what

Seeing that she had nothing to say, Fu Mingyu smiled and said: “I am just telling you.”

Why does this sound like reporting an itinerary

Do friends need to report their itinerary

But Fu Mingyu looked so calm and didn’t seem to think that there’s anything wrong at all.

Fine, if you think it’s like this between friends, let it be so then.

Although the things you’ve done from the beginning to end weren’t things that should’ve been done between friends.

When they arrived at the gate of Hengshi Airlines, it was ten minutes later than Ruan Sixian’s estimated time.

The driver was going to drive to the parking lot.

Ruan Sixian calculated that it would take more detours to get on the elevator from there and then to the conference room, so she called a stop in time.

Bo Yang got out of the car and helped her get the flight case.

Ruan Sixian almost trotted into the building after taking it.

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A flight attendant in the glass corridor on the second floor who watched Ruan Sixian run in, turned back and said: “Huh Did you guys see it “


“It’s Ruan Sixian.

She actually got out of President Fu’s car so early in the morning.”


“Let me see, let me see.”

“She has already entered the building.

You guys look over there.

It’s President Fu’s car.

Am I right”

“What is this situation, actually”

“I heard that when she was still a flight attendant before, she had already…”

Only one morning, this little gossip already spread in the crew department.

At noon, when people start to have their meal at the cafeteria, accompanied by the fragrant smell of food, the scandal a few years ago was dug out again.

This time it was not an illusory guess anymore and someone actually saw it.

Some people say that this is actually not the first time that Ruan Sixian was seen in President Fu’s car.

They once saw it at the gate of Hengshi Airlines not long ago too.

Then, ten days later, these rumors have become a little different.

However, these rumors will not reach the ears of the involved parties in a short period of time.

——If only Ruan Sixian didn’t attend a Captain’s birthday party tonight.

On the way there, she also received a call from Fu Mingyu.

“Where are you”

Ruan Sixian had walked to the door of the restaurant, “Are you back”


Have you eaten yet”


“Then, wait for me”

“No, I have an appointment.”

Fu Mingyu smiled, “You are really busy.”

Ruan Sixian followed the waiter to the booked room with brisk footsteps, “That’s right.

I have no less dinner parties than you.”

“I’ll pick you up when it’s over”

Ruan Sixian’s footsteps paused for a moment.

“I have dinner with my colleagues today.”

“What’s the matter then”

“Are you sure you want to pick me up”

“Am I unpresentable”

Ruan Sixian was choked.

You are really presentable.

You are more presentable than anyone.


“Send me the address.”

At the same time, the atmosphere in the room was lively.

Today’s birthday star is Lin Hongji.

He has worked in Hengshi Airlines for several years already.

He is a young captain and is very hospitable.

Anyone who has contact with him will quickly become his friends.

Therefore, he is familiar with all department’s personnel.

On his birthday, he directly called out a large group, including the flight department, attendant department, maintenance department and dispatch department.


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