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Fu Mingyu only treated it as if she was still angry about it.

He turned around, pressed her shoulder and said seriously: “I said, I will give you an explanation about this matter.”

With the help from the roadside light, Fu Mingyu then saw that Ruan Sixian’s face was as red as a ripe apple and even faintly spread to her white neck.

The two of them just stared at each other like this, and neither of them spoke first.

About ten seconds later, Ruan Sixian suddenly slapped him on the shoulder.

Her strength is not heavy and it wasn’t light either, but it has emotion in it.

Fu Mingyu frowned and took a deep breath.

He felt that his patience was being eroded little by little.

“Say something.” He lowered his eyes.

“Do you have to give me a slap again to relieve your anger”

Ruan Sixian clenched her fist.

Although she didn’t know what she looked like now, she felt a heat radiating on her body from above her neck.

In short, she felt that her face must be red.

“Give me your face.”

Naturally, Fu Mingyu wouldn’t really give his face to her.

He just looked at Ruan Sixian, and the look in his dark eyes was difficult to distinguish.

There was another silent stare at each other.

Like the previous moment just now, Ruan Sixian suddenly stretched out her hand, touched Fu Mingyu’s side face with her palm, and pushed him aside.

“Why do you have to say that there!”

After leaving this sentence, the person immediately walked to the side of the road, quickly opened the car door and sat in it.

This ‘slap’ was pressed like a cat’s paw, and it felt a little soft.

There was still the warmth of Ruan Sixian’s palm on his cheek.

Fu Mingyu stretched out his hand and brushed over it.

Through the car window, he saw Ruan Sixian’s faint side face.

A moment later, he lowered his head and smiled before turning his body to get into the car.

The driver drove towards the Mingchen Apartment in silence.

The back seat was spacious.

Fu Mingyu folded his legs, untied his cuffs, and glanced sideways at Ruan Sixian.

Ruan Sixian squeezed herself on the very edge and faced the car window, but she found Fu Mingyu looking at her from the reflection.

“What’s the matter”

You still dare to ask me this!

Ruan Sixian wanted to lift her leg and kick him out of the car.

Is it because she usually looks unruly, so he thinks she won’t feel shy at all

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He suddenly said ‘Did you not tell them that I am chasing you’ in front of so many people and all of them were her colleagues.

Is this the thing that a human will do

Although she knows that Fu Mingyu is interested in herself, it was okay to talk about this kind of thing in private but telling it out in public was like a large-scale confession scene.

Which woman won’t feel shy!

At that time since Fu Mingyu uttered that sentence in the room, Ruan Sixian’s chest had suddenly swelled up, and her whole face began to get hot.

When quarreling with Jiang Ziyue, she has no such emotional ups and downs at all.

What a great dog man he is.

He didn’t change his expression and his heart didn’t jump at all.

He even asked her what’s the matter as if nothing had happened.

After taking a deep breath, Ruan Sixian calmed down and was about to speak calmly, but the man said again: “I am serious about what I said today.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

There was a large area of empty seat between the two of them, but Ruan Sixian felt that the surroundings were very cramped, and the breath of Fu Mingyu seemed to linger beside her.


“Oh” Fu Mingyu looked sideways at her blushing face and felt amused.

“Do you mean you agree with it”

“Agree Don’t be too confident.

” Ruan Sixian smiled and raised her chin as if she had heard a joke, then snorted coldly, “You can try it.

If you succeed in chasing me, I will take your last name.”

As soon as the voice fell, Ruan Sixian choked suddenly, and her mind went numb.

The driver in the front row coughed suddenly.

It was unknown whether he was laughing at her.


Ruan Sixian closed her eyes with regret.

Today, she doesn’t know whether her brain was burned out or all of her mental wisdom went to hide because of bashfulness that she could utter such a mentally retarded words out.

She has successfully added another sense of shame and indignation to herself.

“You are right.

After I succeeded in chasing you, of course…”

“Fu Ming, shut up!”

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