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After all, there have been too many cases of disguised penalties for pilots due to QAR, and even some accidents are attributed to the consequences and punishment of QAR that have shadowed the Pilot’s psychology.

Now that the reform plan came out, it completely abandoned the practice of penalization escrow that had been followed for nearly two decades, and replaced it with a benign and safe environment.

Who won’t be excited about it.

The painting style in the group of colleagues gradually became a tribute to Fu Mingyu.

Even their forwarded links to the circle of friends did not forget to mention their gratitude to President Fu, although they also didn’t care whether he could see them at all.

They just thanked him from the bottom of their heart.

Ruan Sixian felt that her passionate insult seemed a little strange in a pile of compliments, so she sneakily deleted it.

After thinking about it, there’s still a little bit of guilt left.

Fu Mingyu worked day and night to reform the working environment of the pilots, fighting against a group of old foxes.

He even worked so hard that he seemed to have lost weight and she still got angry with him because he stepped on the accelerator.

Looking at it this way, by only deleting the moment in the circle of friends, it feels like it is still not enough.

So Ruan Sixian forwarded the link on the flight quality monitoring reform, which was forwarded by Captain Fan first.

Just as she was about to press the send button, Ruan Sixian paused.

Just forwarding, Fu Mingyu may not be able to see her sincerity.

What to do then

She can’t just blow rainbow farts like those people in the group, right

She glanced at the text that Captain Fan attached, and felt that it was still somewhat relevant.

It literally praised Fu Mingyu for his deeds.

It was pertinent and also sincere.

Fu Mingyu should be able to feel it, right

So Ruan Sixian just copied Captain Fan’s original words casually.

Within minutes of sending it out, Fu Mingyu liked it.

Ruan Sixian looked at his profile picture that appeared on the like list and smiled.

Her guilty feeling suddenly disappeared.

The next second, Fu Mingyu sent a message.

This was the first time Fu Mingyu took the initiative to send a message to her in these past two days.

[Fu Mingyu]: Love me forever

[Fu Mingyu]: Always be with me

Ruan Sixian:

What is this man making a fuss about

[Ruan Sixian]: What kind of bird song[1] are you singing about

Fu Mingyu didn’t reply to her.

Ruan Sixian continued to send messages to him, trying to find out what he was making a fuss about.

[Ruan Sixian]: Did you send it wrong

After waiting for a while, there was still no response.

Ruan Sixian became more and more convinced that he had sent it out wrong.

Such ambiguous words just come so suddenly like this, she wondered which woman he was actually flirting with.

This dog man even raised a fish pond[2]!

Ruan Sixian gritted her teeth with anger, and almost punctured the screen with her fingers when typing.

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[Ruan Sixian]: Did you send out a mass message

[Ruan Sixian]: Send it to other younger sisters of yours

[Ruan Sixian]: Fu Mingyu, your fish pond is really big 

After the three are sent out.

Ruan Sixian waited for a minute, but Fu Mingyu still didn’t reply to her after a long time.

Great, the dog man was caught while raising a fish pond.

Go to my blacklist and lie down, you!

Ruan Sixian sneered angrily.

When she was about to blacklist him, he finally replied to her.

He sent a screenshot, which was a link that Ruan Sixian had just forwarded.

On it, more than a hundred words were attached, and the preview interface couldn’t even fit it.

She clicked open and saw that in the screenshot, he marked the last two sentences in red.

After Ruan Sixian saw this screenshot, the top of her skull was suddenly numb with embarrassment.

——”Our Hengshi Airlines did not wait for bigger accidents to promote the reform of QAR.

After all, no pilot nor company can afford those kinds of accidents! Hengshi Airlines’ approach is the correct way to truly use QAR for flight quality monitoring.

Only in this way can we truly improve flight technology and aviation safety, instead of using QAR incidents to punish pilots, which is a low-level method.

Such a great tool has been misused.

It’s like giving soldiers a sharp blade, but soldiers use it to kill innocent people indiscriminately.

President Fu has worked so hard! Love you forever! Always be with you!”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

When she copied it casually just now, she only felt that Captain Fan exaggerated the truthfulness and simplicity, and even copied it directly without finishing reading it.

However, she didn’t expect that Captain Fan would give a more sincere and simple expression at the end.

Why is a man in his fifties still so coquettish

When Ruan Sixian was feeling embarrassed, Fu Mingyu sent another message again.

[Fu Mingyu]: Next time you copy something, be more mindful.

Ruan Sixian: “…”

[Fu Mingyu]: Also, I don’t have any other younger sisters.

[Fu Mingyu]: You are the only one.

[1] bird song: refers to a speech that was difficult to understand, or foreign language.

[2] raise a fish pond: gather a lot of spare tires.


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