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You are the only one.

Ruan Sixian stared at these words for a long time.

She felt a scorching swelling sensation in her heart, which made her chest stuffy.

This man, when he turns so straightforward, he really doesn’t blink at all.

Of course Ruan Sixian also didn’t know whether his heart really didn’t fluctuate at all when he was typing it.

She stood there for a while.

The crew member had gone away, and she was the only one left in the hall.

After tapping her finger on the screen for a while, Ruan Sixian typed a few words.

[Ruan Sixian]: Have you had dinner yet

At that moment when the message was sent, Ruan Sixian was a little nervous.

She and Fu Mingyu haven’t met or spoken in the past two days.

She feels that there is a feeling similar to the ‘cold war’ between the two of them.

But this could be counted as her actively seeking peace now, right

Ruan Sixian waited for half a minute before sending another message.

[Ruan Sixian]: President Fu

Instead of successfully receiving Fu Mingyu’s reply, it was Dong Xian’s text message that came in instead: Ruan Ruan, answer the phone.

There’s something urgent.

Less than a minute after receiving the text message, Dong Xian called.

Seeing that the caller ID was not Fu Mingyu, Ruan Sixian had a slight loss.

When she answered the phone, her tone was also a little helpless.

“What’s wrong”

Dong Xian: “Your aunt is ill.

She has just finished the operation.

Can you come over to visit her”

Ruan Sixian raised her hand and looked at the time, “Where is she”

“The Third Municipal Hospital.”

Ruan Sixian’s aunt is Dong Xian’s biological sister, named Dong Jing.

She was originally the admissions office’s director of an elementary school.

Later, after Dong Xian remarried, she also resigned from her position in the elementary school and went to the Zheng’s hotel group to get started in the market.

Dong Jing used to do well in the admissions office, but in the end, the place was too small.

She didn’t really show her true strength until she went to a larger platform.

When Ruan Sixian arrived at the Third Municipal Hospital, it was already 7 o’clock in the evening.

As the autumn night came early, the bustle of the hospital seemed out of place in this quiet night.

Ruan Sixian went to the inpatient department of the Cardiac Surgery Department according to the instructions, and Dong Xian was already waiting for her at the door of the ward.

In total, they haven’t seen each other for several years already.

At the moment when Ruan Sixian was walking over in uniform, Dong Xian’s eyes were a little sour.

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When she walked towards her, her footsteps were also a bit superficial.

“Ruan Ruan…”

She still wanted to say something but was interrupted by Ruan Sixian’s direct remarks.

“How is Aunt”

What Dong Xian had originally wanted to say got stuck, and she just pointed to the ward.

“She is not awake yet.”

“I see.”

Ruan Sixian bypassed her and walked into the ward.

She saw Dong Jing lying on the hospital bed with the infusion of IV fluids hanging on the back of her hands.

The nurse on the side was busy with all sorts of things.

Whether it was telepathy or not, as soon as Ruan Sixian walked to the side of the bed, Dong Jing woke up.

She opened her eyes in a daze and the moment she saw Ruan Sixian, she was still a little confused.

“Aunt.” Ruan Sixian leaned closer, “Are you feeling better”

Dong Jing was admitted to the hospital because of cardiac tamponade in the early morning.

She was immediately arranged for an operation.

She had already woken up once in the morning.

At this time, her spirit has recovered by a little less than half.

“Ruan Ruan is here”

She smiled, looked at Ruan Sixian’s uniform and said with a smile: “I heard your mother said you are a pilot now.

It’s really true.”

When Ruan Sixian was still a child, she often went to Dong Jing’s house.

At that time, she was not married yet and also had no children.

She treated Ruan Sixian as her own daughter.

Later, when Dong Xian divorced, Ruan Sixian followed her dad alone, and her contact with Dong Jing also faded.

After all, if she doesn’t want to go there, it’s not good for Dong Jing to always come to her house too.

Later, Dong Jing went to Zheng’s group to dive into the market world and stayed abroad all year round.

The two have never met again.

“How did you suddenly get into the hospital” Ruan Sixian asked.

“What’s so sudden” Dong Jing waved her hand to let Ruan Sixian get closer, “I have been running business upside down all these years.

I have long lost my health.

And you never said about finding some time to come see your aunt either.”

When Ruan Sixian and Dong Jing were chatting, Dong Xian had been standing behind them without saying anything at all and only looked at the two of them silently.


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