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Ten minutes later, Ruan Sixian felt that Dong Jing was somewhat unable to speak anymore, so she planned to leave.

Dong Jing saw through her thoughts and quickly took her hand.

“Ruan Ruan, I will tell you something else.”


Dong Jing glanced at her elder sister behind her and sighed: “You see, when your parents divorced, you didn’t want to go with your mother.

After that, when your father died, your mother asked you to live together with her but you did not want to.

I know that the parents’ divorce has a psychological impact on the children, but after so many years, you have grown up and should be able to understand your mother’s original choice.

A marriage, sometimes, is out of one’s control.

When your feelings are gone, they are just gone.

It will just be a torture for each other if they keep going on longer.

But parents always love their children.

So don’t be stubborn anymore.

You only have one mother.

Where else are you going to find another”

When Dong Jing said this, Ruan Sixian glanced back at Dong Xian, who was frowning and eyes were red.

At the moment when she met her gaze, the tip of her nose was sour and her eyes immediately moistened.

Ruan Sixian turned back and continued to listen to Dong Jing’s words.

She does nothing more than only advise Ruan Sixian not to be angry with Dong Xian anymore.

Even if she really was angry with her, it would be enough already after so many years has passed.

There are so many divorced families these days, and she has never seen a person like Ruan Sixian who doesn’t have any contact with her mother at all even after such a long time.

Ruan Sixian responded to each of them and no matter what her aunt said, she only said yes.

Ruan Sixian didn’t leave until Dong Jing was tired out again and already couldn’t open her eyes.

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“Auntie, have a good rest.

I will come to see you again on another day.”

When she said this, Dong Jing was already asleep and there was no response from her.

Ruan Sixian took her belongings and went out, while Dong Xian followed behind her.

“Ruan Ruan.” When she had walked to the door of the ward, Dong Xian called to stop her, “I will take you home.”

“No need.

I will take a taxi myself.” Ruan Sixian turned to face her, “Also, don’t wait for me outside my apartment again in the future, it’s very annoying.”

Hearing the word ‘annoying’, Dong Xian realized that all the things Ruan Sixian had just promised to Dong Jing just now, she did it only to coax her aunt.

Her loose expression crumbled little by little.

Ruan Sixian took out a card from her bag and stuffed it into Dong Xian’s hand.

“This is the money you have given me over the years.

I haven’t moved a cent at all.

Keep it yourself.”

Dong Xian didn’t take it.

The card fell to the ground and no one picked it up either.

She stared at the old card on the ground, then the incomprehension and helplessness she had squeezed for more than ten years all broke out at this moment.

At the time of the divorce, it was not that she had not considered the harm to her child, but it wasn’t her fault alone that the marriage came to an end.

At that time, Ruan Sixian was young and not sensible so she could still tolerate her.

But now Ruan Sixian is already in her twenties, and now she really can’t comprehend it anymore.

“Ruan Ruan, why can’t you accept the fact that me and your dad had divorced I admit that in order to take care of your mood, me and your dad never quarreled or lost our temper in front of you.

When we suddenly talked about divorce, you may not be able to accept it, but did you really not see our changes during that time”

Ruan Sixian pressed the tip of her tongue on the wall of her mouth and said nothing.

Of course, she doesn’t think that divorce is definitely a wrong thing, but how can Dong Xian be so righteous and think she doesn’t know anything at all

They divorced when Ruan Sixian was fourteen years old, and she was in the third year of junior high school.

The afternoon class of the third year of junior high school has one more lesson than that of the first year and the second year of junior high school.

It takes 20 minutes to get home from school, but there is a small path that only takes 10 minutes, although there is a low wall in the middle of it that needs to be passed.

At that time, Ruan Sixian was a naughty child.

Another little girl that always walked the same way back home with her was unwilling to climb over the wall, so she took the small path by herself every day.

Her home is in an old alley, facing the road in the north and the small path in the south.

Usually there are no people.

After climbing over the low wall and passing through an abandoned construction site, it was the alley.


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