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Ruan Sixian can’t remember exactly which day it was, when she jumped off the low wall with her schoolbag on her back and saw her mother get off a Mercedes Benz as soon as she passed the construction site.

She hid behind the abandoned plank house and watched from a distance.

She didn’t come out until Dong Xian turned into the alley.

Later, for a long period of time, Ruan Sixian kept seeing the Mercedes Benz several times.

Sometimes they would stop there for a long time and she didn’t know what they talked about in the car.

Sometimes the man would get out of the car, open the trunk and bring something to Dong Xian.

Ruan Sixian had never seen the appearance of that man clearly, only that he was a little fat and somewhat older.

There’s also a time when she saw the man give Dong Xian a small box.

Dong Xian took it, put it in her bag and turned to go home.

Ruan Sixian then got home.

While Dong Xian was cooking, she went through her bag and found that it was a necklace.

Ruan Sixian’s family is poor and she has never seen any jewelry, but according to her own guess, this thing should be very valuable.

So Dong Xian doesn’t know that the divorce was not Ruan Sixian’s heart knot, but it was this matter.

A few months later, Dong Xian asked for a divorce with Ruan Sixian’s father.

The divorce tug of war lasted for several months, during which Dong Xian moved out.

Ruan Sixian didn’t know where she lived and thought that maybe she lived in that man’s house.

Later, Ruan Sixian’s father finally agreed to the divorce and asked Ruan Sixian who she wanted to follow.

Ruan Sixian, without thinking at all, said that she wants to follow her dad.

Then the two sat face to face for a long time without speaking at all.

Finally, Dong Xian got up and said: “Okay.”

Ruan Sixian couldn’t say how she felt psychologically at the time.

She thought Dong Xian would talk to her a lot and would persuade her to follow her, but she just said okay.

After several days, everything that had something to do with Dong Xian vanished from their home, and only after that did Ruan Sixian react.

Ah, I was still abandoned in the end.

Ruan Sixian was in a trance for a long time before finally being pulled back by Dong Xian’s words.

“Ruan Ruan, my divorce from your dad is not the fault of my side only.

You are unfair to me by being like this.”

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“My dad is poor and incompetent, but at least my dad treats you wholeheartedly.”

Ruan Sixian left such a sentence, turned around and left.

Dong Xian couldn’t react in time.

She didn’t understand what Ruan Sixian’s words meant.

Why did she talk about ‘wholeheartedly’

When she returned to her senses, Ruan Sixian’s figure had already disappeared in the elevator.

When she walked out of the inpatient department, it was already dark.

Ruan Sixian stood on the roadside waiting for a taxi.

She stared at the traffic flow in a daze, and didn’t notice a black car slowly stopping in front of her.

Zheng You’an rolled down the car window and lifted her sunglasses.

After confirming that it was indeed Ruan Sixian, she asked, “Why are you here”

Ruan Sixian returned to her senses and glanced at her.

Zheng You’an asked again: “Are you sick”

“No.” Ruan Sixian said, “I came to see a relative.”

“Oh, I am also visiting a relative.” Zheng You’an asked, “How’s your side Is it okay”

Ruan Sixian looked at Zheng You’an and didn’t know what to say.

She thought that if she didn’t see the car at that time, or if Dong Xian had been a little tougher at that time, she might have followed Dong Xian and she might have become a good sister with Zheng You’an now.

“It’s all right.

You better hurry in.” Ruan Sixian said, “There is a car coming from behind.”

After Zheng You’an left, Ruan Sixian called a taxi.

The driver asked her where to go.

She thought about it and reported the address of Bian Xuan’s bar.

After arriving at the place, she found that today was the weekend and there were a lot of guests.

Bian Xuan was so busy that her feet couldn’t even stand firmly on the floor.

Ruan Sixian sat for a while and then went back.

During this period, her mobile phone kept ringing.

She was annoyed, so she muted it and still wondered about when to change a phone card.

When she got to Mingchen Apartment, it was less than ten o’clock.

She walked very slowly and met an old lady walking her dog on the roadside.

The chihuahua was so fierce and barked at Ruan Sixian, scaring her back several steps.


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