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However, Fu Mingyu is suffering from a headache recently.

Three years ago, when major airlines signed the ACJ31 procurement contract with Huafei, Huafei had already started to plan to train pilots of the corresponding aircraft types, and send them together when the plane was delivered.

In layman’s terms, if they sell an airplane to you, they also pack up a trained pilot and sell it to you.

As ACJ31 is the first self-developed passenger aircraft of Huafei, it has not yet been launched but already attracted so much attention.

At the same time, it is also under tremendous pressure, so the training of pilots is particularly strict.

This group of pilots has eliminated tens of thousands of people after the preliminary screening, and then they fought against each other in the abnormal elimination rate of the Flight Academy.

But even so, the pilot’s ability to graduate smoothly is also divided into three, six and nine grades.

Therefore, as early as two months ago, the major airlines were gearing up for the pilots.

Everyone wanted the best pilots because they were one of the most powerful guarantees for aviation safety.

At this stage, the best batch has been divided up.

However, as there will be a champion in the college entrance examination every year, there will be a best student in each semester of the Flight Academy.

Up to now, only the matter about which company will have the best student that is still unknown.

“President Fu, there’s no agreement yet.” The new secretary Bo Yang walks into Fu Mingyu’s office with a dilemma.

“The best student’s intention is Beihang.”

“Then did he say the reason” Fu Mingyu asked.

The best student in this semester has a beautiful flight record.

In terms of theoretical knowledge and practical ability, every test that is held in the same semester, the best student stepped on a group of gods, and always ranked first.

Even the coaches praised that they rarely saw such a talented student, so it caused fierce looting by various companies.

“No.” Bo Yang replied, “We have given the best conditions within the acceptable range, which is definitely no worse than Beihang, but she still chooses Beihang, which seems to be her personal will.”

Fu Mingyu raised his hand, pressed his two fingers against his forehead, and made a ‘tsk’ sound.

“Just do it like this then.” Fu Mingyu said, “Vice President Hu is also on a business trip there.

You and Vice President Hu will go there in person tomorrow.”

Bo Yang straightened his collar and immediately went out to book tickets.

Early the next morning, a call came from the Flight Academy.

Fu Mingyu had just arrived at the company and was walking hurriedly across the corridor.

The executive secretary served coffee and quietly put it in front of Fu Mingyu’s desk.

“President Fu, it seems that it still doesn’t work.” Bo Yang at the other end of the phone has lost his temper, “She said that Beihang plane’s meal is delicious.

Was that even a reason Our first-class chef is Michelin-level!”

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This is just playing a trick.

Fu Mingyu stood in front of the French window and asked, “Where are you now”

“Just outside their Academic Affairs Office, Vice President Hu is still inside.”

“Let him answer the phone.

I’ll talk to him.”

Bo Yang was taken aback, and said yes.

Fu Mingyu took a sip of coffee, and the person on the other end of the phone was changed, but there was no sound.


Fu Mingyu spoke first, “I am Fu Mingyu, Operations Director of Hengshi Airlines.”

The other end of the phone was still silent for a moment, before he heard a fluttering, “Hello, President Fu.”


Fu Ming was stunned.

After suppressing the brief surprise, Fu Mingyu turned and walked toward his desk.

“If it’s convenient for me to ask, which conditions of Hengshi Airlines are you not satisfied with”

The person on the other end said lazily, “There’s nothing to be dissatisfied with, it’s just that the food catering of Beihang is better.”

Fu Mingyu thinks that he is also a treasured talent himself as he can still maintain a good temper with this kind of reason.

“This is simple.

If you want it, we can let the chef prepare meals for you separately before each voyage.”

“How troublesome that is.”

“No trouble.

Any other ideas”

At the other end of the phone, the conditions were listed one by one, and it took more than 20 minutes to talk about it.

All of it can’t be considered tricky and Fu Mingyu can still accept it.


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