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Dong Xian chuckled softly, “Aren’t they all the same Is there less gossip about Yan’an It’s just that one made a fuss, and the other is well hidden.

Neither of them is a good person.”

When Zheng You’an heard this, she shut up with some guilty conscience.

At that time, she was so angry with Fu Mingyu that she vowed to be at odds with him all her life.

However, her father felt that it was not a big deal.

He even felt that Fu Mingyu had done nothing wrong.

Compared with the interests of the two families, this was nothing but a trifle and forced her to continue to have contacts with Fu Mingyu.

Zheng You’an thinks that no matter how good Fu Mingyu is in the eyes of the elders, insulting her artistic attainments is a matter of three moral outlooks.

If their three outlooks are not in line with each other’s, it is absolutely impossible for them to be together.

But her father always whispered in her ear and asked her to put down her airs.

There is really nothing wrong in Fu Mingyu.

After she passed this village, there was no such shop anymore.

She couldn’t stand it anymore, so she just made a bit of… small rumors to accurately attack Fu Mingyu’s image in her father’s heart.

For example, at that time they went to Spain together, Fu Mingyu couldn’t even walk when he saw those Samba girls and even flirted with them.

Later, he insisted on not sitting in the same car with her.

Who knew who was in that car.

At the same time, she said that he also seems to have an unclear relationship with the female staff in the company.

She saw it when she did the photoshoot for Hengshi Airlines.

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When she says these kinds of plausible things out, it seems to have some real traces in it.

In addition, Zheng You’an is a good girl so her father didn’t think she was lying.

After thinking about it carefully, with Fu Mingyu’s identity and appearance, these kinds of things seem to be normal instead.

If there’s no feelings, it can be cultivated slowly.

But he doesn’t believe in stories about the turning back of a prodigal son.

No matter how great the benefits of the marriage between the two families are, he doesn’t want his daughter to marry such a person either.

So he decided to just give up on this matter.

However, Zheng You’an’s father is a man with a very strict mouth.

She has never heard him talk about other people’s gossip.

At most, he just talks to Dong Xian, and Dong Xian is also a person who doesn’t like to talk about right and wrong, so this kind of rumors will certainly not spread.

That’s why Zheng You’an dares to do so.

“Anyway, I think it’s too much.” Zheng You’an turned the topic back again.

“I trusted her so much at the beginning.

I confided what’s in my heart to her although I had only met her a few times.

As a result, what a great thing she had done.”

Walking to the door of the first-class lounge, the welcoming lady asked for their number.

Zheng You’an shut her mouth and glanced at random.

Then she saw a familiar figure at the beverage stall on the side and her footsteps stopped immediately.

“Ah! Speaking of the devil, she really appeared.”

Dong Xian looked back.


“That’s her, the person I just talked about.”

Because of Fu Mingyu’s relationship with her, Ruan Sixian has not waited for the flow control for a long time already.

Most of the time, she just directly flies the plane after all the guests have boarded, so she also shut down her mobile phone directly when she entered the cockpit today.

After the return trip in the afternoon, the sky was dark and there was a tendency for rain.

As soon as she turned on her mobile phone, a lot of WeChat messages came in.

After reading and replying to it one by one, she reached the bottom and saw that it was the one Fu Mingyu sent to her in the morning.

Ruan Sixian thought for a while, and gave him a ‘tsk’ in reply.

Fu Mingyu asked her to wait in the underground parking lot.

He would come right away.

Ruan Sixian looked at the weather.

It might rain in twenty minutes.

During this time, she was almost used to Fu Mingyu picking her up, so she turned and went to the parking lot.

There’s an area in Hengshi Airlines’ high rise building that is specially set aside for parking space.

Usually there are not many people and it is very quiet.

After Ruan Sixian went down and got off the elevator, she didn’t know where Fu Mingyu’s parking space was, so she stood in the elevator hall playing with her mobile phone.


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