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“Oh, I see.” Her heart sank inexplicably, and the little bit of strange color in her eyes disappeared as soon as her eyelids were closed.

Li Zhihuai swayed the wine glass in her hand and then said again, “By the way, do you know that Wu Yin is going to get married next month”

The name sounds familiar, and at Li Zhihuai’s prompt, Fu Mingyu remembered it.

Wu Yin, isn’t it the school flower that caused a major crack in the fragile friendship between Fu Mingyu and Yan’an

They didn’t have any contact at all after graduation.

If it wasn’t because he often sees the smelly face of Yan’an, Fu Mingyu really couldn’t remember this person.

“I am not too clear about that.”

Li Zhihuai nodded and stopped talking.

There was a trace of unspeakable joy in her heart.

In high school, she and Wu Yin are inseparable good friends, but the whole school only knows Wu Yin, who has a sweet face like one’s first love, and ignores Li Zhihuai who can play the guitar next to her.

Even at the prom, when Wu Yin confessed to Fu Mingyu, she also served as an accompanying contrast.

“Her husband is also from our school.

He was the boy who played basketball well in the next class and is now an engineer.

I didn’t expect that she said she wanted to be a singer at that time but now she is already preparing to be a full-time wife, all because of love.

Sometimes I really envy her…”

Fu Mingyu listened to her politely, while Bo Yang on the other side had pointed his finger to his watch, beckoning him.

So he said, “It’s getting late.

I still have something to do tomorrow.

Excuse me, but I must be leaving now.”

He put down his wine glass and turned around, wanting to greet the host of today’s reception.

He had just walked a few steps——

“Wait a minute!”

Li Zhihuai suddenly stopped him and walked towards him with the wine glass in her hand.

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Ruan Sixian fell asleep while watching the variety show.

If a person goes to bed early, of course they will wake up early too.

She went to the gym for two hours and came back to take a bath, wash her clothes and clean up her house.

It was only eleven o’clock after she was done with it all.

Rarely having a vacation day, Ruan Sixian looked at the takeout software and after just a few searches, she decided to cook the meal by herself.

The weather is already very cold now.

Ruan Sixian put on her coat and scarf and at the moment when she opened the door, a cold wind poured in and she suddenly retreated.

Forget it, takeout is the essence of life.

She turned around and took off her shoes while pulling the door.

When the door was about to close, she felt a resistance.

With a weird feeling in her heart, she pulled it hard to close it but the door was pulled out vigorously instead.

What situation is this

Ruan Sixian subconsciously chose the former between ‘forcefully closing the door’ and ‘walks outside to find out’.

She grabbed the handle with the other hand and pulled it with enough strength——The foe was too strong and she couldn’t counter it, so the door was pulled open in one go.

Ruan Sixian looked outside and almost thought she was hallucinating.

Fu Mingyu was dressed in a straight black suit with a long coat of the same color.

The tailoring was exquisite but brief and it made his entire person seem to have an unreal sense of perfection——Except for the not-so-serious smile in his eyes.

“You are a girl.

Why are you so strong”

Ruan Sixian stood at the door and her senses didn’t come back for a long time: “Didn’t you say that you will come back tomorrow”

“Listening to your tone, it didn’t seem like you were looking forward to me coming back”

Ruan Sixian tried her best to make her expression look like there was no surprise at all on it.

She raised her eyebrows and said: “Indeed.”

She was standing at the door, and they are so close to each other that the place can’t accommodate the two of them there.

Fu Mingyu suddenly stepped forward, pressed his body close to her body and put an arm around her waist.

Then he pulled the door with the other hand, and took a step forward again.

The door closed, and she had also been pushed by him and reached the hallway.

“If I am not back sooner, someone will keep changing an unknown number of brothers.”

As soon as he spoke, the warm breath brushed on Ruan Sixian’s face, with a little mint fragrance that made her feel itchy.


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