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This is just a small change that is not painful for others, but it is a fatal blow to Ruan Sixian and Si Xiaozhen who are running for the plan to enter Hengshi Airlines.

Ruan Sixian opened her mouth, as if to refuse.

Si Xiaozhen said, “I sent him a lot of emails, but I didn’t receive any answer.

Now, this is the only way.

I know you think this method is ridiculous, but what if If Fu Mingyu is actually an approachable and kind-hearted person, that, he is willing to consider it again after reading my letter And… “

Ruan Sixian only raised her hand, interrupted Si Xiaozhen and accepted the letter.

——”What are you doing”

Suddenly, Jiang Ziyue opened the door and half of her body leaned in.

“The captain is here.

Hurry up.

The meeting will start.”

Ruan Sixian quickly hid the letter behind her, nodded and said, “Okay, I will be right there.”

This small movement was caught by Jiang Ziyue, and her eyes swept over vigilantly, “What’s in your hand”

Ruan Sixian doesn’t want what she was holding to be seen by Jiang Ziyue.

However, the subconscious hiding action just now was too obvious and on the contrary, it was as if she wanted to deliberately hide the thing.

Jiang Ziyue’s inquiry eyes passed over her so Ruan Sixian could only take out the thing in her hand and gently shake it.

“Only this.

It’s nothing.”

When Jiang Ziyue saw the envelope clearly, her tight lips relaxed, “What kind of messy thing is that.

Hurry up and don’t dawdle anymore.”

Ruan Sixian stuffed the letter into the inner side of her bag, buttoned it and walked towards Jiang Ziyue.

Because Fu Mingyu was on the VIP list, the captain paid special attention to this pre-flight collaboration meeting.

He spoke for 20 minutes longer than usual.

When it was over, it was already the time to board the plane, but they were informed by the tower that they would have to delay for an hour due to traffic control.

The time was suddenly eased again.

The Captain stood up and said to the two co-pilots next to him, “Let’s go buy something to eat”

The three got up and went out, leaving the crew in the meeting room.

It was a delay again.

Everyone had to wait and it would not even be counted as a flight time.

Gradually, there are people that started to complain with small voices.

During this period, Ruan Sixian went out to answer a phone call.

Before the phone hung up, Ruan Sixian heard the chatter in the room getting more and more enthusiastic, as if discussing something happy again.

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“What are you talking about” Ruan Sixian pushed the door open.

“I heard your voices outside.”

Jiang Ziyue rolled up the passenger list and propped up her temple.

She tilted her head and said with a smile: “They are betting to see who can get President Fu’s phone number today.”

Ruan Sixian puzzlingly gave an ‘um’, “What for”

——”What do you think Of course it was to chase him, chase him!”

——”It’s hard to come across the same flight with him.

What a rare opportunity.

If I don’t do it now, don’t know how long I will have to wait again for an opportunity!”

——”Ten hours of a long distance flight, I don’t believe that I can’t find a chance to make contact with him.

If it doesn’t work, then let’s learn to do it like someone else and splash a coffee or something, hahahaha.”

——”It’s too cruel to splash coffee.

I think I should wait for the opportunity when it’s bumpy to fall down, and I will just fall into his arms.”

Splash coffee…falls down…

Ruan Sixian’s eyes twitched when she heard these things.

Even since ten years ago, the idol’s drama didn’t do this act anymore, okay

However, since everyone said so, it could be heard that it was really just a joke.

Ruan Sixian sat down with a smile and scratched her temples with her nails.

“What are you guys dreaming about anyway”

After she spoke, she was taken aback.

How did she say what’s in her mind

There was a brief pause in the atmosphere in the conference room.

Soon it was heated up again by a careless statement.

“It’s not against the law to dream, moreover…” The person lowered her voice and said, “President Fu’s older brother, the other President Fu, his fiancee is a flight attendant.

They met each other on the plane.

What’s that called Anything is possible.”


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