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Fu Mingyu didn’t know who he had offended recently, and the other party even spread such a rumor about him.

After thinking about who Ruan Sixian would meet yesterday, the answer doesn’t seem to be difficult.

He picked up the phone and began to look through the address book.

“What are you doing” Ruan Sixian asked.

“It was Zheng You’an who said that, right” Fu Mingyu said, “I called her to verify it.

I also would like to ask her when did she saw it.”

Seeing that he had already found Zheng You’an’s number and dialed it out, Ruan Sixian reached out to grab his mobile phone, “Hey! There’s no need!”

Fu Mingyu raised his hand and turned on the speaker.

Then the ringing of the call to Zheng You’an’s phone was heard.

“Don’t call her.

Seriously, don’t call her!” Ruan Sixian pounced on him, hugged his arm and grabbed his mobile phone, “Hang it up now!”

Fu Mingyu grabbed her waist with the other hand and held her in his arms.

Ruan Sixian raised her head and met his eyes, then his deep voice rang in her ears.

“You have only such a shallow belief in me”

The breath that suddenly got tangled together made Ruan Sixian abruptly suddenly, then slowly lowered her hand and placed it on his shoulder.

“It’s not that I don’t believe you.” She turned her face away and murmured in a low voice, “You are so great in…kissing.

It’s normal for me to suspect that you are a playboy.”

“Huh” Fu Mingyu raised his eyebrows.

“What did you say”

Ruan Sixian didn’t know whether he really didn’t hear it or just pretending not to hear it.

When he wasn’t paying attention, she suddenly reached out and hung up the phone.

“If it’s a woman, they would get angry when they hear this kind of thing.” Ruan Sixian grabbed his shirt and said, “But I just want to hear your explanation.”

Fu Mingyu slowly put down his mobile phone, hugged her in his other hand and said word by word: “There’s no such thing.

I never did that.”

Ruan Sixian lowered her eyes and thought for a while, then nodded.


It’s good if he never did that.

But Fu Mingyu still continued to ask: “Did she mean the time we went to Spain together”

Ruan Sixian felt that this matter could not be hidden from Fu Mingyu, so she stopped pretending.


Fu Mingyu pinched her face and whispered: “I was full of you back then.

How could I look at other women”

This sentence, is quite sweet the first time it enters the ears.


Ruan Sixian hammered him on the shoulder, “Don’t be glib.

At that time, what relationship did we have with each other Still saying that you were full of me.”

After speaking, she saw Fu Mingyu staring straight at her, and she seemed to understand something.


Fu Mingyu hooked her waist, making her get closer.

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Ruan Sixian’s chest slowly swelled, “So since that time, you’ve been…”

“No.” Fu Mingyu said, “Earlier than that time.”

“Huh When was that”

“The first time I saw you.”

The voice fell and the air suddenly became quiet.

Two pairs of eyes looked at each other, with a little awkwardness in it.

“No.” Fu Mingyu added, “I mean, the first meeting this year.”


“Maybe you didn’t see me, but I saw you in the terminal.”


In fact, Fu Mingyu himself hadn’t thought about this issue either.

It’s just that when Ruan Sixian asked this question, he subconsciously had this answer, and he couldn’t help thinking that this is the most direct answer that his heart gave out.

But if it wasn’t like that, perhaps with his temper, Ruan Sixian would have already died eight hundred times.

It turns out to be so.

Ruan Sixian curled her lips, “So you’ve been hatching a sinister plot against me for so long.

Your endurance is really strong, huh”

“You just know now that my endurance is strong” Fu Mingyu said, “Can’t you see that I am enduring it too right now”

His tone was a little less serious, and Ruan Sixian wanted to lower her head as if she just woke up from a dream.

Only then did she find that she had been sitting on his lap, with his arms around her waist.

She turned her face away and tried to stand up, but was caught by him.

“What about you”

Ruan Sixian stared at him without speaking.

Fu Mingyu: “Hmm”

Ruan Sixian knew what questions he asked.

——When did you fall in love with me


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