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Helan Xiang is still expressing her annoyance behind him, “Hey, you know Qu Xunyan, right She usually wears Buddha beads.

She is not interested in this kind of thing but she was there to accompany her younger sister.

As a result, she stared at me a few times today, making me very embarrassed.

Alas, how can women not like such a beautiful thing”

At the same time as the voice fell, Fu Mingyu closed the lid and turned his head to ask: “Can you sell it to me”

When Helan Xiang finally understood what Fu Mingyu wanted to do, she covered her chest and inhaled violently.

She almost couldn’t keep standing up anymore: “Fu Mingyu, do you still have a conscience! I worked so hard to raise you, but you treat me like this!”

On the Christmas day, Ruan Sixian was spending it on the plane.

The day before New Year’s day, Bian Xuan went shopping with Ruan Sixian.

The two walked on the road and looked at the New Year decorations all over the street.

Their backs are somewhat cold.

“I always get goosebumps all over my body when I think of the National Day, New Year’s Day and Spring Festival when I was still an ordinary flight attendant.”

Bian Xuan took Ruan Sixian’s hand and walked slowly.

“I haven’t been home for four years to celebrate New Year since I graduated from college until I turned to private flight.

Every year, I send people back to their home but we shrink in the hotel without even having a takeout and just make do with it by eating some instant noodles.

Thinking about it now, it’s really not a human’s way of living.”

As she said that, she patted Ruan Sixian on the shoulder, “Fortunately, I’m free from it now.

But you, still have to endure it.”

Holidays, for others, mean holidays and rest, but for those in the aviation industry, they are Shura fields.

They all even wish for the holidays not to come, not to mention having any mood to give gifts during the holidays.

Over time, the festive feeling they have for the holiday fades away.

Ruan Sixian is a little sleepy while she is drinking the milk tea and casually shopping with her eyes.

When she passed a luxury men’s clothing store, she stopped.

“What’s the matter” Following her line of sight, Bian Xuan looked over.

“Want to buy your boyfriend a New Year’s gift”

Ruan Sixian didn’t speak, and her feet automatically walked in.

Two rows of store attendants at the door greeted Ruan Sixian and Bian Xuan with drinks and towels and took them to the new area.

Ruan Sixian looked around and finally her eyes fell on the tie.

More than twenty neckties were placed in the transparent cabinet and most of them were low-key styles.

Ruan Sixian looked at them for a few minutes and shook her head.

“Forget it.”

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“You don’t like it” Bian Xuan said, “I think it looks quite good.”

“These are indeed good-looking, but his ties seem to be custom made.”

“So what The key point is that you have this intention.” Bian Xuan pulled her back again.

“The thing that you give to him, dare he say he doesn’t like it”

Ruan Sixian thought for a while and raised her eyebrows, “He dare not.”

After buying a black dark-patterned tie, Ruan Sixian carefully put it into the flight case, covered it with a layer of cashmere shawl and patted it gently.

Hey, if Fu Mingyu dare to say he doesn’t like it, this tie will be his lifeline then.

At 6 p.m.

on December 31, Ruan Sixian’s flight returned.

After the last passenger got off the plane, the captain took Ruan Sixian through the cabin and checked there one by one.

“Oh, another year has passed.”

The captain patted the luggage rack and his voice seemed like he was very relieved.

“These year after year of busyness, when will it come to an end, huh”

After walking out of the cabin, the safety officers and the flight crew were crowded on the flight stairs to exchange New Year’s greetings towards each other.

The wind on the apron is very strong and Ruan Sixian’s hair is blown into disorder.

So she took out the scarf on her hand and wrapped it around her neck as she walked towards the crew car.

She asked the flight attendants in skirts to get into the car first and wait behind with the captain.

Just as she was about to step into the car, there was a sudden noise in the distance.

Ruan Sixian and the captain turned their heads and looked around, and the people who got on the crew car also stuck their heads out to look.

“Oh, it seems like someone is making trouble!”


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