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“Come here.

Let’s have our dinner.” Fu Mingyu thought of something and added, “I can hardly leave these days.

Are you fully booked too for the next three days”


“On the evening of the 4th, Uncle Yan’s 70th birthday banquet will be held at Warner manor.

Will you accompany me”

Ruan Sixian blinked her eyes, “Who”

“Uncle Yan.” Fu Mingyu said, “Yan’an’s father.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

She was not surprised at all when she heard that Fu Mingyu is going to attend the birthday banquet of Yan’an’s father.

After all, she knew since a few years ago Hengshi Airlines and Beihang Airlines had a win-win cooperation.

Since the generation of Fu Mingyu’s father, there have been innumerable cooperative relationships between the two Airlines.

It could even be called friendship that spans more than two generations.

Fu Mingyu felt that Ruan Sixian should not like to attend this kind of occasion, but in his eyes, it is necessary to accompany him in attending it.

First of all, it is a default etiquette for everyone to bring their girlfriend to this occasion.

Secondly, since the last Hengshi Airlines’ official blog announcement, people who know Fu Mingyu and those who know him indirectly know the existence of his girlfriend.

For the sake of this girlfriend, Fu Mingyu made an uncharacteristically high-profile announcement, leaving the relationship with Li Zhihuai clean.

However, if Fu Mingyu appeared alone on this social occasion, it will inevitably arouse some people’s speculation about his ‘girlfriend’.

Fu Mingyu asked again: “Are you going”

“Okay.” Ruan Sixian said, “Anyway, you know that Yan’an chased me.

If you don’t mind it, I have nothing else to say.”

“What do I mind it for He failed, didn’t he” Fu Mingyu chuckled.

“On the contrary, you don’t need to care about this.

I have been like this with him since we were young.”

Ruan Sixian didn’t listen to him anymore, and her mind had drifted elsewhere.

The first time attending such a dinner banquet, what should I wear

She will be there on the evening of the 4th.

She won’t be free until the afternoon of the 3rd.

At that time, she will have to go buy clothes like fighting a war.

So annoying.

“Why did you wait until today to tell me” Ruan Sixian was particularly annoyed, “Can’t you tell me earlier”

Fu Mingyu was about to pick the dishes when he heard her sudden anger.

The movement of his hand paused and he was very puzzled, “I told you four days in advance.”

Ruan Sixian glared at him, “What do you know Even one year in advance is never too early.”

This kind of thinking is exactly the same as his mother who often prepares this and that for a dinner banquet more than ten days in advance.

“By the way.” Fu Mingyu thought of another thing again, “The Zheng family will also go this time.”

Zheng family.

Without Fu Ming’s explanation, she also knew the reason why he deliberately mentioned it.

Because it was Zheng You’an’s family.

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“It doesn’t matter.”

Ruan Sixian paused and muttered in a low voice, “Do I still have to deliberately avoid them”


I’ll pick you up at 5 p.m.

on the 4th.”

Fu Mingyu seems to have a very strong sense of time.

If he said that he will come at five o’clock, then he will never be one minute earlier.

Ruan Sixian got everything ready at 4:30 and waited at home for half an hour.

During this period, she opened the window once and reached out to feel the temperature outside.

It’s really cold.

Looking down at the skirt she is wearing, she suddenly feels that it is really difficult to be a woman.

Although she never thought of going to a banquet to compete with others, at least she couldn’t be worse than her model-like boyfriend.

So, warmth is not in her consideration.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t very lucky.

As soon as she woke up this morning, her menstrual period gave her a surprise in advance.

But what can she do anyway Bare legs are the respect for skirts.

Respect needs to be shown, regardless of the season.

The needle of the clock pointed to five and the doorbell rang on time.

When the door was opened, a cold wind poured in but Ruan Sixian’s expression remained unchanged.

Fu Mingyu was stunned for a moment.

The person in front of him is wearing a burgundy evening dress which pinched her waist into a very well-proportioned shape and tailored it neatly.

The strapless design just put her superior shoulder and neck in line.

There was an inverted triangular small opening in the middle, giving it a little sexy feel.

The necklace he gave hung above the smooth collarbone and took away the attention concentrated on her chest.

Seeing the amazement in Fu Mingyu’s eyes, Ruan Sixian feels that it is worth it no matter how cold it is.

She tilted her head.

“Why Don’t recognize your girlfriend anymore”

Fu Mingyu reached out to her, took her palm and smiled, “You are so beautiful.”

Ruan Sixian put on her coat and followed Fu Mingyu out with satisfaction.

When the high-heeled shoes stepped on the corridor, it made a pleasant sound that exclusively belongs to women.

“Aren’t you cold”

Fu Mingyu asked.

Ruan Sixian gritted her teeth: “No.

It’s just a short distance.

Isn’t there a heater inside”


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