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Ruan Sixian was thinking carefully when she felt Fu Mingyu’s hand was not honest again, so she patted him on the chest, “Don’t move!”

“What about your brother’s girlfriend Oh, no, it’s an ex-girlfriend.”

“Not sure.”

“Why don’t you know”

Fu Mingyu glanced at her, “Why should I care so much about my brother’s ex-girlfriend”


Then, your mom didn’t mind the family conditions of your brother’s ex-girlfriend at all”

Fu Mingyu put his hand on her chin.

“Why do you think so much”

Ruan Sixian looked at him directly, “I just asked it casually.

Why Can’t tell me about it”

“I have nothing that I can’t tell you about.” Fu Mingyu let go of his hand and said calmly, “It can’t be said that she minded it either.

She wasn’t optimistic about them from the very beginning, but she never intervened either.

Not until that last time——”

“Well, I see.”

Ruan Sixian lowered her eyes and her fingers stirred the buttons on his shirt unconsciously, stirring it on and off, scratching Fu Mingyu.

“Ruan Sixian, don’t provoke me if you are inconvenient.” Fu Mingyu suddenly grabbed her hand.

“Or, do you still want to help me again even though you are already so tired today”

Ruan Sixian raised her head, took out her hand and hammered him, “Have your sperm got into your brain”

She broke free from his embrace and got out of bed.

“I’m going to take a shower.”

Fu Mingyu looked at the ceiling, breathed a sigh of relief, and then got up.

“Are you going back”

Before Ruan Sixian entered the bathroom, she probed out and asked.


Fu Mingyu took his jacket, looked at her sideways and said with a faint smile, “Do you want me to stay with you”

Ruan Sixian held the door and looked at him with bright eyes.

After a while, she suddenly said: “The password is my birthday.”

The voice fell and the bathroom door closed at the same time.

Fu Mingyu looked at the door and chuckled softly.

Nearly an hour later, Ruan Sixian came out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel and a dry hair cap.

As soon as she stepped, she saw Fu Mingyu sitting on her sofa, wearing light gray pajamas and holding a book in his hand.

The posture is so natural, like he is at his own home.

He lifted his eyes from the book, “Done bathing”

“Yeah.” Ruan Sixian grabbed the bath towel on her chest, lifted it up, and looked at Fu Mingyu.

“You are quite fast.”

Fu Mingyu put down his book, the corners of his mouth curved like a sneer, but at the same time also like a tease.

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“Whether I am fast or not, don’t you already know about it”


Ruan Sixian closed the door, changed into her pajamas and came out.

When she entered the bathroom, she still didn’t forget to glare at him.

After drying her hair, she still didn’t speak and went straight back to the bedroom instead, then got into bed and turned off the light.

The moonlight flickered outside the window, and scattered across the room through the thin curtains.

Fu Mingyu didn’t turn on the light when he came in, and his footsteps were very light, but Ruan Sixian seemed to feel his breath and knew that he had come in, so she closed her eyes even tighter.

Then the side of the bed slowly sinked in.

Fu Mingyu lies in bed and what is facing him is Ruan Sixian’s back.

He stretched his arms around her waist, and rested his chin on her head.

In the darkness, the two whispered.

“Where are you flying to next”

“The day after tomorrow and it’s still Lincheng.

What’s the matter”

“When will you be back”

“Six o’clock, if there’s no delay.”


Tell me when you arrive, and wait for me in the evening.”


Ruan Sixian twisted her neck unnaturally for a while.

Fortunately, he couldn’t see that she was blushing in the dark.

Otherwise, Fu Mingyu might have to make an issue of it again.

“Actually, you don’t have to talk like this, as if you’re giving homework.”

This feeling is like Fu Mingyu telling her plainly that ‘I am going to be on top of you that night, so please prepare yourself’.

Fu Mingyu closed his eyes behind her head and smiled, “First, I am telling you beforehand because the weather was bad that day, so I want you to report your safety after you landed.

Second, I want you to wait for me in the evening because I want to take you out to dinner and make up for the Chinese New Year’s day.”

His palm pressed on Ruan Sixian’s lower abdomen and slightly propped up his upper body to look at her, “What homework do you say just now”

“… When I get off the plane, I will report my safety to you.

Sleep now.

Good night.”


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