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Early this year, after the New Year’s holiday, many colleges and universities have finished their exams and began their holiday.

There are also many students from outside Jiangcheng, and they have started to return to their hometowns one after another.

The busy level of flights has ushered in a small peak.

“It’s delayed flight and delayed flight again every day!”

In the first-class waiting room, a man walked around anxiously, “They don’t even tell us the exact time when the plane will take off either!”

Outside, low clouds enveloped the sky.

It was just six o’clock, but it was darker than the usual seven or eight o’clock, as if heralding the coming of a heavy rain.

Such weather made passengers with delayed flights even more anxious.

A woman sitting in the back is holding a makeup mirror.

Although she is also upset, she is not as grumpy as her older brother.

“What’s the use of scolding here”

The woman rolled her eyes, “If you have the ability, go to the building next to you and scold him, and ask him to quickly arrange a flight for you.”

The man turned his head and glared at the woman, “What else can you do besides being cynical here”

These two were two of the four people who were at the smoking area of Yan’an’s father’s birthday banquet that day.

The woman’s name is Jin Ya and the man’s name is Jin Xuan.

The two cousins

have been in a bad mood these days, and none of them give in to the other party at all.

“How can I know how to play tricks better than you If it hadn’t been because you were unable to control your mouth that day and talked rudely there, would you cause so many troubles to yourself”

Jin Xuan sneered with his hands akimbo, “I talked rudely I think you even continued it very smoothly.”

Jin Ya put away the mirror and didn’t bother to look at him, “If it wasn’t because you started talking about his girlfriend, would others also talk about it for no reason”

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Jin Ya sneered again, “Isn’t it just because you saw that the woman is beautiful But no matter how beautiful, she is not yours.

It’s okay if you just cause trouble to yourself, but you just have to drag a group of us into the water with you.”

“Beautiful Yeah.

Isn’t it just beautiful”

Jin Xuan twisted his neck and sneered as he spoke, “Has he seen only a few beauties But he just protected this one so much, so what else is there except her face”

The voice fell, and the broadcast suddenly sounded, prompting boarding.

Jin Ya: “Enough.

Let’s hurry up.

This is still his territory so why the f*ck are you still talking rudely here!”

On the 16th floor of Hengshi Airline’s Building, in the office of the Director of Operations.

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Fu Mingyu looked at the computer intently, his eyebrows moved suddenly, and he turned to look out the window.

It was already heavy rain pouring outside at some point, with dark clouds and strong winds.

He got up, walked to the window and looked at his watch.

There was a faint look of worry in his eyes.

He returned to his seat, turned on the flight status monitor and paid attention to the situation at any time as usual.

After the page opened, a red alert message jumps out.

Before he could see it clearly, Bo Yang, who was next to him, had a change in expression.

He looked at the screen of his mobile phone and said: “President Fu, SH29345 has an emergency code of 7700, and the ground emergency plan is now being activated.”

Fu Mingyu didn’t seem to believe it, and looked back at the computer on his desk.

Until he saw the red text on it, he suddenly got up and walked out without even taking his coat with him.

Jin Ya and Jin Xuan got on the shuttle bus, thinking they could board the plane smoothly, but the bus stopped halfway.

After stopping more than ten minutes there, Jin Xuan became irritable again.

Jin Xuan leaned against the window.

In the heavy rain, he could only see the crew members in raincoats running around indistinctly at the intersections.

“F*ck!” Jin Xuan punched the door of the bus, “Can we still fly or not today!”

Seeing him being noisy and also disturbing, a female passenger in the bus couldn’t couldn’t stand it anymore.

She glared at him and said dissatisfiedly: “Did you not read the flight software push message A flight has an emergency code of 7700 and is about to land here.”

The driver turned back and added, “Now, even all other aircraft in the air give way.

Of course we can’t leave.”

The female passenger tiptoed and looked out, “I wonder if it can land successfully.

It’s said that the captain was incapacitated in mid-air and the co-pilot took over.

It’s still windy with heavy rain here…”

Bo Yang stood behind Fu Mingyu on Hengshi Airline’s dedicated crew bus heading to the apron, and said solemnly: “The downwind along the main runway is too strong for the plane to land, but the cloud height is too low for the plane to turn in the opposite direction.

The airport control command uses the secondary runway facing southwest.

The plane circles the east bank of Yunxing Bend and enters from the direction of Lingun City towards Shilan, but in this way, the plane will be fully affected by the left wind.”

In the rain, Fu Mingyu saw ambulances and fire trucks roaring past and heading for the runway.


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