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It’s just that she hasn’t dialed the number yet but the person has already appeared in front of her.

“Are you all right”

Holding a disposable paper cup in her hand, Dong Xian stared at Ruan Sixian in a daze.

“I am all right.”

Ruan Sixian said.

This time Dong Xian didn’t continue to speak, and Ruan Sixian didn’t know what to say either.

The two of them stood face to face in silence.

On the other side, Fu Mingyu came out of the office and saw Dong Jing standing alone in the waiting area.

“Where’s Mrs.


Dong Jing looked around and said: “I don’t know.

She just said that she wanted to get some water, but she hasn’t come back yet.

Could it be that something happened”

Fu Mingyu knew that the people from the Civil Aviation Administration had already left.

He glanced at the time and estimated that Ruan Sixian’s side was almost done too, so he called her.

But no one answered.

“Maybe she is with her.” Fu Mingyu said, “They are probably on the opposite glass corridor.

Auntie, do you want me to let someone take you there”

Dong Jing nodded but then thought about it again, and said: “Forget it, just let the two of them talk for a while.”

After the assistant poured Dong Jing a cup of hot water, she sat down again.

The man next to her didn’t leave either.

He looked at the glass corridor in front of him, where two vague voices could be heard and their shadows were faintly reflected.

“Our Ruan Ruan has been like a boy since childhood…” After a false alarm, Dong Jing sat here for nearly three hours.

She was a little tired and somewhat couldn’t stand up.

She just talked like that as if muttering to herself.

“To tell you the truth, if I were a passenger on the plane and I knew that it was a girl who is in charge at this kind of dangerous moment, my fear would have doubled.”

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She stopped here and then smiled, “And still such a beautiful girl.”

Bo Yang came over with a letter of liability statement, but Fu Mingyu stood there and didn’t move.

Dong Jing thought of something and suddenly looked up and said to Fu Mingyu: “Do you know that she should have been called Ruan Guangzhi.”

Fu Mingyu: “…”

He raised his head from the folder in front of him and didn’t speak, but was a little stunned.

“At that time, her mom was just pregnant with her, and the pregnancy experience was very terrible.

Then the old ladies around who had experiences said that the baby is a boy after looking at her stomach, so her dad gave her this name in advance.

I still remember where that poem came from.

‘If you are determined and ambitious[1], why should you be afraid’.

It should be something like this”

Fu Mingyu nodded expressionlessly.

When Bo Yang thought of Ruan Sixian’s original name, although he didn’t laugh, his brows trembled in a timely manner.

After signing the letter of liability statement, Fu Mingyu said faintly: “Then how did they get such a name afterwards”

“It’s precisely because when her mom was pregnant with her, her dad was transferred to teach in the village.

Her dad is not a person who can deal with others well.

Otherwise, all the good places wouldn’t have been arranged for other people, leaving only a very barren and remote village for him.

That year, they just had electricity, and only half a year after that did the entire village have one landline.

If they want to make a phone call, they even have to make an appointment in advance.”

“What to do then He has a wife and unborn children at home.

So he just writes letters.”

“At that time, they just got married and they suddenly had to be separated for such a long time.

Her dad wrote letters almost every week, sometimes even every two or three days.

It’s just short stories about the parents, and this kind of thing will become boring if you read too much too.

However, they are newlyweds so of course they still miss each other but it’s not an easy thing to say either.

So there was always a word of ‘Si Xian’ before the signature of their name.”

“On the day when Ruan Ruan was born, it was not an easy process either.

At that time, my sister got up to drink water at night but she tripped.

It couldn’t be delayed anymore at that time.

She didn’t even have time to go to the hospital so Ruan Ruan was born at home.

I was scared to death when I received the phone call at that time.

I thought both of them couldn’t be saved but it turned out to be fine.

Didn’t she grow up healthily and even grow up so tall”

[1] Ambitious= Guangzhi (the name RSX’s dad chose for her).

[2] Si Xian= Si means think, Xian means elegant.

I think it means elegant thinking


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