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When he said that, he then took a look at Ruan Sixian, gently swept over, and then took his gaze back, “Please abide by the industry rules, otherwise I won’t mind cutting off the Bali tourism contract in your hand.

At that time, you can also try to see if your old man will let you be buried decades ahead of time or not.”

At the end of the sentence, Fu Mingyu hung up the phone and turned to look at Ruan Sixian.

The whole action was done in one go, as if Yan’an also hung up the phone at the same time.

His voice softened a lot.

“Miss Ruan, first time meeting, did you have any misunderstanding about me”

If it was another woman, when looking at Fu Mingyu’s gentle eyes and feeling the eccentricity that flowed out with the obvious turn of his tone, they might fall into the enemy’s hands on the spot.

But Ruan Sixian just wanted to roll her eyes.

What do you mean by the ‘first time meeting’

Dog man, have you forgotten the Ruan Sixan on the Thames

Have you forgotten the woman that you had been waiting for all night

Looking at Ruan Sixian’s confused and puzzled face, Bo Yang, who was holding a deep breath, finally had a chance to release it.

He stepped forward and said, “This is President Fu.”

“Ah!” Ruan Sixian pretended to take a step back in a panic,  “Did you hear what I had just said I’m sorry, it’s all what I have heard from others, and I don’t know that Mr.

Fu is actually like this or not…”

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu guessed that Ruan Sixian would repeat those seven idioms next to show her range of vocabulary, so he interrupted her in time, “Who said that”

Ruan Sixian paused, “A friend who did not want to be named.”

——Her surname is Ruan.

It seems that after seeing through the hypocrisy of Ruan Sixian, Fu Mingyu automatically blamed Yan’an that talked ill of him behind his back, so he was too lazy to care about it again.

Bo Yang mentioned the time at that moment and Fu Mingyu raised his foot to leave.

Leaving already

Ruan Sixian is very angry.

How could he just forget about her

Then whose face did she hit

She’s the girl on Thames that you used to look down on but now you spent money on to hire!

“President Fu!”

Ruan Sixian suddenly stopped him.

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Fu Mingyu halted his steps, turned his head and said, “Is there anything else”

Forget it.

Ruan Sixian regretted the moment she called him out.

She felt like a fool herself, but she always made a sharp turn every time.

“I’m sorry for before.

I shouldn’t speak ill of you just from hearing the rumors.

I shouldn’t have actually known you first.”

——Then continue to speak ill of you.

He looked a little more relaxed.

“It’s okay.”


Listen to him.

How grand, how gentlemanly.

Those who don’t know will fall under his suit pants again.

Ruan Sixian said: “Then I’ll go first.

I still have to get my uniform.”


That picture suddenly appeared in Fu Mingyu’s mind.

Ruan Sixian was wearing a pilot’s uniform.

Her straight shirt suddenly folded up at her waist.

She did not hold it tightly.

The curve suddenly stretched out gracefully and the black trousers underneath were slender and neat.

He nodded and turned to walk away.

When it comes to uniforms, Ruan Sixian didn’t expect that Hengshi airlines would change the system again.

sending out two sets each in spring, summer and winter, and piled them up in a big bag.

Fortunately, the pilots are of high physical fitness.

Even if Ruan Sixian is a girl, it doesn’t take much effort to carry it up, but she doesn’t look very good among groups of beautiful flight attendants coming and going.

Then the devoted Bo Yang appeared at this time.

He took Ruan Sixian’s bag with a smile and said, “Let me.”

The two had met at the Flight Academy, and Ruan Sixian had a good impression of him.

She thought that as Fu Mingyu’s secretary, he didn’t have those stinky problems at all, so she also smiled at him.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Bo Yang led her out, “President Fu asked me to come.

He said that there were many uniforms, and girls will have problems with carrying them.”

Ruan Sixian: “… President Fu is so kind.

I’m so touched.

Bo Yang: “Yeah.

I’ll convey your thanks to him.”


Who wants you to convey it

It seems that he is still suffering from the stinky brain tonic.

The two got out of the elevator together, and Bo Yang took Ruan Sixian to the car before turning back to the company.

This scene happens to be met by Ni Tong who came out after the meeting.

Ni Tong took a picture with her mobile phone and sent it to Jiang Ziyue.

“You see, that’s her.”

Jiang Ziyue, who was far away in Spain, zoomed in and looked at the picture for a while and made a conclusion.

“It’s not her.

How could she have such a good relationship with the Secretary of the President”


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