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And she had the confidence to pass, so why bother to ask Fu Mingyu.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Ruan Sixian and her partner stood in front of the cockpit and listened to Ren Xu’s lecture.

Ren Xu didn’t say much, only a few words.

“The first bar on your shoulders represents professionalism, the second bar represents knowledge, the third bar is flight skills, and today your goal is the fourth bar——responsibility.

A captain is not only the person with highest authority on the aircraft, but also a person that shoulders the safety of the entire crew, passengers and the entire aircraft.

To become a captain, you should live up to this responsibility, with the attitude of lifelong learning and lifelong rigor professionalism, use your professionalism, knowledge and skills as the weapon to defend the safety of the 30,000-meter altitude.”

“As for mistakes.” He turned his head to look at the simulation warehouse, “Everyone makes mistakes, this is an objective existence, and this is also the origin of the two-man rule.

Every environment may cause the safety chain to loosen, leading to the occurrence of accident chains.

What the captain should do is to try their best to reduce the probability of the accident before the accident occurs, and when an accident occurs, they can turn the tide.”

When Ren Xu turned around, Ruan Sixian’s partner gave her a look.

——Turn, turn the tide How crazy is that

——Who knows

After Ren Xu finished speaking, his eyes fell on Ruan Sixian.

“Ruan Sixian” He flipped through the record sheet in his hand, “Oh, last year, when the captain was disabled and forced to land in a rainstorm.

It was you.”

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He raised his eyebrows.

“Let me widen my knowledge later.”


Ruan Sixian didn’t really want to widen his knowledge.

At the beginning of the test, they finally saw why he was called the ‘Burger King’.

Once they came up, he directly released the amplification move and gave them a big ‘Roll Cloud’ gift package.

After the aircraft was ‘rushed’ into the roll cloud, the fuselage tilted and fell back like a rotation, and then tilted back again in the opposite direction.

After all the trouble and they finally balanced the aircraft, Ren Xu pressed the keyboard so lightly again and a crack appeared in the hydraulic pipe.

The entire hydraulic system immediately failed.

The aircraft was like a car without a steering wheel, dancing wildly in the air.

In the simulation cabin, in order to let the students experience 100% of the actual operation experience, the real scene in the cabin is restored at 1:1.

The instruments, equipment and materials are exactly the same as the real passenger aircraft, including the take-off, landing, weightlessness and air turbulence, etc.

can be accurately simulated.

Therefore, Ruan Sixian’s partner turned pale shortly after takeoff.

Ruan Sixian’s forehead also began to sweat, and she felt a tumbling sensation in her stomach.

She didn’t feel good, but fortunately, her will was strong enough.

She cooperated with her partner to use the engine thrust control system to change the engine thrust on both sides of the aircraft to achieve landing and turning.

However, it didn’t take long for the expressionless Ren Xu in the back row to send a second big move.

“The body of the aircraft is damaged, the air at high altitude is thin and the pressure is low.

Now the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the cabin is too large, and the pressure must be immediately lifted.” Ruan Sixian’s voice was hoarse.

“We must descend to an altitude of 3,000 meters within 10 minutes, otherwise the oxygen mask will not work and the passengers in the cabin are at risk of suffocation.”

Ren Xu in the back row nodded like an emotionless machine, still acting as a controller with a blank face, and had a ground-to-air conversation with Ruan Sixian.

These are just appetizers given to them by Ren Xu.

Then, after appetizing soups such as instrument malfunction and cabin air leakage were served, the main meals such as cumulus rain, typhoon and the likes came one after another.

At this time, let alone the two pilots sitting in the front row, even Ren Xu, who was used to this kind of bumps in his daily life, had the faint urge to vomit.


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