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The early morning sunlight spreads lazily on the ground of the corridor bridge through the glass, and the sound of footsteps coming from the front is clear and familiar.

Fu Mingyu, dressed in a simple white T-shirt and black trousers, walked over casually.

The light and shadow that dropped on his shoulder moved lightly.

The moment Fu Mingyu stood in front of Ruan Sixian, their eyes met, and the flow of light and shadow seemed to slow down.

Ruan Sixian cleared her throat, raised her head and lowered her eyes before saying: “President Fu, the captain of this flight, Ruan Sixian, will serve you wholeheartedly.”

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu also said lightly, “Thank you, Captain Ruan.”

Ruan Sixian: “This is my duty.”

When Fu Mingyu walked towards the cabin, the crew members behind her all had this expression of looking at their own nose which pointed to their own heart, and kept silent, acting as if they all understood it.

In fact, they don’t know what the two are playing.

“Let’s go.” Ruan Sixian turned around to follow Fu Mingyu’s figure, and waved to the co-pilot, “Go in.”

A few minutes later, other first-class guests took their seats.

The air conditioner in the cabin was turned on a little low.

A girl wrapped in a blanket, took out a blindfold and was ready to go to sleep when her companion nexto to her poked her in the shoulder.

“Look over there.”

The girl turned her head to look and saw that the man’s side face was half hidden in the light and shadow, looking a little unreal.

The companion whispered in her ear: “Your dish.”

The girl pursed her lips and said nothing.

More than ten minutes later, the boarding was completed.

The cabin door was closed, and the flight attendant began to walk slowly through the cabin to check the safety measures.

The girl sneaked a few glances to the side, but finally couldn’t hold back anymore.

She unfasten her seat belt and walked towards the other side.


Fu Mingyu raised his eyes at the sound.


“That…” The girl felt the teasing eyes of the companion behind her, and a layer of crimson color immediately climbed up her face.

The mobile phone in her hand seemed to be getting hot, “Can I add your WeChat”

The Purser who happened to pass by saw the situation and suddenly coughed, “Ma’am, our plane is about to take off, please go back to your seat and fasten your seat belt.”

“Okay, okay.

A second, a second!”

The girl didn’t look at the expression of the flight attendant, but looked at Fu Mingyu’s uneasy eyes that had been tinged with a little impatience in it now.

Fu Mingyu leaned back in the chair lazily and slowly raised his hand.

His five fingers were slightly bent and supporting his chin.

The ring on his ring finger was very conspicuous.

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“I am married.”

“… Oh.”

The girl suffocated suddenly and her scalp tingled with embarrassment.

“So, sorry.”

When she got back to her seat, the girl held the blanket in her arms and was embarrassed to glance over there again.

“What’s the matter”

The companion asked in a low voice.

“Stop talking.

It’s so shameful!”

The girl’s neck turned red with embarrassment, “Didn’t you see the ring on his hand”

The companion was fearless and looked at the other side boldly.

“I think he looks familiar.

Have we met him somewhere He looks very young but it turns out that he got married already.

Alas… What a pity that he got married young.”

“Why do I feel that he is a little familiar too…”

Fu Mingyu looked out the window sideways.

The airport was wide, the sky was cloudless, and the wind was blowing occasionally.

Fu Mingyu has been very annoyed with his mobile phone because it has been ringing since morning.

[Zhu Dong]: It’s rare that we are all free.

Let’s play cards in the evening.

[Fu Mingyu]: No.

[Ji Yan]: What’s so fun about playing cards anyway Let’s do something healthy.

There is an auto show in the Convention and Exhibition Center in the afternoon.

Let’s have a look there

[Fu Mingyu]: No.

[Yan’an]: Say, aren’t you a little out of touch Doesn’t your wife have a flight today This big of a weekend, if you’re not going anywhere, then are you just going to stay at home alone instead


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