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Ruan Sixian is not a dexterous woman and she usually can’t do meticulous things too.

This mug is a gift she made for him after she went to the pottery workshop four times and finally succeeded in making one.

She said he didn’t lack anything, so she wanted to give him her own heart, hoping that he would think of her when he drank water every day.

At this moment, he seemed to see his head shattered into pieces on the ground-

In the room, a fire was burning in the European-style fireplace, and the room was warm.

It was supposed to be a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, but it went wrong because of the faces of the two people.

“Say, what happened to the two of you”

Zhu Dong threw the card in his hand and his face was full of dissatisfaction, “It’s rare that we have time to play cards.

The account hasn’t even been settled yet, why do you two look like you’ve lost millions”

Yan’an pushed the card, and said nothing with a sullen face.

Ji Yan is not as upset as Zhu Dong.

Holding a teacup, he said happily: “His wife has run away again, so how can he be happy”

“Can you speak well” Yan’an sneered, “What is that ‘wife has run away’ She just went abroad to deepen her knowledge of the local culture there.

This is work.

How can it become ‘wife has run away’ after it comes out of your mouth”

Ji Yan chuckled.

He didn’t want to talk more with Yan’an, but he couldn’t help muttering: “Then your wife really loves to work.

In the 365days a year, she went to deepen her knowledge for 360 days.”

“And you” Ji Yan turned to look at Fu Mingyu.

“What happened to you again today”

Zhu Dong fiddled with his mobile phone, and while replying to his wife’s message, he said casually: “Maybe they quarreled.

I guess he was kicked out today.

I already said to you, not everyone can handle a wife like her.”

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Fu Mingyu glanced at him lightly, “Don’t talk nonsense.

We are very affectionate.

She is flying today.”

“The room is empty, and the wife is in the sky.” Zhu Dong added, “I guess, you are lonely now.”

Fu Mingyu didn’t bother to reason with Zhu Dong, but the latter got interested after he got the news.

With his ten years of love experience, he said: “Let me tell you something.

You can’t say too much to women.

The more you say it, the more excited they are!”

This speech gives people the feeling that Zhu Dong seems to be trying to teach the experience of fighting wits and courage with his wife over the years.

Although the two married men on the side did not change their faces, their ears were quietly pricked up.

At this moment, the sound of high-heeled shoes came, and then the door of the room was pushed open.

Although the person hasn’t appeared yet, Zhu Dong’s keen awareness that he has cultivated over the years does not allow him to perceive it wrongly.

After pausing for two seconds, it was Yan’an who couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Why don’t you keep talking”

At this moment, the hairs on Zhu Dong’s back have already stood up, but his face is still calm, with a little pretended sincereness in it.

“If you just kneel down to your wife, nothing will happen!”



It was really a delayed loss today.

It took a lot of time to wait for flow control on her return flight, so when Ruan Sixian got off the plane, it was almost eleven o’clock.

But she did not expect that Fu Mingyu would still come to pick her up.

When she got down the gangway, she trotted over with her flight box.

“Didn’t I say that you didn’t have to come” She held Fu Mingyu’s arm.

“It’s already so late, why don’t you rest early”

“It’s okay.” Fu Mingyu took her flight box and helped her tighten the scarf, “Are you tired”

“A little bit.

It’s a long wait today.”

The crew members behind the two looked at them with admiration.

How gentle and considerate President Fu is-

Back at home, Ruan Sixian went back to her room and changed clothes.

When she went downstairs, she saw Fu Mingyu was busy in the kitchen.


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