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She doesn’t know whether the mechanic understood what she was talking about, or whether he was dancing and talking while gesturing.

After an unknown amount of time and people at the airport went away wave after wave, Ruan Sixian finally saw a familiar figure at the exit of the terminal.

Fu Mingyu didn’t know who the crew members that came today.

Right now he just wanted to go home quickly.

There are still people waiting for him at home, and now they may be in an anxious and sleepless state.

He hurriedly walked to the apron, and Bo Yang and others who followed behind were also very impatient as if being set on fire, and pacing with heavy footsteps.

When he reached the gangway, Fu Mingyu’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

He looked up and saw the person standing at the door of the cabin.

At first, he thought he saw it wrong.

In the dim night, her face looked unreal and there was a layer of water vapor in her eyes.

Until she opened her mouth to speak.

The wind is silent around, and the sky is full of dust.

The joy of narrowly escaping death and the hopeless despair are intertwined into a net in the air of this country, densely enveloping everyone, making people unable to breathe.

But her voice made the net collapse in an instant.

For the first time, Fu Mingyu heard a bit of grievance from her choked voice.

“Honey, I am here to pick you up.”

After returning from N country and returning to Hengshi Airline Building, and solving some miscellaneous problems, the sky was already bright when the two of them returned home.

The weather has always been good lately.

The sun has shown its face early, basking in the pomegranate trees in the yard that have just fruited, and even the autumn wind has become warm.

Fu Mingyu didn’t plan to sleep all day, so he just pulled a layer of tulle curtains and half leaned on the head of the bed to make up for his sleep.

When Ruan Sixian came out after taking a bath, she was not sure whether Fu Mingyu had fallen asleep or not.

His sleeping face was always peaceful, and even the sound of his breathing was very shallow.

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Ruan Sixian sat beside the bed and asked softly: “Are you asleep”

The other party didn’t respond.

She moved up slowly, wanting to lean against Fu Mingyu’s chest, but was afraid of waking him up.

When she was half-bent over and having a mental struggle, Fu Mingyu suddenly bent the corner of his mouth and raised his hand to hold her in front of his chest.

He closed his eyes and spoke softly.

“Still not sleeping”

“I don’t want to sleep.” Ruan Sixian opened her eyes and stared at the mottled sunlight on the ground.

The sound of Fu Mingyu’s heartbeat in her ears was very real, “I can’t sleep during the day.”

Fu Mingyu didn’t speak anymore.

Ruan Sixian leaned quietly on his chest and listened to his breathing that gradually became more stable.

Ruan Sixian raised her head and ran her fingers across his chin.

“Are you asleep”

This time, Fu Mingyu no longer responded.

After the earthquake that occurred yesterday afternoon, Fu Mingyu, Bo Yang, and others were immediately taken to the embassy.

They didn’t sleep at all until they boarded the plane in the early morning.

When he got home in the morning, Aunt Zhang also prepared breakfast, but Fu Mingyu went straight back to the bedroom after taking a bath.

Ruan Sixian knew that he was very tired, and she didn’t say anything again.

She too fell asleep as the autumn sunlight gradually moved from the window to the bed.

After going through the thoughts with false alarms, Ruan Sixian slept very deeply this morning.

At noon, Aunt Zhang came to wake them up for lunch and both of them were so languid.

Aunt Zhang was cutting the branches and leaves of sunflowers.

Seeing that the two of them didn’t speak while eating, she said: “Mr.

Fu, it’s fortunate that you’re fine this time.

You don’t know that you had scared your wife to death.”

Noticing that Fu Mingyu lifted his eyes and looked over, Ruan Sixian suddenly stopped drinking her soup.

Under his gaze, Ruan Sixian raised her chin and said stiffly: “I didn’t…”

“How can you not” Aunt Zhang pointed to her face with a pink rose.

“When she saw the news, she cried so hard and hurried out without even changing her clothes.

I chased her to the door with the coat in my hand and put it on her.”


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