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After doing some psychological work for herself for a while, Ruan Sixian raised her hand and hugged Fu Mingyu’s neck, then she leaned over to kiss his earlobe.

Fu Mingyu felt that she was still afraid, so he just smiled, hugged her waist and said: “Let’s go out for dinner tonight.

Let’s go to that——”

“I said,” Ruan Sixian interrupted him, holding his face and making him look at herself, “let’s have a baby.”

The autumn wind gradually warms up in the afternoon, and the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus sent by it also inexplicably becomes a little ambiguous.

Ruan Sixian looked at Fu Mingyu nervously, but saw his eyes change layer by layer.

Finally, without saying anything, he picked her up and walked upstairs.

Ruan Sixian: “”

The afternoon passed quietly.

The sunset melted gold, and the autumn wind suddenly rose.

While blowing away the fallen leaves, it overwhelms the branches, and pomegranates are smashed onto the grass in the yard.

Ruan Sixian was lying on the bed and saw the pomegranate smashed to the ground through a gap in the curtains, and she could even somewhat see the feeling of ‘the flower’s funeral’.

She felt that she was the pomegranate, and Fu Mingyu was the ruthless autumn wind.

Once she decided to have a baby, without the constraints of external conditions, Ruan Sixian sees a different side of Fu Mingyu from the past.

The time and excitement have reached another level.

She doesn’t know why a 32 year old man can be so energetic after he hasn’t slept for almost a whole day.

As the number of times increased, she began to suspect that this person was really only interested in the process of creating children.

Before she got pregnant, Ruan Sixian began to be unconvinced.

At one night, after the process, Ruan Sixian lost all her strength, stared at the ceiling and said: “The one who has to conceive for nine month is me, and you just need to have enough fun and still get a child.

For what reason!”

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“Huh” Fu Mingyu was very confused, “You are not having fun”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

She touched her face and pulled the topic back again.

“I may need to be cut with knife, or I may have to walk in front of the gate of death.

Looking at it this way, I am really the one who suffers losses.”

Ruan Sixian said this in a less serious tone.

She was just criticizing Fu Mingyu for his behavior in bed, but he thought about her words seriously.

“If you’re worried about these things, why don’t we give up conceiving a child”

“Ah” Ruan Sixian concluded, “I…”

Fu Mingyu looked at her very seriously, “I can’t bear it.”

“That, that’s fine actually.” Ruan Sixian rolled over, propped her elbows on the bed, looked down at Fu Mingyu, and pointed her fingers at his chin.

“I am just saying it casually.

It’s not that I don’t really want to have children.”

However, in the next few months, in addition to the key process of creating a child, the couple also made a lot of efforts in other aspects.

During the pregnancy preparation stage, their living habits have almost improved to the best level, and the doctor has also regularly checked Ruan Sixian, but the child is still delayed.

In the twinkling of an eye, it’s Spring Festival again.

This year, the temperature in Jiangcheng reached the lowest level in ten years, but Ruan Sixian did not wear a skirt for the sake of beauty, and she dressed with warmth as the first element instead.

When her expectations for the child fell over and over again, her emotions became a little more sensitive.

Approaching the month of the New Year’s Eve, she counted the time every day.

When it came to the day when her menstrual period should come, she kept an eye on her own situation all the time.

As soon as the morning passed and her period had not yet come, she immediately got up from the bed and went to the bathroom with a pregnancy test stick.

But the result is still the same as in previous months.

She sighed and walked slowly back to the room, lying on the bed and covering her head in the quilt.


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