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“What’s wrong” Fu Mingyu was awakened by her action, raised his hand to turn on the floor lamp by the window, and half propped his upper body while leaning against her ear, “Have you had a nightmare”

“No.” Ruan Sixian clenched the quilt with her fingers and turned her back to Fu Mingyu.

She didn’t want him to see her frightened expression, “Do you think… that I have been affected by high-altitude radiation in recent years”

Pilots’ working environment has problems such as lack of oxygen, dryness and noise.

At the same time, they are also exposed to high-altitude radiation environment and electromagnetic field for a long time.

Although the company has established individual average annual radiation exposure records for crew members, Ruan Sixian also checked it on time.

Her average annual radiation exposure did not exceed 1 millisievert, and she also deliberately avoided short-term gradient climb or horizontal diversion to optimize the flight mode during the flight process, so as to reduce radiation exposure.

She didn’t care about this problem before, but when she didn’t conceive a child after a long time, this matter was infinitely magnified by her.

“As you know, most male colleagues in the company can only have daughters because of these effects.

Who knows whether women who were exposed to it can still have children or not.”

Ruan Sixian’s back was against the light so Fu Mingyu could not see her expression clearly, and could only detect her emotion from her voice.

“Don’t worry.” Fu Mingyu held her hand that she put on her lower abdomen.

“It’s only been a few months.

Don’t worry.

Some of my friends even had been preparing for a year or two before they finally got pregnant.

And they are all healthy.”

Ruan Sixian closed her eyes and forcibly pressed down those disturbing thoughts in her heart, “Will it come”

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu lay down again, placed his chin on the top of her head, closed his eyes and whispered softly, “It will definitely come.

I’ve even thought of our child’s name.”

“You don’t even know whether it’s a girl or a boy yet, but you have already thought of the name”

“Yeah, it’s a name that can be used either by a girl or a boy.”

“What is it Let me hear if it sounds good.”

“Fu Guangzhi.”

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There was a three second silence in the dark night, and then Ruan Sixian got up and hit him with a pillow.

“Fu Mingyu, you are sick!!!”

After that night, Ruan Sixian’s expectation broke through the ground again.

But she no longer kept herself in a cautious state all the time.

She is doing whatever she needs to do, and even went to the beach to take a bath for a few days during her vacation.

In the spring of next year, everything will recover.

The cherry trees in the yard will bloom, and when the wind blows, pale pink patterns will float and fall, paving a colorful ground.

Later, the flowers withered and bore fruit again.

Fu Mingyu’s child still hadn’t come yet, but they had to face the departure of another life.

Doudou was brought home by Fu Mingyu when he was 24 years old.

At that time, Doudou was already an adult dog.

After so many years, it has come to the end of its life.

When Ruan Sixian went to Huguang Mansion again, it didn’t need to be locked up anymore, because it didn’t have the strength to pounce on Ruan Sixian again.

It curled up in the nest all day, and the dog food that was put in the basin was consumed less and less day after day.

Fu Mingyu naturally can’t delay his work because of Doudou’s condition, but he and Ruan Sixian have frequently returned to Huguang Mansion to spend the night during this period of time.

“Alas…” Looking at Doudou sleeping in the nest, Ruan Sixian squatted in front of it and touched its head for the first time.

“If it weren’t for me, it could have lived with you.”

“What’s the matter with you recently” Fu Mingyu touched her chin.

“Are you being possessed by Lin Daiyu So sentimental.”

Ruan Sixian just felt a little sorry for Fu Mingyu.

She leaned her head on Fu Mingyu’s shoulder and whispered, “I know you’re sad.”

TN: Well, sorry I didn’t find the meaning of the baby’s name.

Anyone who knows about it is welcomed to enlighten me ^__^


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