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Zheng You’an rolled her eyes and turned her back to him.

“Don’t drop other people’s child.”

Come to think of it, Little President Yan’s ten fingers have never done any work, so how can he hold any child

It was not until it was getting late that the two had to go home that Yan’an walked slowly to Little Star, holding a rattle and shaking it casually in front of her eyes.

Little Star’s eyes followed the rattle a few times and Yan’an became a little interested.

He bent down his precious waist, grabbed her little hand and made it hold a rubber hammer to beat the gopher.

Little Star is quietly playing with Yan’an, but there is no excited expression on her face.

After Yan’an himself had enough fun, he dropped the gopher toy and grabbed an electric puppy.

He turned on the power and put it on the ground to let it run.

At the same time, he planned to let Little Star sit on it.

It was the first time he showed such a gentle smile to a child.

He held her in both hands and lifted her up, “How about Uncle take you to ride a horse”

Little Star shook her arms in the air.

Yan’an was happy when he saw that and put her on the electric puppy.

As a result, before he let go of his hands, Little Star spoke.

“Are you sick~”

Yan’an: “……”

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The soft and sticky baby voice can’t eliminate the destructive power of this sentence.

Zheng You’an saw his pupils tremble, and the little love for children in his eyes was dissipating at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Yan’an sobered up.

Fu Mingyu’s child is indeed his child.

The gears of fate were welded to death.

“You……” Zheng You’an directly looked back at the couple in a daze.

“What do you usually teach her”

Fu Mingyu naturally heard this.

He frowned, glanced at Ruan Sixian, and went up to pick up Little Star.

“You can’t say such things anymore in the future.” He took the child and sat aside to teach.

After Yan’an and his wife left, Ruan Sixian stood there for a long time and reflected with fear.

Unconsciously, she bit her finger and squatted in front of Fu Mingyu and Little Star, then said in a very weak voice: “Little Star, you can’t say such things in the future, you little parrot.”

Little Star had already been educated.

At this time, she was playing with toys and did not pay any attention to Ruan Sixian’s words.

She raised her eyes and glanced at Fu Mingyu with a guilty look.

“I only said this to you once yesterday.

I didn’t expect her to learn so fast.”

After that, she assured herself: “I won’t say this anymore in the future.”

“You can say it if you want.” Fu Mingyu held the rattle drum to tease Little Star and looked at Ruan Sixian through the corner of his eyes.

“You can just not say it in front of Guangzhi.”

“You really enjoy being scolded…” Ruan Sixian paused halfway through and glared at him.

“Fu! Ming! Yu! You call her Guangzhi again! Are you——”

Fu Mingyu glanced up and Ruan Sixian’s words stopped abruptly.

She took a deep breath and looked at Fu Mingyu, “Are you…sick.”

The two of them, one sat down and the other squatted, one smiling and the other frowning, making Ruan Sixian look pitiful.

Ruan Sixian sneered, “I now know that you, men, will always be primary school students.

You are very happy when you see me angry.”

Fu Mingyu leaned forward and rubbed the tip of Ruan Sixian’s nose with his index finger.

“Don’t sneer, Little Star will learn it again later.”

“Then how should I do it” Ruan Sixian grinned, “Smile like this”

Fu Mingyu still had a smile in his eyes.

He pulled her up and hugged her in his arms, then whispered: “Why are you so cute”

Ruan Sixian widened her eyes and glanced at their daughter.

Although it was very boring to ask, she still whispered: “Then I am cute or is your daughter cute”


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