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Little Star sat quietly in the study all night but her dad didn’t come back to read with her.

But from the next day, her dad really never called her ‘Guangzhi’ anymore.

On the contrary, the next morning, her mom got up very late and said at breakfast: “If you want to call her so, just call her so then.”

Dad shook his head, “No, I promise you.

I will do what I say.”

Mom sneered and stopped talking.

It was another spring festival again, and the employees in Hengshi Airline Headquarter spent the New Year like fighting in a war again.

Finally, they took several times the bonus and went home to spend their New Year.

In the afternoon, the corridor was quite quiet, and the sound of slow footsteps and the sound of wheel rolling came from the end of it.

“Captain Ruan!”

Bo Yang is now the manager of the flight planning department.

He had just finished the meeting and came out of the office with his assistant when he saw Ruan Sixian, and hurriedly stopped her.

“The chief flight engineer has made a major adjustment to the flight plan for the new year.

Have you seen it What do you think”

“Not bad.”

Ruan Sixian answered casually and looked down at the ring on his hand.

“I heard you’re getting married too”

“Yes.” He looked down at the little girl that followed behind Ruan Sixian and said, “Little Star’s classes are over”

Little Star is already a student in kindergarten, in cherry class.


Bo Yang was wearing a well-tailored suit and gently pushed his glasses, an appearance that once reaped the hearts of many unmarried women in Hengshi Airline.

Ruan Sixian lowered her head to tease Little Star, “Is Uncle Bo Yang handsome”

Bo Yang straightened his tie and looked at her with a smile on his face.

Little Star stared at Bo Yang and blinked: “Not too bad.”

Bo Yang: “…”

“Then we will leave first.” Ruan Sixian was a little embarrassed and said to Bo Yang, “This new glasses is very suitable for you.”

Seeing that Bo Yang seemed to be hit a little, Ruan Sixian turned around and whispered, “Little Parrot Spirit, let’s go!”

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But just as she was about to take a step, Ruan Sixian felt that her flight case was a little heavy.

When she looked back, she saw that Little Star had already sat on her flight case since some unknown time, holding the lever with her legs crossed.

“Let’s go, Mom.”

Ruan Sixian closed her eyes and sighed, “Little slacker, did Mom ever say that the flight case is not a stroller”

This is not the first time that Ruan Sixian has called her a little slacker.

Although this child looks like a person with ideas, in fact, the older she grows, the more lazy she becomes.

She even suspects that Little Star refused to speak a few years ago was just simply because of laziness.

One afternoon, Ruan Sixian prepared porridge for Little Star and placed it in front of the child’s dining chair.

Little Star sat down, but did not move, and then she looked up at Ruan Sixian.

“Eat it yourself.” Ruan Sixian rubbed her head.

“You have learned to use a spoon by yourself.”

However, once Ruan Sixian turned and walked away, Little Star looked at Fu Mingyu beside her again.

Seemingly feeling the sight, Fu Mingyu put down the mobile phone and looked at her.

Then he got up and walked over.

By the time Ruan Sixian came downstairs, the porridge in Fu Mingyu’s hand had already bottomed out.

The man sat in front of the child’s dining chair and fed her one spoonful at a time.

His movements are very gentle.

“You are really…” Ruan Sixian muttered gloomily, “How old is she already And you still feed her.”

Fu Mingyu wiped Little Star’s mouth with a tissue.

When he got up and passed by Ruan Sixian, he whispered: “How old are you Didn’t you also want me to feed you too sometimes”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

“Do whatever you want then.”

After the meal, Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu changed their clothes and prepared to take Little Star out to play.

He was originally not free today, but Fu Mingyu could not attend the originally arranged aviation materials meeting because the manufacturer could not attend on time, so he simply set aside time to go home to accompany his wife and daughter.


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