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Ruan Sixian looked at her in a daze, and did not speak for a moment.

Ruan Sixian didn’t know the rumors in Hengshi Airlines during that time.

After all, there is no completely impermeable wall in the world.

Some former colleagues came to tell her that but she just joined Huafei and was busy with the internal recruitment assessment every day.

When all the dust was settled, she looked back and thought about the source of this matter.

Who else can it be besides Jiang Ziyue

But Ruan Sixian didn’t go to verify it either.

Anyway, she didn’t want to get involved with Hengshi Airlines again at that time.

Later, she went to the Flight Academy.

She was so tired that she just fell into bed every day and didn’t even have the heart to think about it.

Meeting her again at this time, there is a very subtle feeling in Ruan Sixian’s heart.

This moment of silence deepens a small misunderstanding in Jiang Ziyue’s heart.

Looking at her clothes and then glanced at the surrounding environment, she couldn’t help sighing.

“I didn’t expect to meet you here by such a coincidence.” Jiang Ziyue continued to wipe Ruan Sixian’s clothes, and just like before, as a senior, helped her to adjust her collar, “How are you doing recently”

“Not bad.” Ruan Si Xian paused, “Are you taking a day off today”


I’m going to transfer to a domestic flight.

It’s a four section flight.

It’s easier.” Then she sighed again, “Unexpectedly, it has already been three years in a blink of an eye.

Not long ago, our old colleagues talked about you.”

“Me” Ruan Sixian smiled, “What was there to talk about me”

Jiang Ziyue took a tissue again, wiped her hands, and said with great care: “They feel somewhat sorry for you.

You’re young, beautiful and smart, and Wang Lekang likes you too.

If you didn’t resign so impulsively at that time, now you’re already a Purser.

Maybe you can even be transferred to the Management.”

“But it’s not bad to see that you are living comfortably now.

Compared with flight attendants who just look bright and beautiful but in fact, they are still miserable.

Even I can’t stand the reversal of day and night…”

She doesn’t know whether Jiang Ziyue is feeling guilty or not, but she can’t stop her words when she starts talking.

But Ruan Sixian is not as free as she is.

There is a flight tomorrow morning.

It happened that Bian Xuan called her at the bar, so she said she had something else to do and left first.

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Jiang Ziyue looked at her back and suddenly thought of something.

She took out her mobile phone and found the picture Ni Tong sent her before.

She looked at the back inside the picture and carefully looked at the figure at the bar again.

When he decided to go for a drink, Yan’an called the driver to wait, so on the way back, he sat in the back row with Ruan Sixian.

As soon as she got in the car, Ruan Sixian received a WeChat message from Jiang Ziyue: I forgot to say, when should we find a chance to get together

Ruan Sixian doesn’t understand how people nowadays like to get together when they have nothing to do, without caring what their relationship was.

Besides, there is also something fishy in her heart.

She thought about it and replied: Yeah, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.

Just in the time it needed for her to turn on the mobile phone and turn it off again, Yan’an, who was sitting on one side, saw her mobile phone screen.

“Do you like a Japanese male star”

“Huh” Ruan Sixian asked subconsciously, “Do you also know him”

It cannot be seen from outside that a man like Yan’an could recognize a Japanese male star at a glance.

It’s really incredible.

“I know him.” Yan’an raised his hand to rest on the back of his head and twisted his neck.

“When I’m still in high school, it’s that something, something flower”

“Boys Over Flowers.”

“Oh, right.

The Boys Over Flowers were so hot.

The girls in the entire class talked about it every day.

I even got annoyed because of it.”


You men won’t understand about it.

Ruan Sixian turned on the screen and appreciated her husband’s immortal face again.

It’s normal.

It’s normal for men to be jealous.


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