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Oh what

The cameras set up around her snapped two pictures at the entrance of the cabin.

The focus of the eyes and lens constantly reminded Ruan Sixian not to bother about this person.

She grinned gently, trying to make a dignified smile, then turned slightly to give way to Fu Mingyu.

Fu Mingyu didn’t give much glances too.

When the camera aimed at him, he nodded to the crew with a smile and said: “Thank you for the hard work.”

He walked straight to the cabin and passed by Ruan Sixian.

He pressed the resume in his hand to his leg, as if he was holding an important document.

Several assistants behind him rushed to keep up with him but only Bo Yang looked back at Ruan Sixian.

He didn’t know what Fu Mingyu’s former secretary had said, and his cognition still remained at the level that Ruan Sixian used to be a flight attendant of Hengshi Airlines.

He also doesn’t know why Fu Mingyu’s anger turned into just a simple word of ‘Oh’ after he answered the phone.

Of course, it is also possible that the anger is an extremely calm one, just like the wind and the waves are always calm before the storm.

Thinking of this, Bo Yang’s eyes became more and more complicated.

After welcoming Fu Mingyu, the crew will naturally return to the cockpit.

Ruan Sixian turned to look at Bo Yang’s inquisitive eyes, but saw that he retracted his gaze in a slight panic as if he had been caught, and increased his pace to keep up with Fu Mingyu’s footsteps.

Ruan Sixian thought for a while, feeling that Bo Yang’s eyes just now had a little admiration, but seemed a little sympathetic, and at the same time also confused.

Judging from Bo Yang’s reaction, Ruan Sixian feels that her hostility towards Fu Mingyu has indeed been expressed in an undisguised way which was about to break through the sky, and even Bo Yang can’t bear it.

But so what

Originally, she came to the Hengshi Airlines for the sake of money.

If Fu Mingyu couldn’t bear this anger, he could use the breach of contract to fire her.

Anyway, a lot of the airlines have opened their arms to her and there is still a large amount of liquidated damages that she will be able to get from it.

Thinking of this, she felt more comfortable.

The most simple rudeness, the most extreme enjoyment, that is exactly what it feels like.

But some people won’t understand this kind of feelings like hers, and after witnessing her risking her life in resenting the boss, it made them feel that it was just a fluke.

Jiang Ziyue, standing behind the crew, let out a long sigh of relief.

Ruan Sixian curled the corners of her lips and walked into the cabin with the captain and co-pilot.

Fu Mingyu was the first person to board the plane.

At this time, he and the people he brought were the only ones in the first class.

From a distance, Ruan Sixian saw Fu Mingyu’s back.

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As she followed the captain walked down the aisle beside Fu Mingyu, she heard a low voice: “Ruan Sixian.”

Ruan Sixian just pretended that she didn’t hear it and walked away.

She was the last one to enter the cockpit.

When she turned around, she saw Fu Mingyu was still looking at her.

She tilted her head, closed the door and locked it.

A series of operations were completed in one go.

Fu Mingyu’s face sank again.

Bo Yang, who was on the side and had been afraid to speak, saw Fu Mingyu picked up the resume again.

Thinking the boss didn’t need it anymore, he stretched his hand to reach for it.

Fu Mingyu unfolded the second page, scanned it from top to bottom again, and then slowly handed over the resume.

“Put it away.” Fu Mingyu handed it to Bo Yang, “Where is the route maintenance support report from the Maintenance Department this month”

Bo Yang was stunned for a moment, took over Ruan Sixian’s resume, stuffed it into the folder, and pulled out another document.

Fu Mingyu looked down and did not mention anything else.

Bo Yang glanced at the corner of the resume and went to see Fu Mingyu’s face again.

He didn’t seem to read the report at all.

His eyes fell on one spot, and it had not moved for several seconds.

The irritability in his eyes was about to overflow.

Is the storm still coming or not, give the definite answer, will you

Bo Yang moved aside a little unconsciously, thinking that the seat design of this new model is really reasonable.

The seats in the first-class cabin were so far apart.

Later, even if the storm comes down, he won’t get wet.

Shortly after, the passengers came in one after another.

As many of them are invited because they are figures in relevant industry and media, many of them know each other and they chatted with each other all the way while also didn’t forget to use their equipment to make records.

In addition, there is an ACJ31 model on each person’s seat, with a transparent packaging, which makes them can clearly see the inside.

When the passengers came up and saw the gift, they were all happy and the discussion became enthusiastic.


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