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“Co-pilot Ruan! Co-pilot Ruan!”

When she heard someone calling her, RUan Sixian stopped and looked back.

The few flight attendants came up with small steps, “Do you have a schedule tomorrow”

Ruan Sixian nodded: “Yes, what’s the matter”

In the rear flight stage, the flight time is not as tight as the official flight.

She will have a flight mission for the next two days.

One of the flight attendants pouted, “We thought that if you have time, we would like to invite you to hang out, go shopping or something.”

“When I’m free then.” Ruan Sixian glanced backwards and saw Jiang Ziyue walking behind.

Seeing them stop, she also slows down.

It seems that she is not willing to walk together.

“Let’s add a WeChat then!”


Ruan Sixian takes out her mobile phone again and scans the QR code for them.

During this period, Jiang Ziyue has already passed them and walked to the front.

“(Older) Sister Jiang.”

After adding the WeChat, Ruan Sixian quickly stepped forward and walked with Jiang Ziyue.

Jiang Ziyue had to slow down and walk side by side with Ruan Sixian.

“You don’t seem to talk much today.” Ruan Sixian asked, “Is there something wrong”

Maybe women are more sensitive, or maybe Jiang Ziyue always has something in her heart.

She always thinks that Ruan Sixian’s words have other meaning in it.

“Ruan Ruan.” Jiang Ziyue stopped and looked at Ruan Sixian.

Ruan Sixian also stopped walking forward, slightly lowered her head, and looked at Jiang Ziyue.

“What’s the matter”

Jiang Ziyue’s shoe sole rubbed on the ground, puffed up her courage and said, “After you left, there were some rumors about you and President Fu came out in the company.

Do you know”

Ruan Sixian nodded: “I heard a little bit about it vaguely.”

This is also the expected answer.

Jiang Ziyue didn’t think that she would not know at all, but she never thought that she would return to Hengshi Airlines.

And at that time… she did not think about spreading it on a large scale.

She was a little anxious when she saw her and Captain Yue eating in London, so she said a few words with a colleague close by her with a trace of malice.

It was spread from ten to one hundred, and it spread uncontrollably.

She didn’t expect that it would spread like this.

“At that time… I told them the actual situation, but they are always more inclined to believe what they are willing to believe.

But don’t think too much about this.

It has been a long time and the people have changed batch after batch.

No one mentioned that matter anymore.”

Ruan Sixian looked at Jiang Ziyue for a long time.

When she saw the gooseflesh on her back, only then did she smile and patted her shoulder, “So be it.”

As soon as she finished saying that and was about to leave, Jiang Ziyue followed her again and said: “Then, on President Fu’s side…”

Suddenly a male voice interrupted Jiang Ziyue’s words.

“Miss Ruan!”

Ruan Sixian and Jiang Ziyue looked back following the sound, and saw Bo Yang was coming towards them.

“Is there something again”

How come Fu Mingyu has so many things today.

Hearing Ruan Sixian’s tone, Bo Yang’s steps paused.

What kind of evil he has done that he came to ignite this firecracker.

“It is President Fu who wants to invite you over to have lunch together.”

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After Bo Yang finished speaking, he looked at Ruan Sixian quietly and was determined not to say a word more.

Jiang Ziyue looked at Ruan Sixian in surprise.

President Fu


Not only Jiang Ziyue was puzzled, but Ruan Sixian was also puzzled.

Could it be that this man has firmly convinced himself that she’s interested in him

Still invited to lunch.

Later, will he also give her a room card and say ‘Miss Ruan, since you are so interested in me, then I’ll give you a chance’


Ruan Sixian did not answer immediately, and Bo Yang was relieved.

Just thinking about it inwardly that she had better not refuse it, otherwise he would have to go back and lit another firecracker.

“Is he…” Ruan Sixian said slowly, “too idle”

Bo Yang: “…”

“Not… particularly busy too.”

“But I’m very busy.”

Seeing that Bo Yang was still not leaving, Ruan Sixian waved to him, “Couldn’t you fulfill your duty just by telling him that you can’t find me”

Bo Yang was enlightened.

He thought that’s right too.

It’s normal that he can’t find Ruan Sixian because the airport is so big.

So he felt relieved, turned his body and walked back.

Not yet taking two steps, he saw Fu Mingyu standing far away at the exit, calmly looking at the direction where Ruan Sixian was leaving.

Bo Yang’s footsteps were so heavy like being poured with lead.

“President Fu…” Bo Yang walked over slowly, “Miss Ruan, maybe because she is more busy, and the crew there is still…”

“Forget it.”

Fu Mingyu interrupted Bo Yang, turned and walked towards the VIP passage.

Forget it

Bo Yang was stunned in place.

Is this a firecracker misfire


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