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In a panic, she looked down to see Fu Mingyu put away the iPad calmly and raised his eyes to look over.

It seems like he wants to say something.

At this time, the plane broadcast suddenly sounded, interrupting Fu Mingyu’s words.

“Ladies and gentlemen, due to the turbulence caused by strong convective airflow, please return to your seat, fasten your seat belt and close the toilet at the same time.”

At this time, the kid next to her was so scared that he screamed and desperately tried to rush to his father’s side.

He found that he was bound by the seat belt and began to unfasten the seat belt.

Ruan Sixian immediately called out: “Little friend! Don’t unfasten your seat belt! It’s just a turbulence.

Don’t be afraid!”

But how could the kid hear Ruan Sixian’s words.

The kid’s father next to him had just been awakened and sat up in a daze, obviously not knowing what was happening at the moment.

Can’t really let him unfasten the seat belt and leave the seat.

It will be troublesome if he bumped inside the plane later.

Ruan Sixian had no time to think about it.

She immediately wanted to run over and hold the child down.

But as soon as she let go, the plane bumped again.

Her feet were unstable, her center of gravity deviated, and her entire person fell down.

——impartially fell into Fu Mingyu’s arms.

Ruan Sixian: “………………………………”

The breath of his body lingered around Ruan Sixian, and their body touched each other.

Almost all of Ruan Sixian’s upper body was completely leaning against his chest.

As soon as she looked up, she met his gaze.

He tilted his head slightly, and the banter and disdain in his eyes were not concealed at all.

Ruan Sixian interpreted it as——”I want to see how you explain it.”

At this time, Ruan Sixian’s heart beat faster, as if it was about to jump out.

The blush on her face spread directly to the base of her ears.

She could hear her ‘Dong Dong Dong’ heartbeat clearly.

This is too embarrassing.

Fu Mingyu said along with the sound of this heartbeat: “What did I get wrong”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

In addition to silence, there is only another silence.

In this scene, if I said that I never thought of seducing you, do you believe it

I don’t even believe it myself.

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At this moment, the plane slowly recovered its calm.

The two just looked at each other like this.

One blushed and the other was so calm that there was no emotion in his eyes.

After a long time, Fu Mingyu, who had not received an answer, spoke again: “How long are you going to sit on my lap”

Ruan Sixian: “……………………”

Ruan Sixian immediately stood up.

She did not know where to put her hands.

She tucked her hair and ran her fingers across her face inadvertently.

At this temperature, if she had a mirror, she should be able to see that her face is as red as if she had steamed in a sauna.

“I…” Ruan Sixian put the letter on his desk with her eyes closed and heart hanging.

“This is what my colleague asked me to give you.

It contains some of her thoughts about Feiyang’s project.”

After putting it down, Ruan Sixian didn’t dare to look at his expression again and left straight away.

Walking into the restroom, it happened that Jiang Ziyue came over and said: “Ruan Ruan, you just…”

Jiang ziyue stopped halfway and patted Ruan Sixian on the shoulder.

“It’s okay.

I was just scared by the turbulence.” Ruan Sixian stood still for a moment.

“Just now, the kid in 7A cried in fright.

Please help me send over a glass of juice.

I’ll have a rest first.”

In the next ten hours, Ruan Sixian passed by Fu Mingyu countless times.

Fortunately, he slept for nearly five hours, and for the other five hours he was so absorbed in his own business that he did not give Ruan Sixian a look at all.

But even so, every time Ruan Sixian passes by, she still feels uncomfortable.

She always felt that he would look up at her mockingly in the next second and then say some humiliating words.

Fortunately, this situation did not happen.

After landing and sending away all the passengers, Ruan Sixian felt that she had almost had her skin peeled off.

She never felt so tired after a long flight.

However, she rubbed her shoulders and walked back to the cabin.

As she passed Fu Mingyu’s seat, she almost broke back in anger.

——The letter was left intact on the desk.

Why is Ruan Sixian sure it is intact

——Because to prove the seriousness, Si Xiaozhen sealed its opening with wax.

Ruan Sixian couldn’t count how many times she had taken deep breaths today anymore and picked up the letter.

Together, they had experienced such ups and downs of a flight today, but all turned out to be her one-man show only!


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