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But sometimes she doesn’t notice it too, ends up bumping her head on it and is scared to death.

Just like now.

Ruan Sixian stepped back in a hurry and walked around.

Two steps later, she looked back.

When she was a child, she didn’t look at the road when she was walking.

Dong Xian always patted her on the head, but never scolded her.

She has always been a very gentle mother.

She is so good-tempered that all the children in the neighborhood envied Ruan Sixian.

Never scold or beat the child, and would not say some bad words after getting the exam’s test paper.

She is always patient and reasonable.

Such a mother, which child would not envy.

So Ruan Sixian actually envied Zheng You’an.

She has always been envious.

After taking the elevator upstairs, Ruan Sixian stood at the elevator entrance while supporting her body against the wall for a while.

She seldom drinks alcohol, and she doesn’t know that it is very taboo to be in a draught after drinking.

Especially for people like her who is a poor drinker, when the wind blows on her head, the feeling of dizziness is even heavier.

She lowered her head and walked slowly to the door of her house.

The voice-activated light was already on, and there was a back figure at the door.

Ruan Sixian fixed her eyes.

Fu Mingyu.

Why is he here

After Ruan Sixian was stunned for a moment, Fu Mingyu turned around, saw Ruan Sixian and walked towards her.

He stopped a step away from her.

Ruan Sixian was about to ask, but he suddenly leaned over to get closer to Ruan Sixian, so close that Ruan Sixian could feel his breath.

“Did you drink”

Fu Mingyu stood up slowly and looked at Ruan Sixian.


“Why did you drink again”


She only drank two times this year.

One is when she had dinner with her classmates when they graduated from the Flight Academy, and the other is today.

How could it be called ‘again’.

Ruan Sixian lowered her head and said nothing.

The voice-activated light went out due to the silence of the two people.

It was hard to see clearly in front of her eyes, and only the smell of Fu Mingyu was left.

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Ruan Sixian felt that the atmosphere was a bit strange, so she stomped her foot, awakened the voice-activated light, and whispered, “I’m not in a good mood.”

From this angle, Fu Mingyu could only see Ruan Sixian’s eyelashes hanging down, casting a faint light shadow on her lower eyelid.

He softened his voice and asked: “What’s the matter”

“Just not in a good mood.”

“Still angry”

Ruan Sixian looked up at him with foggy eyes and blushing cheeks, losing her usual aura.

“Why are you here”

“I sent you a message but you didn’t reply.”

“Well, I didn’t look at the phone.

What can I do for you”

Fu Mingyu’s eyes fell on Ruan Sixian’s face, somewhat sizing it up and found that there was a leaf on the hair near her ear.

He stretched out his hand to pick it, and at the same time asked: “Are you still angry”

With this movement of his, the fir fragrance on his body approached Ruan Sixian.

She froze for a while, Fu Mingyu’s wrist just dangled in front of her eyes only for a flash, but the scent of fir lingered for a long time.


Ruan Sixian asked, “What am I angry with”

“Zheng You’an.”

Ruan Sixian opened her mouth and suddenly felt poked in her heart.

At the same time, she was also very confused.

Did Fu Mingyu know something

She looked at Fu Mingyu puzzledly: “What am I angry with her”

Fu Mingyu lowered his eyes and looked at her with thoughtful eyes.

“Then, these days, what are you losing your temper for”

Ruan Sixian pondered this sentence carefully.

Angry with Zheng You’an

Losing her temper

Could it be…

After thinking about it for several seconds, Ruan Sixian’s mind was filled with enthusiasm.

So, Fu Mingyu always thought that she was jealous these days

Eat Zheng You’an’ vinegar

Jealous for him

“Having such a big face, could it be that you are a plate in your last life”


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