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When people are in the half-drunk and half-awake state, they have the strongest desire to talk.

Many drunk people start to personally talk about their first love till their best friend’s girlfriend.

But Ruan Sixian didn’t understand how she could say so much to Fu Mingyu.

She obviously didn’t even talk about it with Si Xiaozhen today.

“Why are you still in my house”

Seeing Ruan Sixian’s eyes, Fu Mingyu knew that she had started again.

The hedgehog retracted into the shell again.

“You did not close the door.”

“I didn’t close the door but you dare to come inside.

The bank doesn’t close during the day, why don’t you go rob it then”

Fu Mingyu closed his eyes, sighed, and said, “Ruan Sixian, can you speak to me nicely”

“Are you leaving or not”

“What if I am not leaving”

Ruan Sixian squeezed the pillow, raised her chin to the window, and said viciously: “I will let you do free-fall-like sports, and save the elevator too.”


Fu Mingyu could only get up.

However, when he walked to the door and looked back, he saw Ruan Sixian lying on the sofa, hugging the pillow and fell asleep with her eyes closed.

Fu Mingyu smiled helplessly.

It’s really totally unguarded.

He suddenly turned around and returned to the sofa.

Ruan Sixian smelled the fir fragrance that was on Fu Mingyu’s body again in her nose, but before she could open her eyes to see what he was going to do, she was lifted up and hugged.

“What are you doing!!!”

Ruan Sixian stretched her legs and kicked, but Fu Mingyu was so strong and wrapped her so tightly.

He didn’t let go even though she struggled.

Instead, he smiled, “You’re a little heavy.”

“I am heavy! I’m just a little over a hundred jin! ” (1jin=0.6kg)

“A hundred jin is not heavy”

“I am 172cm tall!”

“And I’m 187cm tall.”

“We are all more than one meter tall, what are you so proud about! Put me down! Or I’ll call the police! “

In the time they were talking, Fu Mingyu had already walked into Ruan Sixian’s room, put her on the bed, and leaned over her ears.

“If you want to sleep, go to bed, don’t squeeze on such a small sofa.”

Hearing these words, Ruan Sixian lay on the bed with messy hair, blinked in a daze, and looked at Fu Mingyu who was close at hand.

But the next second, she heard him say: “If you break down, it will be very unworthy of the double annual salary that I had paid.”

You, stingy and dog man!

“I only took this little bit of your money and you already felt so terribly distressed.

Really, if I said you are an iron cock (stingy person), I would have insulted those iron cock.

At least they would still drop some rust, but you are even so fussy about the rust!”


Even in a drunk state, she can still attack him with such a clear and precise thinking.

He really doesn’t know where the weak and pitiful look just now went.

Fu Mingyu took a deep breath for the third time today and pulled the quilt over her body.


Ruan Sixian still stared at him, but did not speak.

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After a while, she rolled over under the quilt, turned her back to him, and dropped the sentence “Remember to close the door when you leave.”

Half a minute later, the lights in the entire house went out, and a soft closing sound was heard.

Seeing Fu Mingyu coming downstairs, Bo Yang, who was still waiting, quickly got out of the car.

“President Fu, it’s nearly eleven o’clock.

Are you still going back to Huguang Mansion”


Before going out this morning, Helan Xiang specifically told him to go back tonight and go to the hospital together to see an elder tomorrow morning.

But when Bo Yang opened the car door, Fu Mingyu stood still.

He touched the pocket and found that it was empty, so he asked the driver for a cigarette.

He stood under the streetlamp, tilted his head and lit his cigarette.

The shadow was stretched very long.

Fu Mingyu deeply sucked the cigarette, and exhaled it out slowly.

The white fog lingered in front of his eyes.

It wasn’t until the cigarette had been burned to the end that Fu Mingyu said in a low voice, “It’s too difficult to coax.”

Bo Yang waited quietly, not daring to ask anything.

Since knowing that Fu Mingyu came out of the company and returned to Mingchen Apartment today, to find Ruan Si Xian, he had decided to stay silent until the end.

He can’t afford to fire either of these two firecrackers.

After squeezing out the smoke, Fu Mingyu turned to get into the car.

The neon lights in the distance turned into a blur, and the shadow of the lights were reflected on Fu Mingyu’s face.

He closed his eyes, and there was a faint sense of fatigue between his brows.

The car drove smoothly, but he was not drowsy.


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