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Chapter 87.2

With much apprehension, I hovered closer to the bathroom.

What I saw there made me speechless.

But it was because I was looking at Albert aggressively washing his hand—the one that Rosé had touched.

His expression unfocused, he ran his hands under the running water and washed them with soap again and again and again.

They eventually turned red from all the friction.

I could do nothing but watch him in silence.

I knew all too well that he had put up with Rosé’s malicious actions for my sake.

But despite that, I felt guilty.

What should I do.


I’m worried now that staying as an apparition would only burden Albert.

“Don’t feel guilty,” Albert said.

It’s as if he already expected that I was close enough to hear him.

“You didn’t do anything wrong.

It’s just that I loathe to be in direct contact with that thing that doesn’t even seem human.”


“As long as you’re here, it’s enough for me.”

Albert consoled me, even if he couldn’t see me.

Then, he looked at Blanc.

“Can you feel Jung-in anywhere”


“I should contact Mercy as well.

It would be too much to proceed alone.”

Albert contemplated deeply for a moment, and headed towards his office with Blanc.

Once Albert falls asleep later, I decided that I’ll go study and look through his books.

I followed after them.

Seeing Albert sitting behind his desk with his chin propped up by one hand, he soon called three people in.

The head lady-in-waiting, the head butler, and the head maid who was in charge of managing the other servants who were in the lower ranks.

They all bowed their heads before Albert.

The three of them were in charge of almost everyone in the royal palace.

And Albert explained the situation to the puzzled people.

“Rosé Artius now suffers from amnesia.”

Albert seemed determined to use the same ‘illness’ that I tried to use, and that Rosé had tried to use.

The behavior of the two versions of Rosé as she was presenting herself—the version of herself before I possessed her body and the version she was acting as in the present—were evidently different.

Rosé was certainly putting up an act to imitate me, just as how she tried to first deceive Albert.

But it’s not clear whether she’d stick with it or not since Albert already had her figured out.

Maybe she’ll do it if Albert asks her to do it, but she might ask for something in return.

“Since she lost her memories, she has changed completely.”

Albert smiled blithely and ordered everyone, all the ladies-in-waiting, all the attendants and all the maids, to keep their mouths shut.

He stated clearly that this order would be in effect until it’s found out how those memories were lost and until they’re regained.

I watched Albert as he spoke, mesmerized.

As he struggled and thought of a solution to the problem that lay right in front of him, I had no choice but to think it was such a beautiful sight.

It’s not just his appearance.

Everything about him was perfect, including the way he handled the task at hand, the tone in which he spoke, and the accent that lilted his words.

To be honest, I had no idea about this side of him.

It’s my first time seeing Albert work with many people.

…Thinking about this optimistically, I guess this is a good opportunity to see new sides to Albert

I tried to find at least one good thing about this gloomy situation.

Because I know that I will return.

Thus far, everything that Albert said would happen did happen.

And I don’t want things to go Rosé’s way.

Clenching my hands into fists, I felt my determination burn brighter.

While Blanc listened to everyone discuss, he nodded seriously along.

I wondered if he truly was understanding everything he’s hearing.

It’s also noticeable how Blanc had changed.

After the others left, Liam entered Albert’s office.

The duke’s green eyes, which could be seen between the wisps of his black fringe, were as dark as a forest at night.

Surprisingly though, compared to seeing Liam, I was much happier when I saw Schubert appear behind the duke.

The last time I saw him was during the uprising, so it’s been a while since we last met.

Unlike Liam’s neatly combed hair, Schubert’s brown, curly hair was unkempt.

And beneath his messy fringe, even the look in his eyes seemed frazzled.

Even so, he still had that same resemblance to a puppy.

To be precise, he always looked like an innocently awe-struck boy whenever he was in front of his idol, Albert.

One glance at Albert was enough to make Schubert’s eyes glimmer with admiration.

“It is an honor to be called like this, Your Majesty! Congratulations on ascending the throne.”

He knelt before Albert.

With the smile of a benevolent liege, Albert reached down and personally made Schubert rise from the ground.

“I’m the one who feels honored.”

Schubert was so happy to receive Albert’s kindness.

“It’s been a long time since Your Majesty called me and Schubert together.

Is something the matter” Liam asked anxiously.

“I need a way to chain down Rosé.”

Liam was baffled.

“…Your Majesty I am aware that you care about Miss Artius, but saying such a thing is not appropriate for a king to utter.”

Albert simply furrowed his brows and explained in a low voice.

“That woman is a dark mage.”

Liam’s wandering imagination halted right there.


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