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The black shadow in the sky crashed down and landed in the black fog forest not far away from Ren Qi.

Its huge body stood up, causing Ren Qis expression to suddenly change.

This was a monster that was even bigger than a giant dragon.

It was somewhat similar to a giant dragon.

It had two wings, but the bones on its two wings protruded out like blades.

Moreover, this monster was covered in scales and was emitting black mist.

An extremely dense murderous aura was emitted from its body.

Ren Qi raised his eyebrows.

He felt a dense pressure from this monster.


The power that this monster was emitting was actually at the Demigod tier!

However, for some unknown reason, this monsters power seemed to be suppressed, and its aura became somewhat unstable.

“Roar!” The monster raised its head and roared.

There was a carefree feeling in its voice, as if it was celebrating the fact that it had escaped the shackles of the black fog.

Then, the monster lowered its head, and its gaze fell on Ren Qi and the others.

Its eyes revealed a hint of bloodlust.

Ren Qis heart sank.

He had the surrounding soldiers continue to destroy the remaining monster forces in front of them.

Then, he had Elise and the other superior succubi come to his side.


The monster roared in anger and charged towards the succubus army.

When Elise and the others saw this, they also charged towards the monster in front of them under Ren Qis orders.

At this moment, Ren Qi also saw a large number of messages in the chat group.

“F*ck! Whats going on The thing that fell from above seems to be a monster! No! What the f*ck is this thing Why is its aura so strong”

“Its over! Its over! How did it land in my territory Its body is so big, and its aura has already surpassed the Saint-tier, right Whos going to save me!”

“A ferocious beast! Its a ferocious beast! Ive read about it in a book before.

I heard that it appeared a hundred years ago.

Its bloodthirsty and fanatical, and its actions are very domineering.

Its very bloodthirsty.

How did it suddenly appear here”

“Im not sure.

Are there any guys that can help me My territory is about to be attacked by a ferocious beast.

If I cant hold on, Ill be finished!”

“Ill pay! Ill pay for resources! As long as theres someone who can come over and help me, Ill give you all the resources.

Ill also give you the things in the airdrop box.

A ferocious beast is wreaking havoc in the territory beside me.

Its too terrifying.

Isnt its combat strength too strong”

“Wuwu, Im the lord of the territory next to yours.

Ive already escaped.

The territory is gone, and most of ny troops have been killed and swallowed by the other party.

Im finished!”

“F*ck! Big Brother, Im finished! Running away from my territory! I saw that fierce beast looking at my territory.

Its all over now!”

Looking at the various messages in the chat group, Ren Qi frowned.

It seemed that the situation was more serious than he had imagined.

Many places had been attacked by fierce beasts.

Under such circumstances, the new lords and soldiers would easily fall into panic.

Moreover, the ferocious beasts combat power was very strong.

It could be said that ordinary new lords wouldnt be able to resist them at all.

Apart from top-tier new lords like Ren Qi, the other new lords wouldnt be able to resist the power that surpassed the saint-tier.

They could only rely on their territories to slightly block it for a while.

Moreover, the time they could block it would not be too long.

Fortunately, the number of these ferocious beasts was not too many.

Otherwise, mass panic would break out.


Just as he was thinking, Elise, who was in front, had already started fighting with the ferocious beast.

Raising the Dragon Pool Sword in her hand, Elises attack landed on the ferocious beasts raised claw, emitting a muffled sound.

The ferocious beast continued to raise its claw and directly sent Elise flying, along with the Dragon Pool Sword in her hand.

Elise steadied her body mid-air.

Without any hesitation, she charged towards the ferocious beast once again.

The ferocious beast roared in anger.

Suddenly, it opened its mouth and spat out a large amount of pitch-black flames at her.

Elise frowned slightly.

Then, she directly released the Hellfire in an attempt to block the pitch-black flames in front of her.

However, when both parties attacks collided, Elises Hellfire was actually forced back by quite a bit.

Elise quickly turned around and dodged the pitch-black flames that were charging towards her.

After which, her figure quickly arrived behind the ferocious beast.

The Dragon Pool Sword in her hand directly slashed down towards the other party.


Following a muffled sound, the Dragon Pool Sword in her hand directly landed on the other partys body, emitting a muffled sound.

A bloody scar instantly appeared on the back of the ferocious beast, causing it to let out a painful roar.

However, although her attack had caused damage to the other party, the damage was not too great.

It was unable to seriously injure the other party.

The ferocious beast turned around, and its gaze fell straight on Elises body.

Flapping its wings, the ferocious beast charged towards her at a rapid speed.

It was extremely fast and arrived in front of Elise in the blink of an eye.

Its wings were like sharp blades, cutting towards her body.

Elise raised the Dragon Pool sword in her hand and blocked the beasts wings.

Then, she borrowed the force to arrive in mid-air.

The Dragon Pool Sword in her hand released a stream of sword qi and suddenly fell towards the back of the beasts neck.


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