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Min Yu had just arrived in town in reality.

After taking care of his matters at the Weapons Bureau, he did not go back to the Min residence.

Instead, he boarded a long-haul flight and went straight to Huo Yao.

Min Yu had no intention of telling her the truth.

Huo Yao raised her brow and let go of him the moment she heard what he said.

She looked at him and asked.

“Why didnt you call me if you came back in the afternoon”

Min Yu cleared his throat as he looked at her smile.

Goofy had unknowingly run back toward Huo Yao.

He was looking at them with his head tilted.

His deep brown eyes looked innocent as he wagged his tail happily.

Huo Yao took Goofys leash and asked.

“Have you eaten dinner yet”

Min Yu glanced at the silly-looking dog at the end of the leash.

He held Huo Yaos hand and said pitifully, “Nope.”

Huo Yao saw it coming.

She took out her phone annoyingly and wanted to order take out using the phone.

Sadly, most of the decent eateries had already closed and the remaining ones had lousy reviews.

Huo Yao gave up ordering take-out.

Instead, she raised her head and suggested.

“Do you want to eat at my place I think we still have food.”

“Im not sure.

Im worried I might get driven out of your place,” said Min Yu teasingly.

He paused and added.

“I know a place where I can still eat at this hour.”


Before long, the two of them walked out of the estate with Goofy.

He had grown relatively big by now.

There were some shops outside the estate.

Even though most of them were closed, a handful of them were still open.

Min Yu and Huo Yao found a dumpling eatery.

The owner was from out of town, but he did not go back to his hometown for the Chinese New Year, and had decided to continue operating the business.

His entire family was watching the Chinese New Year gala on the television in the eatery.

The owner was surprised when patrons entered the place.

He was about to stop them from bringing a dog into the eatery but changed his mind when he saw the young handsome couple.

He figured it was unlikely for any other customers to come at this time of the day, so he changed his mind about the dog.

After taking their order, he went to the kitchen to prepare the food.

After the eatery owner was gone, Huo Yao smiled ambiguously at Min Yu and teased him.

“Youre from a powerful family, but youre here eating dumplings.

This is unbelievable.”

Goofy quietly lay prone beneath the table.

He was particularly well behaved.

“Why care about what others think” Min Yu raised his brow as he poured Huo Yao a cup of tea unhurriedly.

Huo Yao tutted to herself.

She noticed the exhausted look on Min Yus face, so she asked.

“Where were you”

Even if he had taken a flight from the capital, it was only two hours away from here, so it made no sense for him to be tired.

“Country M,” replied Min Yu candidly.

It all made sense now.

Huo Yao nodded as she contemplated.

Country M was over ten hours away by plane, so it was natural for him to feel exhausted.

Huo Yao lowered her eyes and felt moved.

The atmosphere in the brightly lit eatery suddenly felt soft and serene.

Before long, the dumpling eatery owner served a freshly made plate of dumplings on the table.

Since it was Chinese New Years eve, he even gave them two appetizers for free.

Since Huo Yao had already eaten dinner, she quietly sat there and watched Min Yu.

Halfway through dinner, her phone rang.

Her second older brother had called asking when she was coming home.

Huo Yao glanced at Min Yu before she answered.

“Ill be a little late.”

The moment she finished her sentence, she hung up the phone.

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